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Part 3 great opportunities great expectations


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The last part of the presentation. Some more ideas for getting connected and engaging students. Today's Meet, Pinterest, Facebook, Edmodo, and a discussion of how education is changing.

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Part 3 great opportunities great expectations

  1. 1. Part 3Great Opportunities, Great Expectations By Kristina Smith for SeltAcademy
  2. 2. Create a back channel to get instant feedback and instant questions
  3. 3.
  4. 4. What about kids bringing their phones to school, into the classes, oncea month so they learn to use them for LEARNING.
  5. 5. T2T Connectivity tools:
  6. 6. Curation tools
  7. 7. Get connected:• Share resources• Share lesson plans• Share ideas• Facebook, twitter, curation tools etc.•
  8. 8. Find us on facebook:
  9. 9. Look for me as well, please:
  10. 10. Use the power of social networkswith students:
  11. 11. Set up twitter or TweetDeck:
  12. 12. Kids today?• “What’s wrong with this generation of kids?”• “Students today can’t read the way we could 20 years ago.”• “Kids are addicted to the Internet. I think they don’t learn proper social skills any more.”• “All the kids I see just want to play dumb, violent computer games.”• “Kids today can’t concentrate the way they used to. They don’t listen properly.”
  13. 13. The Big Shifts
  14. 14. Literacy has changed:It’s “a person’s ability to perform taskseffectively in adigital environment…Literacy includes the ability to read andinterpret media , , and ,to reproduce data and images through digitalmanipulation, and to evaluate and apply newknowledge gained from digital environments.” 2006
  15. 15. Post your lesson materials on GoogleDocs for other teachers to share.