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Ict parent workshop web 2.0 feb 2011


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ICT Parent Workshop discussing the many different options available at IST for learning, communicating and collaborating online.

Published in: Education, Technology
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Ict parent workshop web 2.0 feb 2011

  1. 3. Definition:    the second generation of the World Wide Web in which content is user-generated and dynamic, and software is offered that mimics desktop programs Example:    Web 2.0 encourages collaboration and communication between users.
  3. 6. Web 2.0
  4. 7. blogs Specialists Grade Team Blogs
  5. 8.
  6. 9.
  7. 10.
  8. 11.
  9. 12. “ I used Storybird to get the students writing short stories.  They have all done at least one story.  We will continue to work on Storybird but we will expand our lessons to editing and revising instead of just getting the words done on the screen.  This is a nice way for students to practice their writing at home and it is more exciting than simply writing the story down on paper.” Emily K
  10. 13. Raz Kids is a great way to track down each individual reading level. And kids are following their own progress and are being part of their own growth.  Good for kids that have a short concentration span as the books are short and on their level.  Kids that need to have the motivation of earning stars and points. This will encourage them to read more. It is a very structured way of reading and kids can see their own progress. They can do it independently, with a headphone on and they won't get distracted as much as reading aloud in groups.  They work at their own level. And kids feel that.  It's great for teachers to be able to differentiate and to spend individual time with kids when needed.  - Gisela D
  11. 14. Web 2.0 Office and Collaboration Applications
  12. 15. / World Maths Day is a global education event where students from around the world are invited to unite to set a new world record for the number of Maths questions answered correctly. Teachers and parents are also welcome to participate!
  13. 16. /
  14. 17. Your Assignment: Create a Wordle for your child. - Adjective to describe his/her character - Use interesting words - Be positive with your words - Be creative and have fun! /
  15. 18. OR Go to one of the Grade Team blogs - click on ‘Students’ and use on the tools listed below.
  16. 19. Mikey McKillip ICT Coordinator IST Elementary Campus