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Online Language Learning Communities


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Published in: Education
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Online Language Learning Communities

  1. Using Online Communities with Language Learners @SHELLTERRELL SHELLYTERRELL.COM/LANGCOMM
  2. “Language is not a genetic gift, it is a social gift.” - Frank Smith @SHELLTERRELL SHELLYTERRELL.COM/LANGCOMM
  3. GoBubble Google Classroom Edmodo Schoology Free VLEs and LMS @SHELLTERRELL SHELLYTERRELL.COM/LANGCOMM Lampa Moodle Canvas
  4. & iOS/Android App
  5. GoBubble iOS/Android App
  6. & iOS/Android App
  7. Language Learning Communities Apps & Websites
  8. & iOS/Android App - User matching connects to others who share interests or personality - Chat using text, video or audio - Corrections can be made in the chat - translate words and sentences and listen to pronunciation examples -Vocabulary lists allow users to save words and Shiro reminds them to revise learned words - Shiro the bot provides guidance on what topics to talk about (coming soon) - Users can earn points, levels and badges (coming soon)
  9. & iOS/Android App
  10. & iOS/Android App • Speaking lessons and exercises • Pronunciation examples and exercises • Grammar tips and exercises • Listening/Audio samples • Writing lessons and exercises • Dialogue lessons and exercises • Memory practices • Vocabulary lessons and exercises
  11. & iOS/Android App
  12. & iOS/Android App
  13. 100,000+ Users
  14. 100,000+ Users
  20. Online language communities for children!
  22. for Kids
  23. Join Facebook groups!
  24. #ESL #EAP #ELLChat #TESOL#ELTChat #BESIG # #TEFL#EFL Learn with Hashtags #StudyEnglish#LearnEnglish #Twinglish #ELLs
  27. 100+ video recordings of strategies,
  28. @ShellTerrell