educational resources solutions teaching skin radiation fitness s-factors global warming secondary consumers food web food matters producers primary consumers solids sound characteristics cell cells metals atoms compounds revision science photosynthesis perceived risk actual phones mobile em elements assessing your carbon footprint carbon footprint ultrasonic sound sound in vacuum liquids and gases particle theory model vacuum photoelectric effect n-type silicon. direct current gcse photocells p-type silicon catalyst high temperature cracking fractional distillation crude oil fractionating column connectteachers-uk principles of physics hooke's law force constant extension and force mass on a spring tertiary consumers carnivores herbivores food chains life egg cell oviduct womb implantation reproduction semen sperm cell placenta umbilical cord seed bettles investigation enzymes ezyme activity diffusion non-living things processes of life mrs gren planning your investigation osmosis graphs explaining motion instantaneous speed average speed resultant force calculations steaddy speed graphing motion momentum acceleration distance-time graph changing momentum research global warming global warming man made or natural ivan ukiwah school project science global warming project green house gases mountain ranges resistance ammeter circuit symbols parallel circuits current electricity amperes series circuits voltmeter richter scale icelandic volcano earthquake tectonic plates seismic measurement food test benedict's solution evaluation in science test for glucose in food benedict's test steps to writing evaluation writing evaluation scrapbook project the earth chemistry making a scrapbook science in the news the universe physics fossils weathering prehistoric plants and animals antioxidants fsa additives stabilizers emulsifiers gcse e numbers processed foods c3 food preservatives flavourings balanced diet diet intensive herbicides predators fertilizers c3 gcse questions food groups organic farming food chain fungicides gases liquids particle-model particle-theory particle sound-speed soundwaves word-equation salts flame-test gas test-for-hydrogen hydrogen-gas alloys symbol-equation reactions uses ores extraction-of-metals acids beckham fertilisationdavid egg adaptations sperm designer babies dream+ acquired traits inherited genes nucleus selection heredity inheritance cytoplasmnucleus facts palisade specialised-cellsheart organelles organs tissues diseases correlation sex safe orientation sexual smoking recycle sun sugar respiration pigment chlorophyll glucose quiz protons configuration electron orbitals atomic loss or moleculesgain shells orbital electrons non-metalsvalence chargeslattice-structure negative positive charges electricity conductor point melting ions ionic crystals bacteria fungi viruses cavities mucus saliva sweat tears lactates lysozomes antigens white-blood-cellswbc antibodies microbes barriers-in-the-body microwave oven “comparing risks voltage current calculations circuits simple appliances electrical simple-circuits tranformerresistance food digestion uv wavelength binge sunbathing cancer selective absorption ozone layer climate change melanoma sunburn precautionary principle how tranform students (classroom-behaviour management
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