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  • I am glad that you decided to stop by today to see my presentation on Technology in Education.
  • Today, we will learn about some tools to help you relate technology with education. Computers are a great resource to help your students succeed in school.
  • I am Beverly Wirth, better known as bluecrabgirl on my blog. I am currently learning to be a librarian while teaching Kindergarten for Accomack County Public Schools. I enjoy camping and scouting with my family.
  • Our connection with students as well as other teachers is crucial in providing a functioning efficient Library. As you know we need to correlate with the classroom teachers to provide students with resources that will benefit their subject areas they are studying.
  • Bookmarking tools are an excellent way to save information to use later or file away form safe keeping. You can collect, store and organize information to be accessed quickly as everything is at the touch of a button. This would be a good tool for a librarian as we are a resource teacher.
  • One of my favorite sites are the ones that have digital storytelling. They can allow students to create their own story and focus on using correct grammar. This could be an enrichment activity for an English class.
  • Websites are a great way to communicate with teachers, parents and students. As a school librarian it is your responsibility to create a connection with the community. When I talk about QR codes, I will show mine to my library website.
  • Word Clouds could be use to find letters, words and important information in the Social Sciences, such as, a scavenger hunt. The students could also make up one as a visual for a research paper.
  • An infographic is a visual that makes the words come to life. It should tell a story regardless of the subject matter. Students can use this to enhance research projects, solve problems, visualize information, display data and organize information. This infographic is an example of one that I found on However, let me show you the one I made for this presentation. I used it as the overview story.
  • Popplet was very simple to navigate through and fun to create. It would be easy for students to create.
  • An example of a QR code lesson could be to find, like a treasure hunt, answers to questions on the material that the classroom teacher has been teaching. You have easy access to the internet, research, book reviews and lessons for students.
  • Geocaching is the way to go if you want your students to use some critical thinking skills and explore subjects through navigation.
  • Now is a time for question and comments. The questions on the slide are only suggestions. Please feel free to ask questions about anything you saw today and I will do my best to answer it. Thank you for coming.
  • Are you ready to go explore the 6 tools that you learned about today and apply them in your Library?
  • Technology for education ppt

    1. 1. Flickr Image created by David Farrell on September 10, 2007
    2. 2. Beverly WirthAvatar created on doppleme.Library ScienceStudentKindergartenTeacher forAccomack CountyPublic SchoolsCampingScoutingFamily
    3. 3. 
    4. 4.  My intention here was to be able to go to my story that I created on Domo Animate. Then talk about what you can accomplish with digital storytelling. Write a story Use correct grammar Write complete sentences about a picture Be Creative Sequence Events
    5. 5.  Connection with teacher, parents and students Book Talks Community awareness Student work highlighted Pictures from school functions Websites for games, resources and lesson plans
    6. 6. WordCloudsWordle image was created on tagxedo.
    7. 7. InfographicsCreateMaps andFlowchartsTells a StoryVisualize/Organize DataStudents highlyengagedInfograph created by Randy Krum on February 18, 2010
    8. 8. QR Codes Book ReviewsTreasure HuntsWebsiteinformation ResearchLessons
    9. 9. Geocaching Savenger HuntsScienceMapsSocial StudiesCritical thinkingFlickr image by Bob and Renee onSeptember 9, 2010
    10. 10. QuestionsWhat did you learnthat you didn’t knowabout?Does technologyscare you?What technology tooldo you use the most?Any other questions?
    11. 11. Wrap it up Digital StorytellingWebsitesWord CloudsInfographicsQR CodesGeocaching
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