Reference collection evaluation


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Reference collection evaluation

  1. 1. Reference Collection EvaluationDescription of SiteWhitlow Elementary School is located in Cumming, Georgia. Whitlow was opened in August of2009 with 1,000 students as a relief school for the then over populated Cumming, Shiloh Pointand Vickery Creek elementary schools. Now Whitlow is facing its own population issues as itnears 100% capacity after only two and half years of operation. For the 2011-2012 school year,Whitlow is just six students shy of being at capacity. The staff population is made up 64 staffmembers and 25 support staff and three administrators.The Forsyth County School System is extremely invested in using technology in the classroomsto engage students and facilitate an environment that promotes real world problem solvingskills. (Mitchell, 2006) Whitlow being the newest school in the system it was built withtechnology in mind. The media center houses 28 computers that have Internet access and eachclass room has five internet connected computers. All classroom teachers are provided with aPromethean board and a laptop for daily classroom instruction. There isnt a computer lab atWhitlow, but there are 9 computer carts, with 10 laptops in each cart.The media center is at the hub of the main building. Two hallways branch off from the mediacenter. One leads to all the classrooms, the other leads to the cafeteria, and the administrativeoffices are right outside the front door of the media center. The media center is home to 13,094 titles. There are also 202 audio visual titles and an audio visual system that can be accessedby all the rooms in the whole of Whitlow.The Reference Collection in the Whitlow Media Center includes 353 items and makes up 3% ofthe overall collection. Items included in the reference collection includes three sets ofencyclopedias, a set of 2011 almanacs, four sets of dictionaries that are each geared fordifferent grade levels, a set of Scholastic Childrens Thesauruss, several set of atlases includinga mobile atlas cart with globes, and multiple individual informational books and individualencyclopedias, dictionaries, thesauruss, atlases, and almanacs.Whitlows media specialist has also created an online Resource Folder that contains links toinformation resources that students can access at home via the media center webpage, andmany of the teachers also have the Resource Folder linked on their web pages. Below is a list ofthe links in the Resource Folder:Brain PopBrain Pop JuniorForsyth County Public LibraryGalileoGoogle EarthSafari Video Resources
  2. 2. New Georgia EncyclopediaEncyclopedia.comMaps, Global Map, and World Atlas - National GeographicAJC.comForsythnews.comCIA World FactbookFact MonsterAtlapedia OnlineMerriam Websters Open DictionaryOpenC Elementary: How to Cite ResourcesWorld Book KidsSince Whitlow is so new, the reference collection is mostly comprised of items that have beenobtained via book fair purchases (dictionary sets and encyclopedia sets), or donated items. Atface value the collection looks substantial for such a young school, however, upon closerexamination, the print collection could use some assistance. There are out-of-date pieces,pieces in disrepair, and some sets are missing pieces. The average print date of the referencecollection is 2003; this could easily be raised with a few new additions and a bit of weeding.This year the media specialist has used the reference collection for various reference skillsactivities. The results of last years CRCTs indicated that the reference skills section (particularlythe use of guide words) was a weak area for the students in all grade levels. This could possiblybe a result of students and teachers almost exclusively using the online resources as a way tofind information rather than using print resources that require the user to use guide words tolocate information.Budget InformationLast year, the media centers budget was cut in half due to the sluggish economy. This year willprobably not see any increase, and if they are lucky there will be no further budget cuts. Withonly $4,000 to work with to improve the collection as whole, only $200 of the school budgetcould be allotted towards improving the reference collection. It would even be less than that ornone at all, if the CRCT results for the reference skills section had not been so weak. Thankfully,the fall Scholastic Book Fair was very successful, and $400 (Scholastic dollars) of the fundsgenerated from that will go to purchase new items for the reference collection.In addition to purchasing new print resources, a wiki has been set up to provide students andteachers with additional online reference resources as well.
  3. 3. Reference Collection OrderVendors: Follett and Scholastic Title Author Reviews Publisher Year Qty Binding Price Follett- National Booklist National 2011 2 Pub. 16.16 National Geographic 11/1/11 Geographic Hardcover (32.32)Geographic KidsBeginnersWorld Atlas National National School National 2010 1 Pub. 18.71Geographic Geographic Library Geographic Hardcover Kids Journal Almanac 10/1/11 2012 National National N/A National 2010 2 Pub. 23.70Geographic Geographic Geographic Hardcover (47.40) Kids Ultimate U.S. Road Trip AtlasNew Views Encyclopedia N/A Encyclopedia 2011 1 Pub. 30.01of the Solar Britannica Britannica Hardcover System Follet Total = 128.44 Scholastic Dollars Scholastic Rubel, David N/A Scholastic 2010 1 Pub. 17.59Encyclopedia Hardcover of the Presidents and Their Times Look It Up! Scholastic N/A Scholastic 2005 2 Paperback 8.99 Great (17.98)Activities for Learning How to Use Reference Books Scholastic Scholastic School Scholastic 2007 5 Pub. 11.89
  4. 4. Student Library Hardcover (59.45) Thesaurus Journal 2007 Scholastic Scholastic N/A Scholastic 2007 10 Pub. 13.29 Childrens Hardcover (130.29) Dictionary Scholastic Scholastic Booklist Scholastic 2004 5 Pub. 15.96 Childrens 2004 Hardcover (79.80)Encyclopedia Scholastic Scholastic Booklist Scholastic 2010 5 Pub. 13.99 Dictionary 2010, Hardcover (69.95) School Library Journal 2010The Usborne Usborne N/A Usborne 2010 2 Pub. 10.47 Internet- Hardcover (20.94)Linked Book of Knowledge Scholastic Total = 396.00 Grand Total = $534.44Materials Weeded from the Reference CollectionChild Craft Encyclopedia Set (1985)Usbornes Book of Knowledge: How Bird Live (1979)American Heritage History of the United States Volumes 1-14 (1971)Encyclopedia of the Presidents by David Rubel (1994)BibliographyMitchell, B. (2006, June 06).Technology and information services. Retrieved from