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Introduction To Photocells
Introduction To Photocells
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SOUNDS in solids, liquids and gases



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SOUNDS in solids, liquids and gases

  1. 1. SOUNDS In Solids, Liquids and Gases
  2. 2. Sounds In Solids, Liquids And Gases Learning Intension We are learning about How sound travels through materials. How to use a model to explain how particles help transmit sound. Copy and answer starter What does most of the sound we hear travel through? Keywords Transmit Particles Model Sound Travel
  3. 3. Class Discussion How do you hear the sound from a rock concert?
  4. 4. Sound in a vacuum Write down all you know about sound travelling in a vacuum. Can sound travel through a vacuum?
  5. 5. Sound in a vacuum Why won’t sound travel in a vacuum?
  6. 6. Sounds and Particles Question: Use particle theory to explain how sound travels through a solid. (1 mark) for use of diagram (1 mark) for using the right terminology (1 mark) for getting the answer right
  7. 7. Your task: Suggest why sound does not travel through foam.
  8. 8. Homework 1. Ultrasonic sound-what are they? 2. Give examples. 3. Describe three uses of ultrasonic sound Due date: Friday 17th January 2014