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Lacue Powerpoint


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K-12 A-Z
This powerpoint was created for our LACUE presentation. One of Nancy\'s students created it for her after she was given the information for our presentation. She was so proud! Thanks for your patience if it was not quite audience friendly!

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Lacue Powerpoint

  1. 1. A th ro u g h Z An Alphabet of Activities to Encourage Cooperative Learning Across the Ages Presented by: Joy Powell – Swartz Lower Elementary Nancy Hearne – West Ouachita High School Ouachita Parish Schools
  2. 2. •Awards •Autobiography •Audicity – Podcasting for everyone
  3. 3. • Story Books - • Buzzing Bee • Design A Board Game
  4. 4. 1. Draw the bee using Paint or any draw program available 2. Place the pieces back to back, with design facing out. Sandwich one end of a drinking straw between the pieces and glue, leaving the mouth end and wings unglued. Fold the wings up so they look like they’re fluttering. 3. Make your bee buzz by humming into the open end of the straw. Tap your finger over the bee’s mouth for different sounds. *Older students can create the bees and let the younger students create the buzzer.
  5. 5. • Christmas gifts • Calendars • Door hangers • Coasters • Names spelled out with pic inside • Sour Grapes (Card Game)
  6. 6. • Digital Picture Books (ABC, Counting) • Dinosaur Data Base • Digital Pictures QuickTimeᆰ and a TIFF (Uncompressed) decompressor are needed to see this picture.
  7. 7. • Education version - Animoto Endangered species magnets
  8. 8. • Flip Books • Funny Face Factory (distort pictures or dress them up using Photo Shop Elements) • Fortune Cookies • Flow Charts • Folk Lore • Flickr – Flickr Tools – billboard, picture cube movie poster – Flickr Toys – posters, magazine covers, mosaics, cd covers, etc. – – create newspaper clippings with your text, animation – Bubblr – puts your text into bubbles
  9. 9. • Games designed in Power Pt (Non-linear) • Pop Up Greeting Cards • Geo Mobile • Google Docs – All you need is an email account It saves documents & spreadsheets on the web for easy access. Allows you to collaborate online and share documents. • – allows you animate a character GoAnimate - animated cartoon videos
  10. 10. • Herb Garden signs (Pot decorations and stakes) • Hair comb • Hieroglyphics
  11. 11. • Internet scavenger hunt • Illusion Puzzle • Image Chef – templates
  12. 12. • Jar labels • Jack in the Box
  13. 13. • Knights of the Round Table • Key chain • Kaleidoscope • Kerpoof -
  14. 14. • Light Catchers • Lookybook
  15. 15. • Music Video • Mouse House • Map Making • Morse Code • Design your own Money • Movie Maker – free download from Microsoft • Math Worksheets - really easy to use to make free worksheets for all grade levels
  16. 16. Louisiana Music Video QuickTimeᆰ and a DV/DVCPRO - NTSC decompressor are needed to see this picture.
  17. 17. • Note Holder • Necklace • Napkin Rings • Fractured Nursery Rhymes • Newsletters
  18. 18. • Draw an Octopus or Ostrich Include fact cards so that younger students can learn about these animals. Can include all animals * Oh! so many miscellaneous sites!
  19. 19. • Pictures made with Paint or Picasso • Different Strokes (favorite animals, sports, etc.) • Poems • Bio Poems • Place Mats • Periscope • Photobucket • PhotoStory – free download from Microsoft • PetMoustache – allows you to insert a pic into a face • Puzzle sites: (about $20 yearly) (This site turns any picture on your computer into a jigsaw puzzle)
  20. 20. • Quilt Patterns • Quizlet (a lightning fast way to memorize vocabulary lists. It's like flashcards, but much more fun and interactive) It allows you to Study vocabulary, Create your own flashcards and Share flashcards with your friends
  21. 21. • Recipe Book • Rhyming Words • Robots (make Robot costumes from paper sacks) This can be used to teach the concept of programming by giving directions and making them follow each directions.
  22. 22. • Secret Message • Stickers • Stationary • Smiley Keyboard Art • - Allows you create a slide show
  23. 23. Slide lets you use photos and other digital content to publish and discover the people and things that matter to you.
  24. 24. • Treasure Chest • T-shirts • Tic Tac Boo • Teacher Tube • Trailfire for teachers • Top Ten
  25. 25. Top Ten things we need to live. I’m done with my list! Now what do I do? Draw a picture for each item in your list. Put your list in ABC order. Use each word in a sentence. Write two words to describe each item.
  26. 26. • Universe – Solar System Mobile • USA data base/mind mapping
  27. 27. • Virtual Reality (Alice) A 3D programming environment available free from the Carnegie Mellon University website Vegetable Cards • Visor • VoiceThread
  28. 28. • Weather Vane • Weather Watch • Word Games • Whacky Words • Wordle
  29. 29. • X Files (Teach about files and folders) • Science Fiction Stories
  30. 30. • Yak, Yak, Yak, (E-Pals)
  31. 31. Class Chatter - Interactive blog and e- mail
  32. 32. • Zebra Code (UPC Labels) • Zoho Show – allows you to create a slide show similar to PPT that can be posted online
  33. 33. Thanks to All! You have been an Awesome Audience I would also like to take this opportunity to thank my student Beth Grantham! She worked very hard on the letters and backgrounds for this presentation. Way to go Beth!