Future Library 2013 Unconference - Rasha Hussein Tawfik


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Future Library 2013 Unconference - Rasha Hussein Tawfik

  1. 1. We made it! Public libraries as learning spaces Rasha Hussein Tawfik Head of IT Department ESCD - The Cultural Center Egypt 2013
  2. 2. Public Libraries & Education • Knowledge and instruction are no longer restricted to classrooms • Changing student needs • An ever-changing world • Openness
  3. 3. Public Libraries & Education • Globalization • Social media • Recovering the deficiency in the education systems
  4. 4. Challenges • Libraries define themselves as information hubs and resource centers • A clear mismatch between the library’s own view of its role and the perception of the public in general • Lack of fund
  5. 5. Examples of Successful Training Programs 1. Interactive Media Classes 2. E-magazine creator 3. 3D graphic designer 4. Children Create their Own Electronic Books 5. Young Web Designer 6
  6. 6. Interactive Media -Training young people to deal with the media. -Training young people to optimize the use of electronic media and social networking. -Training young people on how to submit a targeted media message. -Enhancing presentation skills and skills of persuasion and influence, listening, criticism and analysis. -Using computer Software for producing short movies with good content and meaningful message. -Enhancing skills related to freedom of expression and creativity.
  7. 7. Interactive Media
  8. 8. E-Magazine creator -Training youth on how to develop their own electronic books and magazines -Enhancing skills related to freedom of expression and creativity. -Encouraging youth to benefit from useful free services on the web to build their own projects. -Encouraging youth to gain general knowledge through improving their IT skills.
  9. 9. E-Magazine creator Eye on arts: http://joom.ag/YTNX First Aid: http://joom.ag/3XAX Art and Chocolate: http://www.joomag.com/mg/ 0416719001371111429 Dr. Zewail: http://www.joomag.com/ma gazine/ahmedzewail/0572663001371971948
  10. 10. 3D graphic designer -Promoting artistic sense, imagination and creativity among young people. -Training young people to deal with 3D software. -Guiding young people to benefit from the free license software (ex. Sketchup – sweet home 3D…etc)
  11. 11. 3D graphic designer
  12. 12. 3D graphic designer
  13. 13. Children Create their own Electronic Books -Encourage the child to redraft the book, achieve a double benefit: Encourage reading & promote the use of technology. -Enrich the imagination and creativity. -Try to engage preschool children in activities dealing more with the book.
  14. 14. Children Create their own Electronic Books Examples of books: • Short vision • The little Peacock.
  15. 15. Young Web Designer -Training Youth to acquire valuable and useful information by searching over the web - Encouraging young people to read and learn from books to diversify the sources of information they use in their websites -Training young people on how to use the advanced techniques to develop their own websites. -Providing young people with the knowledge of the electronic publishing ethics
  16. 16. Young Web Designer Examples of Projects: The digestive system http://alolaalola.wix.com/digetive_sy stem The Cheetah – the most fastest animal in the world http://mariosaleh.wix.com/cheetah Robots http://adhamakram.wix.com/robot Tennis ball game http://manoush801.wix.com/tennis Manchester City Football Club http://omar96azab.wix.com/mc