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A Victorian Legacy - Chapter 19 Breaking Point


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Things reach breaking point for my Victorian sims.

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A Victorian Legacy - Chapter 19 Breaking Point

  1. 1. Welcome back to my Victorian Legacy. As always it's best if you have read the previous chapters, but as a reminder, recently we witnessed the generation four heir, Edward marry the beautiful, but horrible Marielle Hutchins. They have two children, but their marriage is not a happy one. Marielle is lazy and refuses to carry out the duties that are expected of her as legacy spouse. This means that the duties are falling to her mother-in-law Beth, and these are taking a toll on Beth's health. Let's go and find out how everyone is doing this time around.
  2. 2. Outside a small building in the village of Regalton William Legacy smiled at his son, and said "Well, are you going to respond?“ Eddie blinked at him. "Sorry Father, it is just...are you certain that you want to sign Bric-a-Brac over to me?“ William's smile broadened. "Of course Eddie. I bought this plot of land over thirty years ago with the intention of starting a business that I would hand down to my son when the time came. It has not all been plain sailing, but that time has come. You are now the head of the family, and the business is yours."
  3. 3. Eddie finally returned his father's smile. "In that case Father it will be an honour to take over the running of the family business.“ "I am very pleased to hear you say that. Shall we go and help Kacper, or should we head on home do you think?“ Eddie tilted his head to the side and thought. He could tell by the gleam in William's eye that he really wanted to stay, but Eddie could think of a couple of reasons why that might not be a good idea. "Much as I would love to Father, we should be heading back home so that we are there in plenty of time for Bertie's birthday."
  4. 4. "But of course. Your mother would never forgive us if we were late. Actually your mother is probably running around like a mad thing as usual. I do not suppose that you have had a chance to speak to..." William's voice trailed off as he failed to find a tactful way to finish the question. Eddie knew exactly what he was trying to ask though. "I have spoken to my wife, yes. It did not go well." He grimaced as he remembered the blazing row they had had. "I fear that she will not be taking on any more duties.“ William nodded curtly. "I will speak to Leo when next he is round about increasing his hours in the garden. Perhaps you can speak to Lucy about the household chores?“ Eddie nodded. "I would suggest we look into hiring a nanny or nursemaid, but...“ "Mother would never allow it.“ "No she would not.“ Deep in conversation the two of them walked the short distance back to the family home.
  5. 5. They had just walked into the house when Beth came entered the hall from the games room where she had been making sure that everything was tidy. "There you two are. Everything is just about ready, I just have to go out into the garden and...“ "Beth why do you not go and have a rest?" Asked William interrupting her.
  6. 6. But I was going to pick some tomatoes for the salad, maybe tidy up the greenhouse as well.“ "Beth I can do that." Pointed out William. He may not have spent as long in the vegetable garden as his wife, and tending it may not be one of his duties, but he hadn't been married to her for all those years without picking up a thing or two about tending plants. "William it is no trouble.“ "Beth, go upstairs and have a rest before the family gets here." He said sternly. Looking into his eyes and seeing the determined look there, she knew there was no use in arguing, so she nodded and started up the stairs.
  7. 7. William didn't head for the greenhouse straight away, instead he took a look around the garden, making note of the things he would talk to Leo about when next he saw him. The orchard trees really needed a good lop to get them back into shape, and the part of the garden which hadn't been planted for a few years needed fertilising and weeding before crops could be sown there again. As he picked the tomatoes, he was certain that Leo would be able to get the garden back in shape and that Beth would appreciate the help.
  8. 8. Whilst her father-in-law was in the garden, doing one of the jobs she should have taken over, Marielle was in the morning room reading. This was actually a very common occurrence and she claimed that it was because she needed to be there available in case any visitors called. This assertion had made her mother-in-law nearly snort with laughter the very first time she had heard it. After all Beth had managed to receive visitors whilst she was legacy spouse despite raising three children, helping run William's shops, tending the garden, and running the household.
  9. 9. Upstairs in the nursery little Bertie was playing with one of his toys alone. This was also a common occurrence. *** I neglected to mention his stats last chapter. Albert is an Aries, 8,10,7,3,3. Yet another serious finger gunner in the family.
  10. 10. The truth was that his mother had not stepped foot into his nursery since the day he was born. It was Beth who had taught him to talk.
  11. 11. Whilst William had taught him how to walk out on the landing.
  12. 12. With Eddie working most nights on the entertainment circuit, Beth, was also the one who put him to bed at night. With her husband and son she tried to lavish as much love on Bertie as possible, but she knew he was missing out on not being loved by his mother too.
  13. 13. Bertie's playing was interrupted today by his father scooping him up and bringing him downstairs. He looked around the drawing room, eyes wide as he saw everyone who was there to see him grow up. Eddie did love to try to gather as many of his close friends and family together when the opportunity presented itself. *** Something else I neglected to mention last chapter is that I am going for the happy birthday master point with Bertie. He must grow up platinum and have a roof raiser of a party at every life stage.
  14. 14. Marielle had torn herself away from her novel to witness her eldest son become a child, but she made little effort to speak to the guests filing into the room. No one was surprised at this any more.
  15. 15. Once everyone had entered and found a spot to stand, Eddie looked adoringly at his eldest son. "Are you ready to become a big boy now Bertie?“ Bertie nodded at him. "Yes. Wan' 'come big boy." He replied.
  16. 16. "Let us blow out the candles then." Replied Eddie leaning forward. Bertie watched what his father was doing for a moment before trying to emulate him. Unfortunately he succeeded mainly in putting spit over part of the cake. Beth, standing behind the two of them made a mental note to cut the cake from the other side so that no one would be treated to toddler drool as an extra ingredient.
  17. 17. Bertie grew up to be a cute little boy, who still looked like his father, but with his grandfather's wavy hair. He also discovered that he liked to join in a party as much as Eddie did and was soon smustling in the games room with his aunts and uncles.
  18. 18. Eddie chuckled as he watched his son dancing, and headed towards his guests, making sure that they were alright. "Miss Leong, I am very that you could make it.“ "Mr Legacy, I fee that birthdays are the only time we get to see each other. I wouldn't miss out on one for the world.“ If there was an underlying meaning to her words, Eddie missed it. "I would love to see you more often Miss Leong, but unfortunately I am very busy at the moment." He replied smiling. "I understand Mr Legacy. You have a lot of responsibilities now that take up your time.“ "Yes I do," he mused, "but that should not stand in the way of our friendship." He decided that he would have to do more to try to keep close to his friends.
  19. 19. Stanley meanwhile had managed to track his Aunt Beth down in the dining room. "Aunt Beth, how are you today?“ "I am well, thank you for asking Stanley.“ "You are not as tired as you were last time we spoke?" He said, noting the dark circles under her eyes.
  20. 20. Beth gave a small smile. "I am still tired I am afraid, but one must carry on.“ "Aunt Beth, if there is anything I....“ She interrupted him. "Stanley, thank you very much for your kind offer of help, but it will not be necessary. We will manage quite adequately I can assure you.“ Stanley, realising that his aunt had made up her mind and wouldn't accept any help from him, nodded at her. "I am sure you will, but the offer stands nevertheless."
  21. 21. As the evening drew to a close, the family's friends and relations started to make their excuses and leave. "Doc and I are going to make a move Eddie. Mother and Father have had the twins for long enough on their own now." He said referring to his two sons, Peter and Andrew. “I thought the terrible twos were over?" Asked Eddie amused. "They are both a bundle of energy, it can be exhausting looking after them, and now there is also Celly to look after...well Mother and Father are not as young as they used to be.“ "I can understand that." Said Eddie quietly. *** Doc is the simself of DrSupremeNerd, the writer of the amazing Vetinari Dualegacy and Theo's wife.
  22. 22. "We have not had the chance to talk tonight, but how are things?“ "Not good." Replied Eddie. "In fact they are probably worse than they were when we went to the pub last week.“ Theo looked at his cousin and best friend sympathetically. "If you ever need Doc or I, we are always here for you.“ "Thank you." Said Eddie, full of gratitude. "You have offered, Stanley has offered. Whatever did I do to deserve such good friends?“ "You are a good man Eddie, who would do the same for any of your friends.“ Eddie gave a small smile. True though as that statement undoubtedly was, he still did not feel like he deserved the friendship of his two best friends.
  23. 23. After he had sent he last of the guests to the door, Eddie headed towards the morning room. His wife had headed into the room as soon as she could, and had stayed there all evening. She surprised him by opening the door just as he got there. "Edward, excuse me I was just going to head to bed.“ "I would like to speak with you first." He replied. "Oh very well." She stepped back into the room, and he followed her.
  24. 24. "What did you want?" She asked as the door closed behind them. "It would have been nice if you had mingled with our guests." Eddie said without preamble. "I am certain they did not miss me." She said dismissively. "You are my wife and there are certain things that are expected of you..." He started. "I do not see why." She interrupted.
  25. 25. "No you do not and that is the problem." Shouted Eddie. "You think that you can do as you please. That you do not have to think of anyone but yourself, but that is not true. Putting aside the duties you are expected to carry out as my wife there is a little boy who would have liked his mother to be there for him at his party today."
  26. 26. Marielle completely ignored the mention of her son. "Legacy spouse, legacy spouse. I am fed up with hearing about what I should be doing as legacy spouse. Have you stopped to think that since I am legacy spouse how I am acting is correct?“ Eddie was slightly dumbfounded by this remark, and stood there gaping at her. "Not that anyone would know that I am your wife," she continued, "it is not as if my portrait is finished. Your mother's picture hangs where mine should. Are you ever going to get round to finishing it?" "Uh...“ "I thought not." She swept out the room, leaving him to watch her.
  27. 27. Feeling slightly guilty, even though he knew he had no reason to, he went out into conservatory and picked up his paintbrush. He mixed up some paint lost in thought, went to apply it to the canvas and stopped. He looked at his wife's beautiful features rendered there in oil paint. He had loved her once, planned their future together, and expected the two of them to live happily ever after. He put the brush down. The love had long since gone, replaced with hatred and anger. He turned and walked away. The portrait could stay unfinished.
  28. 28. Alexandra had been absent from Bertie's party, but a few days later her family made the journey to her the townhouse she shared with her husband and three children in Simdon. "Mother, thank you for coming." She said as she hugged Beth. "I see that my sister-in-law has not consented to join us this evening?"
  29. 29. "No, she has made her excuses." Replied Beth shortly. Alexandra looked as if she was going to say something, but changed her mind at the last minute. Instead she took note of the dark circles under her mother's eyes and asked "How are you keeping Mama?“ "I am perfectly well child." Replied Beth, not wanting to burden her eldest daughter.
  30. 30. "The question though, is how are you?" She said bending down and rubbing Alexandra's belly. "And how is my grandchild in there?“ Alexandra laughed. "Both of us are very well Mother, even if my two eldest enjoy trying to drive me to distraction at times."
  31. 31. Beth smiled in return. "Yes they pounced on poor Bertie as soon as we arrived and insisted that he go and play with them.“ "They just have so much energy." Said Alexandra with a shake of her head. "I am being a bad hostess though, come through into the drawing room. We can visit a while before it is time for David to grow up."
  32. 32. Alexandra had just gone to fetch David from the nursery when Bethany and Christopher, followed by Bertie finally came in. Bethany headed straight to Beth when she entered the drawing room. "Grandmamma, there you are. You live with Bertie do you not? I like Bertie, he is good at playing on the swings. Later will you come and play on the swings with me?“ Beth blinked at the rapid fire way in which this had been delivered. "If it is not too late, then, yes we can play for a bit.“ "I would like that..." She was about to launch into another quick fire sentence when Anthony came into the room. "First though Bethany, you and your grandmamma have to see your brother grow up.“ Bethany nodded, and took her grandmother's hand. "We will see David grow up and then we can play." She pronounced solemnly.
  33. 33. With everyone gathered in the dining room, Alexandra helped David blow out his candles before tossing him into the air.
  34. 34. Just as there was no mistaking who Christopher and Bertie's biological fathers were, it was apparent whose son David was. Alexandra jokingly asked if he had inherited any of her features as she handed him to her sister.
  35. 35. Whilst Victoria fussed over David and Beth went to play with Bethany and her doll house (Anthony had told her it was far too late for her to be playing outside now), Alexandra took the opportunity to speak to her father. "Mother is still looking very tired. Have you done anything about the situation?"
  36. 36. "Yes, I have, although I have not had chance to tell your mother about it yet. Leo is going to take on more of the upkeep of the vegetable garden. He has agreed to come in the day after tomorrow to get it into shape, and says that it should then be easy to keep well maintained." William explained "But Marielle, has she taken up any of her other duties?“ "No, and I do not think that she is going to either princess.“ Alexandra bit her lip as thought about this. "We cannot do anything about this can we?“ "No. I will look after your mother though Alexandra, do not worry about that.“ Alexandra smiled at William, her mind more at ease.
  37. 37. It turned out to be rather a full day for Alexandra and she was woken during the night by her fourth child making an appearance. "Argh, Anthonnnnyyyy.“ "I am awake, I am awake." He mumbled as he struggled to get out of bed.
  38. 38. Alexandra gave birth to a little girl with Anthony's hair and Beth's green eyes. After some careful deliberation they decided to call her Sarah-Jane Smith.
  39. 39. Unfortunately the good news of Sarah-Jane's birth was tempered a bit by the phone call the family received from Theo shortly after. Violet, the last surviving member of generation two had passed away the evening before whilst they were at Alexandra's.
  40. 40. Apparently Violet had been less than pleased by the turn of events, and her characteristic reaction had made the event even harder for her family to cope with.
  41. 41. As a consequence Eddie was even more subdued than normal when Bertie asked him to read to him before school. "Papa, what is wrong?" He asked as Eddie failed to do the voices as well as he usually did. "Papa is just sad Bertie." Eddie replied.
  42. 42. "Oh." Bertie was quiet for a moment. "Can we get another dog Papa?“ "Another dog?" Despite his sadness Eddie couldn't help but chuckle. "Yes. Mainly for Stuart. I have Sally and I think that he should have a dog too, but whilst he is too little to look after it, you could have it instead, and it can cheer you up.“ Eddie looked down at his son, touched by what he had just said. "I will think about it Bertie.“ Bertie gave a satisfied nod and settled back to listen to the rest of the story.
  43. 43. Eddie did give Bertie's idea careful consideration and that is how Billy joined the family.
  44. 44. Eddie, having seen Bertie off to school, decided to head on over to Beth's Bric-a-Brac, leaving his parents, wife and youngest son at home. William had headed to his workbench after breakfast and soon lost himself in his latest project. Marielle was yet to rise, and as for Beth, after feeding Stuart and making sure he was settled in the nursery, she decided to spend a bit of time in the garden.
  45. 45. As always the first thing she saw when she set foot in the garden was the group of fruit trees she had planted. She looked at the state of them and felt the familiar wave of sorrow at their condition. Today though it was followed by a determination to do something about it. The trees were in such a state that she would not be able to reach all the branches standing on the ground, but she was certain there was a ladder behind the greenhouse, by the compost heaps.
  46. 46. She had been correct and having manoeuvred it out from where it had been wedged, she propped it up against the first tree. As she made certain that it was secure, she thought about asking William to hold it, but she soon dismissed the idea. Not only was he very involved in his project, but he would also try to persuade her to leave the trees. She had left them for long enough, and besides the ladder was very secure where it was.
  47. 47. She hefted her shears and climbed the ladder to prune the lower branches of the tree. It didn't take long for that section to be done, so she climbed onto the next step and started on the higher branches.
  48. 48. As she worked she realised that she was humming under her breath. She really had always enjoyed tending the garden. What irked her now was her daughter-in-law's attitude. She looked around and spied a branch, slightly higher than the ones she had been working on. She thought that she could still reach it though and stretched towards it.
  49. 49. But as she reached towards it, she lost her footing. She dropped her shears and screamed as she started to fall.
  50. 50. She felt her head hit a branch, and then there was nothing but blackness.
  51. 51. In his hobby room William heard her scream, and rushed to the window. What he saw caused his blood to run cold.
  52. 52. He may not have been a young man any more, but William had never moved so quickly in his life as he rushed to his wife's side that day.
  53. 53. Despite his speed however, William was not the first person to reach Beth. Lucy had been cleaning the carpet in the dinning room when she heard Beth's scream. She had dropped the dustpan and ran out as fast as she could. "Lucy, do you know what happened?" William asked, his eyes focused on his wife's prone body.
  54. 54. "I do not know My Legacy. Mrs Legacy mentioned seeing to some plants in the garden...and then I heard her scream...and so I ran out to find her like this." Lucy replied visibly distressed by what had happened to her employer.
  55. 55. "Lucy I want you to go inside and fetch a blanket so I can keep Mrs Legacy warm. Then run to Dr Legacy's house. Tell him that Mrs Legacy has had an accident and bring him here as quickly as possible. If you happen to see the younger Mrs Legacy, please inform her of the situation." William forced himself to remain calm as he issued Lucy with her instructions, when all he wanted to do was scream in aguish and snatch his wife's body up from the cold ground.
  56. 56. As Lucy dashed into the house to get a blanket, William leaned over his wife. "Be-" His voice faltered. He swallowed and tried again. "Beth can you hear me?“ There was no response.
  57. 57. Eddie had decided to go home for lunch and was pleasantly surprised to see his Uncle Robert walking up the path when he arrived home. His smile of greeting faded when he noticed the grave look on his uncle's face, and that he was carrying his black doctor's bag. "Uncle Robert, what has happened?" He asked as he walked briskly up the path to greet him. "Good afternoon Edward. I am very sorry to have to tell you that your mother has had an accident. She fell off of a ladder."
  58. 58. "My plumbbob." Gasped Eddie, the colour draining from his face. "Is she...“ "She has sustained a very nasty knock to her head, and is suffering from a concussion, but overall she is very fortunate." Interrupted Robert. "Fortunate?“ "Yes, the fact that she was unconscious when she hit the ground meant that she did not brace herself for the impact. She therefore did not break any bones."
  59. 59. Eddie nodded. "So her recovery?“ "I am hopeful that it will be swift. She has already asked for her hat.“ Eddie gave a wan smile, his eyes drifting to the house behind his uncle. "But of course you want to see her for yourself. I have given your father a list of things he should look out for and call me about. Oh and try to persuade him to have a snifter of brandy. This has all been a dreadful shock to him too.“ "I will. Thank you Uncle Robert." Said Eddie as he headed towards his front door.
  60. 60. Inside Beth Legacy was levering herself up off the morning room settee, despite her husband's protests. "Beth darling, you really should stay resting.“ "William I will be..." she paused as a wave of dizziness and nausea hit her. "Beth!" William rushed to help her upright.
  61. 61. "You really should rest." He said once Beth was sitting up. "Let me help you upstairs and then you can get into bed.“ Beth nodded slightly, not wanting to set off another wave of dizziness. Her eyes drifted to the battered and torn hat William had brought in from the garden. "It is ruined, is it not?" She said pointing at it. "I am afraid so my dear, but we will get you a new one as soon as you feel well enough to make the journey into Simdon."
  62. 62. Just then Eddie entered the morning room. "Mama I have just spoken to Uncle Robert. How are you?“ "Eddie..." She didn't have chance to finished her sentence. "What were you doing up a ladder in the first place?“ "The tree needed pruning." "Mother...“ "Please Eddie, stop fussing.“ "I had just suggested that your mother goes upstairs to rest." Put in William. "That is an admirable idea. We will help you upstairs, and then I will ring everyone and tell them not to come to Stuart's party this evening."
  63. 63. "No!" Said Beth, her voice stronger than it had been. "You are not cancelling my grandson's birthday party because of me. I will go and have a rest and then I am certain that I will be more than capable of witnessing my grandson become a toddler, with the rest of my family in attendance.“ Eddie saw the determined look in his mother’s eye. "Very well, but promise Father and I that you will not try to be sociable if you are not feeling strong enough.“ "Edward I give you my word." Replied Beth.
  64. 64. After Eddie and William had helped Beth upstairs and into her bed, they left her to get into bed, and went out onto the landing. "Father, what was Mother doing pruning the fruit trees? I thought that Leo was going to do that.“ "He is, but not until tomorrow and I had not had chance to tell your mother that yet." William's eyes were full of pain as he said the words. If he had only made the time to tell Beth about his plan to increase Leo's hours, then she would never have taken it on herself to prune the trees, and would not now be lying injured in their bed. "Father it is not your fault." Said Eddie, realising what William was thinking. "It feels like it is.“ "It is not though, and Mother would not want you blaming yourself.“ "Perhaps you are correct about that."
  65. 65. "I am." Eddie nodded and moved onto a subject which was troubling him. "I notice that Marielle was not in the morning room when I arrived home.“ "No." William frowned. "To tell you the truth Eddie I do not know where she is. She has not been to see your mother or find out how she is.“ Eddie's jaw muscles clenched at this news. "In that case I think I should make her aware of the situation." He turned and headed downstairs to look for his wife.
  66. 66. Eddie eventually found Marielle reading in the library. "There you are. Have you heard about Mother's accident?" He asked. "Yes, Lucy did tell me earlier.“ "And you did not think to go and find out how Mother is?“ Marielle paused as she turned the page of her novel. "I knew she must be not too badly injured, otherwise I would have been sent for."
  67. 67. Eddie closed his eyes and wondered how he could get through to this woman. "Marielle, Mother fell off of a ladder. It is surely common decency to find out how injured she was.“ "I told you, I knew she was not badly injured, and this conversation is over." She got up, her skirts rustling and walked over to the bookcase to put her novel away. Eddie followed her.
  68. 68. "No Marielle this conversation is not over. Mother fell off of a ladder whilst pruning one of the fruit trees, a job that you should have taken over, and yet you have shown no concern over her well being." His voice had risen by the end of the sentence. Marielle glared at him. "So you have preferred it to have been me, your wife, who fell off that ladder would you?"
  69. 69. "That is not what I meant at all, and you know it. If you had been doing your duty, and caring for the orchard, then the trees would never have gotten so overgrown and unkempt as to need a ladder to prune them!“ "I have told you before I do not want to garden!“ "And I have told you that it is not a case of wanting to garden, but a case of having to do it as part of your position as my wife!“ "MY POSITION IS WHAT I MAKE IT!" Yelled Marielle. "No Marielle, it is so much more than you imagine it to be." Said Eddie quietly. "If you had ever listened to Mother, you would know that." Eddie turned his back on his wife and walked out of the room. He had nothing more to say to her.
  70. 70. The party for Stuart went ahead as planned, although Eddie did inform his guess about Beth's accident in a bid to try to kept he event more subdued than normal. Bertie had soon gotten over his shock at seeing his grandmother bruised and battered, and was wandering through the games room when he spied a tousled haired blond boy standing looking slightly lost. "Hello Andrew." He said.
  71. 71. "Bertie, your house is huge!" Replied Andrew Harrison, his eyes wide. Bertie shrugged. He had never thought about it. "Your house is big too.“ "Not as big as this one.“ "Grandpa does sometimes go a bit overboard." He conceded, before changing the subject. "Is Peter here too?"
  72. 72. "Yes, he is about somewhere. Not sure where. Could be anywhere in a house this size." Replied Andrew. *** Andrew and Peter are the twin sons of Theo and Doc Harrison.
  73. 73. "Celly is at home though. Mom said that she is too small to come to a party at the moment.“ *** Ah Celestia Harrison. Born because I had never seen a dance sphere abduction in my game and Theo had been abducted as a teenager. I had a panic when she was born and I thought about how unrealistic it was to have her running around. Luckily I then thought 'Di, her great aunt is a vampire' and I'm now pleased that she is about.
  74. 74. Just then the boys were called into the drawing room where it was time for Stuart to become a toddler. Beth had stayed in bed for most of the afternoon, but she insisted on getting dressed and coming downstairs to witness this. "Mother are you sure that you are well enough to be down here?" Asked Eddie when she walked into the room. "Eddie I am quite well thank you."
  75. 75. As if to prove her point, Beth even blew on one of the party horns, albeit not with as much gusto as normal.
  76. 76. To much cheering and merriment Eddie helped his youngest son to blow out the candles on his cake before throwing him up into the air.
  77. 77. To everyone's surprise Stuart was almost a clone of his elder brother and father. It seemed that Beth's green eyes, nose and full lips would live on in another one of her grandsons. *** Stuart is an Aries, with the personality 8,9,4,3,8. Very similar to Eddie's, only the active points are different.
  78. 78. The party broke up not long after the sun had set because no one wanted to tire Beth out. She had stayed downstairs until everyone had left and William had noticed that she was looking very pale and swaying slightly when she got to her feet. He had taken her by the arm and, despite her feeble protests had escorted her upstairs. Stuart and Bertie were the next to go to bed, and as Eddie read his eldest son to sleep he couldn't help but reflect that despite everything that was happening with his marriage, he was at least very lucky to have his sons.
  79. 79. The next morning Beth awoke a little later then normal. She got out of bed, wincing at the slight headache she still had, but at least she didn't feel dizzy or nauseous when she levered herself upright. She walked into the bathroom and inspected her injuries. The cut on her head had scabbed over now, and although she had managed to clean the blood from the small abrasion on her cheek, she now had a nasty bruise staining her face and eye. 'Oh Beth Legacy you do look a mess.' She thought as she regarded her reflection.
  80. 80. When she finally exited the room, William was waiting for her. "Beth, darling how are you this morning? You were in there so long I was worried that you had been taken unwell." He asked, his voice full of concern. "I am feeling much better this morning William. You really do not need to worry so much about me."
  81. 81. He pulled her into his arms. "Beth you are my life. It is my duty to worry about you.“ She leaned forward and kissed him gently. "I know my dear. However I am feeling much better, and would like to take trip into Simdon to visit the milliners today, before we have to go to Vicky's graduation.“ "Are you certain?" Asked William. "It will be a tiring day for you?“ "Yes William I am. I feel lost without a hat.“ "Very well, I will order up a carriage to take us into the city."
  82. 82. A few hours later and William and Beth were standing outside a shoe shop in the capital city. "I am sure that you will find something you like in this next milliners Beth." Said William, trying to be cheerful. So far their shopping trip had been a dismal failure, with Beth not liking any of the hats she had been shown.
  83. 83. Beth looked towards the milliners. "I do hope so William, but I am starting to think that I will not find a hat which suits me." Her voice was despondent as she spoke. "Come on, let us go in." Said William offering his arm. "We will not know until you have had a look."
  84. 84. Once inside though, Beth's despondency got worse as she looked around. None of the hats on display were what she was looking for and she heaved a huge sigh as examined them. "Beth?" Asked William standing behind her.
  85. 85. "It is no use William." She said turning to look at him. "None of these hats are for me.“ William reached up and moved a stray piece of hair from out of her eyes. "Then we will try somewhere else. We will find the perfect hat for you my darling, even if we have to look in every milliner in the city."
  86. 86. "Every milliner in the city? I am sure that we can prevent you from having to visit every single one of my fellow milliners." Said Ethan Barrett, approaching the couple. "Perhaps if you tell me what exactly it is that you are looking for, I might be of assistance?“ "That is most kind Mr...“ "Barrett.“ "Barrett. My wife is in need of a new hat.“ "I realise that sir. Madam, perhaps you could describe the sort of hat you are looking for?" He said to Beth.
  87. 87. Beth turned to him. She decided to describe her perfect hat, just in case he had something similar in his stock room. "Ideally the hat would have a wide brim, but a low crown in white, with velvet flowers, and a satin ribbon tied around it, finished off with cream ostrich feathers."
  88. 88. Mr Barrett smiled at Beth. "I do believe that I have the very hat you are looking for out the back. If you will permit to wait, I will go and find it for you.“ Beth nodded. The hat would not be perfect, she thought, but it might be acceptable.
  89. 89. "Well madam, what do you think?" Asked Mr Barrett as Beth tried on the hat he had brought out for her. Her face broke into a broad smile. "It is perfect, thank you Mr Barrett. I will take it."
  90. 90. A very happy Beth returned home, complete with her new hat. At her husband and son's insistence she spent all day resting, but was most insistent herself that she attend Vicky's graduation party. "Mother..." Eddie started. "If you ask me how I am feeling one more time son of mine, I will scream." She smiled as she said these words, but there was no denying that she meant them.
  91. 91. "As your physician Beth, I do have to caution you against doing too much too soon. If you start to feel tired or unwell, I advice you to return home to rest." Said Robert.
  92. 92. "Robert, you know I value your opinions, medical or otherwise and that I will of course ask William to take me home if I am taken ill. However, nothing was going to stop me from being here for my daughter today. I am certain that you feel the same way." Said Beth referring to the fact that Robert's daughter Rosemary and Enid's daughter Louisa were also graduating from the Acadamie that day. "That is very true," replied Robert, "but my advice still stands."
  93. 93. In the kitchen of the Victorian Privileged Ladies Society, Stanley was having a little chat with his sister's fiancé, Stephan Go. "Ah, Mr Go, there you are. I was hoping to have a word with you.“ "Of course Mr Legacy, and please call me Stephan." Replied Stephan in his quiet manner.
  94. 94. "Very well Stephan. You may call me Stanley. How do I say that? The thing is, I realise that you are now engaged to my sister, but I did want to say to you that if you even think of behaving in an...shall we say, inappropriate way with her before you are lawfully wed, I will tear you limb from limb.“ Stephan looked at Stanley in bewilderment. "I, I assure you Stanley that I would never behave in any manner which could be considered inappropriate. I love Rosemary dearly and would never jeopardise her reputation." Stuttered Stephan, shocked that Stanley would think in such a way. He did not notice Theo walk through the room, struggling to stifle his laughter.
  95. 95. Eddie did however notice the look on Theo's face as he walked through the drawing room on his way into the games room. 'I wonder what has amused him so much.' He thought, and making his excuses he followed his cousin to find out.
  96. 96. "Theo," he said when he entered the games room, "come on, share the joke. What has tickled you so much?“ Theo turned to him, a huge grin on his face. "I have just heard the funniest thing." He said. "Stanley is in the kitchen cautioning his future brother-in-law against any pre-martial woohoo with Rosemary."
  97. 97. Eddie burst out laughing. "Stanley! He was not! After the number of girls he has deflowered?“ "I know!" Theo laughed again, and then looked round the room, as he heard Doc shout out "Myshuno!"
  98. 98. "Go spend some time with your wife." Said Eddie, noticing that Theo's eyes had locked on Doc.. "Am I that transparent?" Said Theo with a smile. "When it comes to your wife, yes." Laughed Eddie. "Speaking of wives, I notice that yours is not here tonight."
  99. 99. "No." Said Eddie shortly. "She apparently was feeling very tired and decided to spend the night at home.“ "Aunt Charlotta said that she was looking after Bertie and Stuart though.“ "She still is." Replied Eddie. "Marielle is home alone.“ "Eddie...“ "I do not want to speak about it Theo. At least not tonight." Said Eddie quietly. "I understand my friend. You know where I am when you need me.“ "I do. Thank you Theo."
  100. 100. Whilst Theo went to congratulate his wife on her win, Eddie collared his younger sister. "Congratulations Vicky. I cannot believe that my little sister is about to leave finishing school and will soon be getting married.“ "I cannot believe it either Eddie, and I am the sister in question." Said Vicky smiling. "Thank you for coming by the way, I did wonder if you would be able to get the time off of work.“ "Well being the countys foremost Prestidigitator does have its advantages.“ "Yes, congratulations on your final promotion by the way. Did I tell you that Rosie and I have found a suitable office too?“ "No, I do not believe you have.“ "It is in Simdon, not far from the Museum. It is a very reasonable size, and the rent is reasonable too."
  101. 101. "That is good to hear. I have been meaning to ask you, why are you and Rosemary setting up as investigative agents?“ "Erm..." Vicky looked at her brother in consternation. "It is not the sort of thing one would expect two young ladies to be doing." He said as way of explanation.
  102. 102. "That is exactly why we should, we will be able to find out information male investigators will not." Said Vicky smiling. "Eddie, Rosemary and I will be good at this. She has a way of seeing things as they are, and I have been told that I have some insight into human nature.“ "You do, and I know you will be good Vicky." Eddie returned her smile. "That goes without saying. It is just not expected."
  103. 103. As Eddie tactfully changed the subject before his sister became agitated with him, Enid relieved Louisa at the piano so that she could spend time mingling with her guests. She started playing a slow tune and it wasn't long before the games room was full of couples dancing.
  104. 104. Of course there were some couples who preferred to dance in a more private setting.
  105. 105. Those who did not dance, found other ways to amuse themselves. "Mrs Legacy, you are very good at this game." Said Cyd, Louisa's fiancé. "Thank you Mr Roseland. Mr Legacy and I spent our honeymoon in Takemizu Village. I learnt how to play there from a local. I do not have much opportunity to play the game now, but I have retained the basic principles and techniques necessary."
  106. 106. Vicky had spent her time being a good hostess, talking to everyone who was present and making sure that no one was wanting for anything. It was whilst she was doing this she had noticed that one guest in particular seemed to be enjoying the fruit punch more than was perhaps wise.
  107. 107. On her brother's sixth trip to the punch bowl, she approached him. "You seem to be enjoying the punch Eddie.“ "Yes, it ish very nice." His words were slightly slurred as he spoke. "Well perhaps you should leave some for anyone else who might want to partake of it." She tried to keep her tone light and jokey, but there was real concern in her words. "If a man cannot have a drink and a good time at a party to celebrate his sister leaving finishing school, when can he?"
  108. 108. "Eddie..." Vicky started, but he interrupted her, and when he did so his tone changed completely. "Vicky I am so utterly miserable, all I want to do tonight is drink, have a good time with my friends and family and forget about the witch I am married to."
  109. 109. Vicky looked at her brother, her eyes fill of compassion. "Eddie I know you are hurting and I know that the situation cannot go on as it is, but the solution is not to be found at the bottom of a bottle.“ "I know." He said so quietly, she almost missed it. "But it is at least a temporary salve."
  110. 110. "Oh Eddie." She reached for his arm as he lifted the cup to his lips. He stiffened at her touch, before turning abruptly and walking away.
  111. 111. Vicky did not broach the subject with her brother again that night, but she did keep a close eye on him. She was gratified to see that his visits to the punch bowl became less frequent as the night went on. Of course that might have been because he felt the room was now starting to spin, but at least he wasn't drinking as much.
  112. 112. The night seemed to speed by to Vicky, and in what felt like no time at all she was saying goodbye to her family. "Take care of yourself Mother.“ "I will do sweetpea, really there is no need to fuss so much. Now your father has arranged for a carriage to take you to Simdon in the morning. Are you sure you do not want to move back home first?“ Vicky thought of her sister-in-law. "Quite sure Mama, I would really rather get moved into my new home and get everything ready for when I start my married life.“ "You have always been such an independent girl Vicky. I am so proud of you.“ "Thank you Mama. Now you had better go on home and get some rest. Oh and look after Eddie. He is so unhappy.“ "I know he is sweetpea, I know." Beth kissed her daughter on the cheek and went outside to the waiting carriage.
  113. 113. The next morning, much to his surprise, Eddie was only nursing a slight headache when he went downstairs to answer the front door. It was his Aunt Charlotta dropping his sons back home. After thanking her, and preparing breakfast, he joined Bertie in the dining room. "Did you enjoy Aunt Charlotta coming over and looking after you?" He asked as Bertie shovelled omelette into his mouth. "Yes, I like Aunt Charlotta and Aunt Hannah. They told me all about the places they have visited. Did you know that people dress funny in different countries?" He said round a mouthful of egg. "Bertie do not talk with your mouth full. It is the height of bad manners.“ Bertied swallowed hastily. "You asked me the question Papa." He pointed out Eddie laughed. "I did, did I not? I apologise. Anyway, going back to what you were saying, I am certain that they probably think that we dress funny in this country too."
  114. 114. At that moment Marielle walked through the room into the kitchen and returned with an omelette herself. "You do not mind if I join you." She stated. Eddie went quiet, concentrating on his plate of food. He did mind actually, and would really rather eat breakfast with just his eldest son.
  115. 115. Bertie took advantage of his father's preoccupation to scoop a piece of omelette off of his plate and throw it on the floor for Sally to eat. Technically she wasn't allowed in the dining room when the family were eating, but Marielle had let her in when she entered and hadn't shooed her out.
  116. 116. Sally gave a quiet woof and scampered over to tasty treat on the floor. This was the reason why she enjoyed being near her young master when he ate. He could always be relied upon to sneak her a tasty morsel from his plate.
  117. 117. Bertie wasn't quite as sneaky as he had thought though, and Eddie saw what he had done. "Bertie, how many times must I tell you? Do not feed either Sally or Billy from your plate.“ "But she was hungry Papa.“ "She has a bowl of food put out for her. If you keep feeding her your food, she will not want to eat hers.“ "Oh stop being so strict Edward, it will do the dog no harm." Said Marielle. Eddie closed his eyes and went still at her words.
  118. 118. "Marielle," he said turning to her, "he cannot feed either dog from his own plate.“ She ignored him. "Albert, it is fine to do that." Bertie looked from one parent to the other. He knew who he would listen to, and whispered "Sorry" to Sally when she put her head in his lap, wanting more. Eddie was about to reply to Marielle when she cut him off. "What are your plans for the day?“ "Mother, Father and I are going to go to Beth's Boutique today and see how business is doing.“ "That will leave Stuart here with me."
  119. 119. Eddie paused, his fork at his mouth. "Yes, you will have to look after your youngest son yourself. I do not think that it is fair to ask one of my aunts to look after him again." "Well I do not think he will get in the way." Said Marielle finally. Eddie put his omelette in his mouth and chewed slowly, pondering what Marielle had just said.
  120. 120. The morning in the boutique was a busy one, as was quite usual. William and Eddie had already begun discussing the idea of moving to new premises nearer the centre of the city and that morning's business seemed to indicate that the move would be a good idea. "You look rather chilled madam, despite it being the height of summer. Perhaps I could interest you in a nice warm jacket?“ "That would be nice thank you.“ *** Orikes writes the brilliant Pseudo Legacy and spent a bit too much time in a hot tub in the middle of winter that last time she visited my simself's house.
  121. 121. As the middle of the morning approached Eddie sought out his mother. "Mother, will you and Father be able to run the shop if I go home?" He asked. "Of course. Your head hurting?" She asked. Vicky was not the only Legacy woman to notice how much Eddie had been drinking the night before.
  122. 122. "No, my head is fine. I am just wondering about the wisdom of letting Marielle look after Stuart all by herself. I know how little she has had to do with either of her children since they were born. Forcing her to spend so long caring for Stuart might be a mistake."
  123. 123. Beth looked at her son and nodded. "I understand. I do not like the idea of that woman caring for my grandson all day, even if she is his mother. Go home and see to him. Your father and I will be home at two o'clock in plenty of time to greet Bertie when he gets home from school as usual.“ Eddie kissed her gently on the cheek. "Thank you Mother. And do not do too much yourself: get Melissa to help you.“ "I have nearly fully recovered Eddie." She informed him. "But I know my limits and will ask for help if I require it." She smiled at him and watched him turn and walk out the shop to hail a cab to take him home.
  124. 124. As he walked up the path to his front door, Eddie was suddenly very glad he had decided to come home early. Even from outside he could hear his son crying, and he quickened his pace.
  125. 125. Flinging the front door open Eddie was shocked to see Stuart sitting on the cold tile floor in the hall, his nappy obviously soiled and tears streaming down his face. As he reached down to pick him up, Stuart's crying intensified and he reached instinctively for his father.
  126. 126. "Shush Stuart, Papa's here, shush." Eddie held his son close, stroking his head and trying to calm him. Stuart clung to Eddie as if his life depended on it, his pudgy fingers entwined in his father's long hair.
  127. 127. Eventually his sobs subsided and he released his grip on Eddie. "Right my little man," said Eddie, "let us get you fed, changed and settled in your cot." His face settled into a grim look of determination. "Then I will find your mother.“ *** I'm afraid you will have to wait for next time for that though, since I've hit the slide limit. Thank you all for reading, your support means a lot to me. Thank you also to everyone who contributes to this story, whether it is through the CC you create, or the sims I've borrowed and put in Regalton. I am seriously thinking about naming Judie at All-About-Style my official costumier. You can find so many good stories at, including Doc and Orikes's. I recommend checking it out. Until next time, happy simming.