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Pair Activities With the iPad


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Pair Activities With the iPad

  1. Photo by flickingerbrad: Let's Partner Up with the iPad!
  2. Photo by flickingerbrad: Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success. - Henry Ford
  3. Better classroom management Builds relationships Collaboration Scaffolding Benefits of Pair Work
  4. Personalities Leaders Tech knowledge Subject knowledge When pairing students, consider… Language skills
  5. Apps Rubrics Deadlines & due dates Activity descriptions Preparation Materials, hardware, software Tutorials Folders organized Questions process Checklists Tasks & roles Dissemination of information
  6. Photo by flickingerbrad: Activities
  7. Large Square Dance by rickpilot_2000, Mingle!
  8. Mission: In 60 seconds demonstrate your favorite app! Photo by ed and eddie,
  9. App Evaluation
  10. KobeDrawingbyMarcusKwan,Flickr Draw your favorite …
  11. Knowledge Swap
  12. Photo by MIKI Yoshihito (´・ω・), Tip: Use a stylus
  13. Draw my monster
  14. Photo by flickingerbrad: Make a movie
  15. Talking Ben & Tom News IOS & Android App Report the News
  16. Role play • Characters in a book • Dialogues between historical figures • Characters impacted by a situation
  17. Create role-play cards
  18. • Have preset questions or they brainstorm • Guest expert • Someone experiencing an event Interviews
  19. Puppet Pals 2 HD
  20. BuddyPoke 3D Avatar Creator IOS & Android App
  21. • Talk in real-9me over the same Wi-Fi network • Voice distor9on • Op9on to chat with built-in characters • Send voice messages via email • NO third party adver9sing • NO in-app purchases Piiig Walkie Talkie for Kids IOS App
  22. • Record voice messages, share pics, text • Asynchrous • Gives you a link for IOS • Group chats for 500 Voxer IOS/Android App
  23. Photo by flickingerbrad: Play games
  24. Photo by flickingerbrad: Play games Tiny Tap Kahoot AR Soccer Game Press Space Team Scramble With Friends Words With Friends Hanging with Friends Song Pop
  25. Photo by flickingerbrad: Jigsaw!
  26. What’s the punch line?
  28. Photo by flickingerbrad: Think, Pair, Share • Pairs mindmap a topic • Present to another pair & add to mindmap
  29. @ShellTerrell