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Spring 3 smithe


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Spring 3 smithe

  1. 1. ~The Ninth Season~ ~Smithe~ By: Pony(formerly CanImarryapony)
  2. 2. Welcome back to Arbor Watch. I made a mistake last chapter and said the Lillards were next, well actually the Smithe Family is. I forgot about our beloved pirates in disguise. Please don’t tell Steve whatever you do.
  3. 3. Day One begins early, Lilly is having a bit of a hard pregnancy having to balance sleeping against eating. So many of my sims end up like this, I wonder, if it’s a reflection of my mismanagement, nah.
  4. 4. Lilly when she’s awake tries to spend some time with her step-kids before school. Benedict is the only one to make some effort to eat with her.
  5. 5. After the kids left for school, Ethan called the pound. It was time to find Cola a mate.
  6. 6. I had him adopt Buffy, the elderly female dog, hoping there was a way to turn her back into an adult. Alas I couldn’t find one, oh well what can you do?
  7. 7. Buffy will get to live out her days with the family. Ethan adopted little Mia. I named her after Mia Moonstar on Boolprop.
  8. 8. Now time to get Ethan’s and Cola’s relationship high enough to try to breed when the time is right.
  9. 9. It’s birthday time here too, thankfully only half as many as the Cooke Family.
  10. 10. There are times when I’m tolerant of maxis, however; a brown sweater with green shorts is too much. Cassie rolled Romance, she wants to be a professional party guest like her momma. She digs old men wearing full face makeups, oh dear. Leon rolled Family and wants to graduate 3 kids from college, we’ll see. He would like a hardworking cook as a wife. Maybe time to mingle the bloodlines, hmmm. Benedict rolled Popularity and wants to be The Law. Probably not going to happen, but we’ll play that by ear. He likes cooks that wear glasses.
  11. 11. Lilly ducks out of the house while she’s feeling good enough to go shopping for the coming baby. It’s so much fun to have the town at a point where they can ‘shop’, so much more fun than browsing buy mode.
  12. 12. She also stops by Komei’s Klothes to pick up some new outfits for the triplets. Part of The Plan is to have, Abby, Lilly, and Faith Goodie all close friends. They’re about the same age and all their children will be roughly the same age. Abby’s baby will a little younger, but within a day or so of the others. I think it would be sweet to have clique of young married women.
  13. 13. Poor Lilly, maybe I should have let Ethan do the shopping she passed out the moment she got home.
  14. 14. The next morning all three were eager to try out their new clothes. So much better than the brown sweater Leon, though I had a tough time picking something nice for Cassie. But I think the blue suits her.
  15. 15. Isn’t Mia cute. Already hanging out with Cola. My Hanna would never let another dog that close to her food. Nice thing not having to worry about food aggression with sim dogs.
  16. 16. With only an hour or so until the kids get back from school, Ethan and Lilly take a quick moment to have a date. So far none of the kids have been angry at their dad for getting married. I guess it’s because Ethan and Dagmar never married, so they don’t recognize it as cheating.
  17. 17. Soon their home with Thomas and Amanda in tow. Nice to have a few teens in the neighborhood to reduced the number of vacation townies around. Everyone stills chest pounds another though. Pretty soon they’ll all know the slap dance and I’ll cry.
  18. 18. Ethan and Lilly went to a place a little more private than the living room full of teenagers.
  19. 19. They mixed and mingled for the most part. But Cassie and Thomas really hit it off. Turns out that Cassie has one bolt for Thomas. Not a match made in the Plan, but enough to have some teen fun.
  20. 20. Ethan sends Thomas and Amanda home and drags his kids to The Toy Chest.
  21. 21. Ethan made toys while his kids practiced their skills. Benedict took charge of sales, Cassie ran the register and Leon restocked.
  22. 22. They bring in enough money so at the end of the work shift I could expand the display shelves.
  23. 23. Improvements aside, Cassie didn’t necessarily enjoy being on the register. I can’t help but be amused still, by the sims getting whacked in the stomach by the register. Even after so many years of playing. Poor Cassie.
  24. 24. Back home Lilly went into labor, on the sidewalk of all places.
  25. 25. As usual I hit the random button, but Lilly lucked out only giving birth to a boy. I dubbed him Richard. Richard Smithe has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?
  26. 26. Richard takes a lot after his dad, with Ethan’s skin and eyes. But he has Lilly’s brown hair, yippee I need more brown haired sims.
  27. 27. Day Three begins with Ethan heading up to Smithe’s Underground. I want to do something more with it, but I’m at a bit of a lost just how to improved the place.
  28. 28. It’s still a favorite of the older citizens of Arbor Watch. Maybe it needs a bingo night….
  29. 29. A smustle party starts outside as I tell Ethan to close up shop. Everybody do the Smustle!
  30. 30. Back home Ethan takes his turn with little Richard.
  31. 31. Before school Benedict helps out too. Such a good big brother.
  32. 32. Mia is quickly becoming a part of the family. Lilly and Cassie especially can’t get enough of her.
  33. 33. And of course ACR has to make an appearance. I feel like half the time I’m canceling the autonomous actions because my need to micromanage. But I do enjoy the extra randomness that the mod brings. Lilly’s pregnant again, even though I only planned for them to have one child.
  34. 34. Ethan and Lilly pretty much relax the rest of the day. Lilly plays with the dogs, and attempts to get Buffy to stop destroying the furniture. Ethan parks Richard in the swing to play.
  35. 35. I really like the baby toys. It’s so nice that they can do other things than lay in the crib. So of course, Richard is unimpressed. He just screams on the floor and sleeps in the swing. Not cool Richard.
  36. 36. Yay the older kids are home from school! Thomas comes along as well as his brother Jay.
  37. 37. Cassie has two bolts for Jay. Again I’m probably not going to make them a long term item. Jay grows up next rotation and they’re just too far apart in age. But that’s not going to stop Cassie from having a bit of fun.
  38. 38. They’re have a nice little date. Unfortunately not high enough relationship for Cassie’s first kiss. Oh well, there’s always another time.
  39. 39. Thomas and Cassie are much closer in age, but not sure if I want to start joining the family trees yet. He doesn’t seem to upset with Cassie for having a date with his older brother. So many possibilities with these teens, it’s impossible to make a decision.
  40. 40. Day Four begins rather unexpectedly expected. Lilly has a bit up morning sickness, poor dear.
  41. 41. Hehe Cassie and Lilly have matching jammies.
  42. 42. Richard soiled his diaper and Cassie places him on the floor to lecture him. And then runs off to the school bus. Nice Cassie.
  43. 43. Lilly picks him up and plops him in the swing. A little better.
  44. 44. Still he simply falls asleep. You slept all night, play with your toys!!!!
  45. 45. Much better.
  46. 46. And Lilly pops as she comes out of the shower, in the tiniest room in house. At least she didn’t give birth in here. And I just realized that I won’t get to see the baby until next rotation. Girf.
  47. 47. Lilly and Ethan pretty much lazed about most of the day. Richard was a good baby and slept a lot.
  48. 48. Then the kids came home. How exciting! They rushed to finish their homework so Ethan could take them to The Toy Chest.
  49. 49. The expanded store was a hit earning The Toy Chest Rank 3.
  50. 50. Back home it’s birthday time for Richard! Yay….aw he won’t be able to use the swing anymore.
  51. 51. I didn’t get a good full head on picture, but Richard ended up being an excellent mix of Lilly and Ethan. He has Lilly’s nose and Ethan’s mouth. He's 10/3/7/3710. Ten nice points! I love nice points.
  52. 52. Day Five begins with absolute cuteness. I love crawling on the floor with toddlers. They’re so adorable.
  53. 53. And Richard is quickly potty trained. Smart milk is such a nice thing.
  54. 54. Aww so cute. Of course Mia is a prime toddler target for cuddles.
  55. 55. Richard is whisked off to bed and Lilly serves breakfast of left over grilled cheese. Leon is the only one to decide to sit down with her. Lilly hasn’t really bonded with the older kids. They’re okay relationship wise. But not besties or anything. I guess that’s okay. Sometimes my stepmom and I don’t always get along.
  56. 56. Of course Leon is the one left to clean up the dishes.
  57. 57. So cute. You can see the rest of the family having second breakfast in the background. But never mind them, Richard is cute.
  58. 58. And I caught the sparkles, Mia grows up into the cutest dog.
  59. 59. She has Dalmatian spots.
  60. 60. And this is a horrible picture, but Lilly pops a second time after eating some stinky pop tarts.
  61. 61. When the teens get home from school I sent them to The Toy Chest alone. I was going have them run the store, but then I had a better idea.
  62. 62. The boys are left outside to entertain themselves. Cassie called Jay over for a date. She has three bolts with him due the romance chemistry perks.
  63. 63. Aww. Cassie and Jay get their first kiss. I wish they weren’t so far apart in age. Oh well. What can you do?
  64. 64. I almost forgot about Reno Day… I didn’t really do much as you can see. I mainly gave redid the living room and the kitchen since they’re no longer completely broke.
  65. 65. The rest of the evening was quiet and peaceful like. That’s it for the Smithe’s this time it’s really the Lillards (Bertino) turn.
  66. 66. Rotation: Spring 3 Households: 3 of 5 Playable Sims: 28 # Of Total Residents(PS + Gravestones): 28 Community Lots: 9 Business Districts: 0 Universities: 0 Downtown: No SM: 3 Population: 84 CAS Available: 5 University Funds: $10440(+1000) # of Fires: 8 # of Burglaries: 0 # of Electrocutions: 0 # of Graves: 0
  67. 67. Businesses: Amber's Tales - Amber Vega - 10 More than Food - Julien Cooke – 2 Komei's Klothes – Komei Vega – 3 Smithe's Underground – Ethan Smithe – 2 The Toy Chest- Ethan Smithe- 3 Bertino’s Bolts- Dagmar Bertino – 2 Goodie Blooms – Herbert Goodie – 1 Vega Tykes – Juan Vega- 1 J&J Bakery – Julien Cooke - 0 Careers: Business – 1/1 Law Enforcement 2/2 Slacker 0/1 Entertainment 1/1 Architecture 1/1