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Alcinen heights intro


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Alcinen heights intro

  1. 1. The story of a Prosperous BACC ~Meet the Families~
  2. 2. When the idea bug, it bites bad. Considering that I need another long simschallenge like I need a hole in the need, I really don’t need another BACC. Or even a Prosperous one atthat. Arbor Watch and TheNEW Pokemon Legacy gaveme enough of a headache. But no the idea bug said. So I bring Alcinen Heights! *Cues fanfare* Alcinen Heights is to be a Prosperous BACC, meaning to the best of my ability I have combined the rules of a traditional BACC and a tradition Prosperity Challenge. In a BACC the goal of the game is to build a city from nothing other hard work and toil. The Prosperity Challenge follows the same thread except you make most of your choices with the roll of a di. Or dice in my case, a twelve side di hand to come in handy sometime. I’ll explain more of the rules as I go along.
  3. 3. The vexing roll of the di gave me six starting families to begin, withseveral large families to make my hair start to turn grey. I almost gave up in the making of the families.
  4. 4. The first family to set in Alcinen Heights is Jules Passion. She’s one of the main reasons Alcinen Heights came to form. I made her playing around inbody shop one day. Jules is the only family I didn’t really roll for since she the main person, I know it’s kind’ve of breaking the rules before I ever really get started. But Jules is awesome.
  5. 5. Keeping with my unwholesome liking for an extra E is the Elephantes. Many of you will recongize Ethan Smithe of Arbor Watch as the father of this family, don’t get too attach, he can’t stay long. The Elephante rolled 1 elder, 1 teen, 1 child, and 2 toddlers. Poor Ethan has to be killed off the moments he enters the plot. Anyways, matron of the family is Lilla, she’s left to raise her grandkids all by herself. Gwen, helps her grandmother take care of her younger siblings, while trying to earn money to build aproper home. Rulli was a care free child until the death of his parents and the move to a new town. Alex and Hanna are twins and are excited to spend all their time with Grandmaw.
  6. 6. The Ghoti family is another unfortunate family to lose the adult early in the game. I rolled 1 elder and 1 child. Chuck had been retired for many years and lived alone until his daughter Elise took sick and had to moveback in, towing her daughter Jace. Chuck had liked his solitude, but loved being around Jace. Chuck and Jace hope that moving to a new town would help Elise recover from her illness.
  7. 7. The Tales family includes; Noah, Ramin, Samanda,and Trevor. Their mother Ashley brought them to their new home and vanished, leaving the eldest Noah and Ramin to take care of their younger siblings.
  8. 8. Because every BACC needs some aliens, I bring you the Supernovafamily. Lexi(blonde) and Linda (red) are sisters trying to make their mark on the world. Lexi had a fling(several) with Boolprop model Xaiver Kavan. She gave birth to twins, Kirk and Zoe, and later had James. Unfortunately Xaiver could not join her in her new home due immigration laws.
  9. 9. And last but certainly not least the Canines. Rex was obsessed with dogs from an early, to much puzzlement of his father Lex. Rex named his ownlittle girl Pomerian and secretly hopes she’ll follow his ways.
  10. 10. Because having so many families gives a edge as far as populationgoes. I won’t be counting the houses until I earn enough CAS points for each family. That way I don’t have too much of an unfair advantage. Anywho, I’ve played quite a bit through the first rotation. And! I’ve taken copious amount of notes so I don’t keep losing the score sheet like I do for Arbor Watch.