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Sensational Ideas for Continuous Student Learning


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Published in: Education
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Sensational Ideas for Continuous Student Learning

  1. Sensational Summer Learning☀ Ideas for Continuous Student Learning @ShellTerrell
  2. @ShellTerrell Give Me 5! 5 🤩- I feel fantastic and excited to learn 4 😃- I feel happy and ready to learn 3 🙂- I feel okay and open to learning 2 🙁- I feel unfocused or tired 1 😳- I feel bad or overwhelmed
  3. @ShellTerrell
  4. @ShellTerrell
  5. Give meaningful choices @ShellTerrell
  8. STEM Story Time
  9. Make it visually engaging @ShellTerrel
  10. Template by @historysandoval @ShellTerrel l
  11. Template by @MvoyeNVES @historysandoval @ShellTerrel l
  12. @ShellTerrell
  14. Template by @mrsbyarshistory
  15. Tic-Tac-Toe Choice Menu by ShakeUpLearning
  16. Keep it short and simple Less is more @ShellTerrell
  17. Menu Choice Board by @ABfromZ
  18. Menu Choice Board by @ABfromZ Tips: *Add a turn in link. *Headings on the online classroom should match the tasks. *This is the week’s lesson. @ShellTerrell
  19. Student voice @ShellTerrell
  21. Establish routines and schedules! @ShellTerrell
  22. @ShellTerrell
  23. Tip💡 Edit your notifications @ShellTerrell
  24. Create clear and concise instructions Provide visual guides and tutorials @ShellTerrell
  26. Nimbus Screenshot and Visual Guide Chrome Extension
  27. Flip instruction @ShellTerrell
  28. Loom Chrome Extension for Free Video Screencasting
  29. Loom Chrome Extension for Free Video Screencasting @ShellTerrell
  30. Tynker Prodigy MinecraftEdu Kahoot Pokémon Go Teach Your Monster to Read Khan Academy Kids @ShellTerrell Game it up
  31. Learning missions and badges
  32. and iOS/Android App @ShellTerrell
  33. Have fun and be bold! @ShellTerrell
  34. Bitmoji Virtual Classroom with Google Slides, Buncee,, or PowerPoint @ShellTerrell
  35. Virtual Disney Field Trip,
  36. Virtual Disney Field Trip,
  37. "The best teachers are those who pass on their zeal and enthusiasm as a legacy to their students." - Robert John Meehan @ShellTerrell *Images from Pixabay, Unsplash and Pexels.