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How to Extend Your Client's Ad Reach - Brighton seo april2018_final


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How to Extend Your Client's Ad Reach - Brighton seo april2018_final

  1. 1. Ryan Bertollini CDK GLOBAL Extend your client’s ad reach without smashing their budget Logo here Twitter: @RyanBertollini
  2. 2. How to reduce AVG CPC by combining SEO & PPC strategies AKA
  3. 3. @RyanBertollini #brightonSEO CDK Global provides digital marketing solutions for automobile retailers CRM & DMS Website Hosting Search Marketing (PPC & SEO)
  4. 4. Auto Dealer websites are just like any other e-commerce site Home VSR VDP
  5. 5. Most ad campaigns drop shoppers here Home VSR VDP
  6. 6. @RyanBertollini #brightonSEO Auto Retailers will face an estimated increase of 25% in digital ad spending over next 2 years
  7. 7. @RyanBertollini #brightonSEO US automotive sales expected to decline 1.5%-5% in 2018 - Morgan Stanley Potential continued decline thru 2020
  8. 8. @RyanBertollini #brightonSEO As digital marketing professionals we are expected to provide “solutions” Competition is fierce within this space, so why should clients give their money to you?
  9. 9. @RyanBertollini #brightonSEO Exotic and Luxury Automobile Dealer Group Dallas, TX
  10. 10. @RyanBertollini #brightonSEO Portal Website 19 rooftop locations 3,500+ vehicles for sale
  11. 11. @RyanBertollini #brightonSEO The Strategy: Reduce CPC by improving ad Quality Score for ads pointed to VSR /VehicleSearchResults URLs Base URL populated with dynamic content and URL parameters dependent on filters for Make, Model, etc
  12. 12. Ad Relevance (PPC) Landing Page Experience (SEO & UX) Quality Score Both of these metrics are relative to the strength of the destination URL
  13. 13. Optimization Variables The more variables you can optimize the higher probability of success UXSEOAD
  14. 14. @RyanBertollini #brightonSEO Method 1: Include campaign ad group target keyword in destination URL meta description > Exact Match Phrase
  15. 15. @RyanBertollini #brightonSEO Find a common keyword that occurs across many campaigns or ad groups Keyword with high amount of impressions Highest probability of positively affecting client’s bottom line
  16. 16. @RyanBertollini #brightonSEO Trial A - /VehicleSearchResults URL “Leasing” Leasing Campaigns for almost every OEM client sells
  17. 17. @RyanBertollini #brightonSEO “leasing” keywords had more impressions within AdWords reporting Higher monthly search volume in Dallas for “lease” terms as opposed to “leasing” x3
  18. 18. @RyanBertollini #brightonSEO /VehicleSearchResults <meta description> Park Place offers %VEHICLE_SEARCH_RESULTS_KEYWORDS% cars, SUVs and exotic vehicles for sale or lease in Dallas-Fort Worth, Plano, Arlington and Grapevine TX. OLD leasing
  19. 19. OEM Ad groups QS before QS after QS Rate Of Change CPC before CPC after CPC Savings McLaren 4.88 7.21 +47.75% $0.89 $0.75 -15.73% Maserati 5.46 6.84 +25.27% $1.57 $1.16 -26.11% Bentley 3.60 5.75 +59.72% $0.78 $0.47 -39.74% Rolls Royce 6.80 6.80 +/- $1.35 $0.82 -39.26% Volvo 3.80 6.00 +57.98% $2.57 $3.56 +38.52% Up to 39% Savings in “Leasing” Cost Per Clicks Cadillac was conquesting for Volvo terms
  20. 20. @RyanBertollini #brightonSEO Competitor Conquesting Keyword Competition Trends Landing Page URL COMPETITION is the constant variable
  21. 21. Trial B /ParkPlace-Careers URL “Auto Sales Career”
  22. 22. “”Auto Sales Career” Added exact match to meta description Initial optimizations yielded no improvements in QS or CPC
  23. 23. @RyanBertollini #brightonSEO PLUS “Auto Sales Career” “parts jobs” “repair jobs” “sales and support positions”
  24. 24. Landing Page Experience : Increased from Average to Above Average Quality Score increased from 3.21 to 5.45 CPC: Decreased from $2.86 to $2.47
  25. 25. @RyanBertollini #brightonSEO Quality Score decreased Landing Page Experience Above Average to Average CPC still decreased by 10% No loss of impressions Trial C /VehicleSearchResults URL “Exotic”
  26. 26. @RyanBertollini #brightonSEO Method 2: Include ad copy in destination URL body text > Exact Match Phrase
  27. 27. Added “Your Love at First Drive Place” to on-page body text for this model (Dynamic content card) Bolded as headline but did not assign an Htag Trial A - C-Class 300 VSR URLs
  28. 28. Bolded as headline but did not assign an Htag Added “Dynamic and versatile with capability to take you anywhere” to dynamic on-page body text. Trial B - Volvo XC90 VSR URLs
  29. 29. @RyanBertollini #brightonSEO Mercedes-Benz C-Class CPC decreased by 8.5% Quality Score did not change
  30. 30. @RyanBertollini #brightonSEO Volvo XC90 CPC decreased by 37% Quality Score did not change
  31. 31. @RyanBertollini #brightonSEO CDK SEO & DAA team ran this trial on 12 other website VSR URLs with varied OEMs and target geo markets 85% Success Rate Reduction to CPC Metric
  32. 32. Fixed Operations - Finance & Service “fixed ops” @RyanBertollini #brightonSEO Variable Operations - Unit Sales Most car dealers make bulk of profit margin from fixed ops
  33. 33. @RyanBertollini #brightonSEO Fixed Ops Trial: /BodyWerksAbout URL Combined Methods 1 & 2 PLUS added target keyword to URL body text No change to QS, AR, LPE or CPC 1 instance where CPC increased “Auto Repair” BUST!
  34. 34. Extreme competition business entities that can dedicate their entire website and search budget to fixed op terms like “auto repair” “oil change”
  35. 35. SUMMARY - All Trials 89% 65% 40% Reduction to CPC Improvement to Quality Score Improvement to Landing Page Experience
  36. 36. @RyanBertollini #brightonSEO More Trials Underway More Trials Could Be Performed Fixed Ops & Structured Data?
  37. 37. Cool SEO/PPC ideas to share? Say “Hi” @RyanBertollini #brightonSEO
  38. 38. THANK YOU!