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For my science presentation.

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Game show

  1. 1. Waves100200300400500Sound100200300400500Pitch &Loudness100200300400500Music100200300400500Random100200300400500
  2. 2. QuestionWhat is a wave?
  3. 3. AnswerA wave is a disturbance thattransfers energy from place toplace.
  4. 4. QuestionHow does amplitude affect theloudness of a sound?
  5. 5. AnswerThe greater the amplitude, thelouder the sound.
  6. 6. QuestionWhat type of wave does soundtravel as? Describe it.
  7. 7. AnswerA longitudinal wave is a wave isa wave where the mediummoves parallel to the wave’sdirection.
  8. 8. QuestionWhat is the formula for Speed?
  9. 9. AnswerSpeed = Wavelength x Frequency
  10. 10. QuestionWhy are sound waves oftendepicted as transverse wavesinstead of longitudinal waves?
  11. 11. Answer It is often harder to drawlongitudinal waves. Therefore,We represent sound waves usingtransverse waves. The crests of atransverse wave represent thecompressions of a longitudinalwave. The troughs represent therarefactions.
  12. 12. QuestionWhat is sound?
  13. 13. AnswerVibrations that travel throughthe air or another medium andcan be heard when they reacha persons or animals ear.
  14. 14. QuestionWhat is a reflection?
  15. 15. AnswerA reflection, also called anecho, is when a sound wavehits a surface and bouncesback.
  16. 16. QuestionWhat is a diffraction?
  17. 17. Answer Diffraction is when soundwaves diffract, or bend aroundcorners. This is why you cansometimes hear people talkingthrough doors.
  18. 18. QuestionWhat is interference?
  19. 19. AnswerInterference is when soundwaves meet and interact witheach other.
  20. 20. QuestionWhat does the speed of sounddepend upon?
  21. 21. AnswerIt depends onelasticity, density, andtemperature of the mediumthe sound travels through.
  22. 22. QuestionDescribe loudness.
  23. 23. AnswerLoudness is how you perceivethe energy of a sound.Loudness depends on theamount of energy it takes tomake the sound and thedistance from the source of thesound.
  24. 24. QuestionDescribe pitch.
  25. 25. AnswerPitch is how high or low asound is. Pitch depends uponthe frequency of a wave.
  26. 26. QuestionDescribe intensity and how itaffects loudness.
  27. 27. Answer Intensity is the amount ofenergy a sound wave carriesper second through a unit area.Because the sound has morearea to cover as it moves awayfrom its source, the loudnessdecreases as the sound movesaway from its source.
  28. 28. QuestionWhat is the approximateloudness of a jet plane attakeoff?
  29. 29. Answer120 – 160 decibels
  30. 30. Question The amount of energy in asound wave doesn’t affectpitch. If this is true, then whydoes pitch sound louder whenthe pitch increases?
  31. 31. AnswerIt does not affect pitch. Pitchdepends on frequency.However, if you increase thepitch to a very high note, thenit may seem louder becausehuman ears are more sensitiveto higher pitches.
  32. 32. QuestionWhat is music?
  33. 33. AnswerMusic is a set of notes thatcombine in patterns that soundpleasing.
  34. 34. QuestionWhat are the three musicalinstrument groups?
  35. 35. AnswerWind, strings, and percussion
  36. 36. QuestionWhat creates a chord?
  37. 37. AnswerA fundamental tone and itsovertones
  38. 38. QuestionDescribe sound quality
  39. 39. AnswerSound quality is the blendingof musical instruments’fundamental tones with theirovertones.
  40. 40. QuestionWhat is the song that is playedduring the presentation? Whowrote it?
  41. 41. Answer“Little Lion Man” by Mumfordand Sons
  42. 42. QuestionFill in the blank. ______ is thestudy of how sounds interactwith each other and theenvironment.
  43. 43. AnswerAcoustics
  44. 44. QuestionDescribe standing waves
  45. 45. AnswerStanding waves are waves thatappear to stand in oneplace, even though it is reallytwo waves interfering as theypass through each other.
  46. 46. QuestionThis man is SheldonCooper. He isdressed up in hisHalloweencostume. What ishe dressed up as?
  47. 47. AnswerHe’s the Doppler effect!
  48. 48. QuestionWhat are nodes andantinodes?
  49. 49. AnswerNodes are the points of zeroamplitude on a standing wave.Antinodes are the points ofmaximum amplitude on astanding wave.
  50. 50. QuestionWho was the first person tobreak the sound barrier?
  51. 51. AnswerCharles “Chuck” Yeager