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Schools as Learning Playgrounds


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Published in: Education

Schools as Learning Playgrounds

  1. Playful Learning! 10+ School Ground Activities
  2. Play is our brain's favorite way of learning. - Diane Ackerman
  3. Outdoor board game challenges!
  4. Play sports! • Host a field day or an Olympics games day • Teach them a sport from different countries
  5. Invent a Sport Groups invents a sport, create the rules, etc., then teach it to the class
  6. Study math & science of playground equipment!
  7. Students build their own! Study math & science of playground equipment!
  8. Students build their own! Study math & science of playground equipment! Mentored by engineers/builders!
  9. Measure shadows!
  10. Test different distances & angles to improve their game!
  11. Fun with chalk
  12. Vocabulary challengesFun with chalk Draw relays Positive messages Win, Lose, or Draw Hopscotch Add to my scene Math
  13. Jump rope! Photo by amslerPIX,
  14. A my name is ALICE, my brother/ sister's name is AL, we live in ALABAMA and we bring back APPLES. B my name is B___, my brother/ sister's name is B___, we live in B___ and we bring back B___.
  15. Geocaching!
  16. Ball Q&A • Student catches the ball & answers a ? • Student asks a ? & throws to a peer
  17. Ball Review Toss Image, Q: Can I kick it? A: Yes, you can, by Todd, Flickr Give a category & toss till incorrect/repeat answer or passed 3 seconds
  18. Ball Icebreaker Questions
  19. Maker Spaces Photo by Digital Media and Learning,
  20. Learning Stations
  21. Create card challenges in your learning stations!
  22. GeniusHour
  23. Photo by Meg Stewart, Field research
  25. Budding Photographer by Dinuraj K, Flickr Rock collectionPoetry book Bug identification Plant identification Bird identification Nature book Digital scrapbooks & posters
  26. Recommended Tools & Apps for Digital Scrapbooks & Posters Bookcreator Canva Buncee Visme Tackk Thinglink Piktochart Biteslide Smore Glogster
  27. BookCreator iOS/Android App
  28. Collages, Magazines, Calendars & More! Frame Artist Pic-Collage IOS/ Android You Doodle Image Chef
  29., Photo by Lexie Flickinger, Flickr KlikaKlu app Goose Chase app Scavenger Hunts
  30., Photo by Lexie Flickinger, Flickr Photo Challenges Examples: Mission: Snap a photo of graffiti you consider art. Explain why? Points: 10 pts. photo & written reasons, 20pts. with multimedia app (Thinglink, Buncee, Audioboo), 30pts. app + posted on your blog Mission: Snap photos of 5 substances in your surroundings. Post their chemical formulas. Mission: Snap a photo that represents a fraction. Create a word problem.
  31. QR Codes QuickMarkI-nigma
  33. AR Soccer
  34. Have a First Aid Kit! Image by Noelle Noble,
  35. Bookmarks at &