Part 2 great opportunities great expectations


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On day 2 we looked at some issues related to reading lessons, engaging students with communicative tasks and started to look at ways teachers can collect and share information.

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Part 2 great opportunities great expectations

  1. 1. Part 2Great Opportunities, Great Expectations By Kristina Smith for SeltAcademy
  2. 2. How to use Choose a text for the class and copy paste it onto a word document for later reference.
  3. 3. Go to
  4. 4. Search google images for somepictures
  5. 5. Using authentic materials• Find suitable, short • Create an easy reading articles activity – students read• Use Google Images to silently for general idea, find pictures and again for some• Use to specific information. create a “word cloud” • No reading aloud!• Exploit the topic or • Keep the activities short pictures to set the and sweet. context & use Wordle • Use the text as a for prediction. springboard to speaking or writing.
  6. 6. TransAnatolia 2012TransAnatolia 2012, seven full-day-long rally suitablefor bikes, quads, buggies and cars will take placebetween September 4-11, 2012. The event takes placein the region of Antalya and Cappadocia. Competitorsare welcome from novice riders to experienced Dakarveterans who can handle a daily average 300 km roadthat asks for navigation skills instead of speed. Cars &buggies use different routes than bikes and quads insome regions. Participants can also rent motorcyclesfrom Yoshimoto, the event collaborator. For detailedinformation and registration please click.
  7. 7. Literacy has changed
  8. 8. The students are connected
  9. 9. The students are connected
  10. 10. The students are connected
  11. 11. Enriched textbooks are replacingprint – around the world
  12. 12. T2T Connectivity tools:
  13. 13. Let’s connect up and share ideas MORE TOMORROW ON DAY 3