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The Toughest Battles in SEO are Internal - Rachel Costello, Technical SEO, DeepCrawl


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Battling it out in the SERPs with your competitors is one thing, but battling it out within your own company to get SEO tasks actioned is the real challenge in our industry. Rachel will talk you through how to prioritise and demonstrate the value of your SEO work in order to get tasks moved up the development queue, as well as receiving the buy-in your team deserves. In this session we will cover how to pick your battles for your SEO projects (and win them), building your case for presenting required actions, as well as how to get things done and prove both the results of your projects and the importance of SEO within your company.

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The Toughest Battles in SEO are Internal - Rachel Costello, Technical SEO, DeepCrawl

  1. 1. THE TOUGHEST BATTLESIN SEO ARE INTERNAL: Rachel Costello, Technical SEO BrightonSEO HOW TO PRIORITISE & DEMONSTRATE VALUE @rachellcostello brightonSEO
  2. 2. HAVE TO FIGHT FOR SEO? WHY DO WE STILL @rachellcostello brightonSEO
  3. 3. SEO a.k.a. Search Experience Optimisation @rachellcostello brightonSEO
  4. 4. THE SEARCH EXPERIENCE NOW Left: Digital Solace Right: Brafton@rachellcostello brightonSEO
  5. 5. Today we do SEO work for the user, not the search engine. SEO continues to become more connected to UX. UX impacts every channel. WHERE SEO FEEDS IN @rachellcostello brightonSEO
  6. 6. WHERE SEO FEEDS IN Page Speed User Journey Optimisation Keyword Targeting Onpage Optimisation Technical Improvements Link Building Content UX Paid Media PR Affiliates Email Social Media Development SEO Focus Business Area @rachellcostello brightonSEO
  7. 7. We still have to fight tooth and nail for SEO. @rachellcostello brightonSEO
  8. 8. WHAT WE’LL COVER @rachellcostello brightonSEO
  9. 9. WHAT WE’LL COVER We’ll discuss how to: Lay foundations for future buy-in Focus on what’s most important Build an impactful case for SEO Collect the data you need Prove the importance and value of SEO @rachellcostello brightonSEO
  10. 10. PICKING YOUR BATTLES, AND HOW TO WIN THEM @rachellcostello brightonSEO
  11. 11. SEOs want to ask for everything because we don’t have any control over the search landscape. @rachellcostello brightonSEO
  12. 12. I discussed this topic amongst battle-worn enterprise SEOs, here’s our resounding advice... @rachellcostello brightonSEO
  13. 13. 1. Establish yourself as the go-to source of information. @rachellcostello brightonSEO
  14. 14. WHAT AN SEO NEEDS TO DO brightonSEO@rachellcostello brightonSEO Source:
  15. 15. 2. Be responsible for education. @rachellcostello brightonSEO
  16. 16. 3. Know when to let go. @rachellcostello brightonSEO
  17. 17. 4. Be a team player and build relationships. @rachellcostello brightonSEO
  18. 18. STREAMLINE PROJECTS AND PROVE RESULTS @rachellcostello brightonSEO
  19. 19. 1 Prioritisation 2 Forecasting 3 Process 4 Measurement 5 Reporting SOME ADDITIONAL TIPS FOR... @rachellcostello brightonSEO
  20. 20. 1. PRIORITISATION @rachellcostello brightonSEO
  21. 21. Top-down view: which project feeds into the most tasks. @rachellcostello brightonSEO
  22. 22. Calculate the risks of leaving issues unfixed. @rachellcostello brightonSEO
  23. 23. 2. FORECASTING @rachellcostello brightonSEO
  24. 24. Source: USING FORECASTING TOOLS @rachellcostello brightonSEO
  25. 25. Forecasting is a great way for stakeholders to visualise and attach a future to their investment. FORECASTING FOR STAKEHOLDERS @rachellcostello brightonSEO
  26. 26. 3. PROCESS @rachellcostello brightonSEO
  27. 27. PROCESS Technical SEO Tactical SEO @rachellcostello brightonSEO
  28. 28. PROCESS Technical SEO Tactical SEO Page level Week on week changes Immediate onsite fixes Foundational Big picture Seasonality Long term ranking strategies Additional @rachellcostello brightonSEO
  29. 29. 4. MEASUREMENT @rachellcostello brightonSEO
  30. 30. The primary technical metrics are impressions and Click Through Rate (CTR). @rachellcostello brightonSEO
  31. 31. The secondary tactical metrics are rankings and traffic. @rachellcostello brightonSEO
  32. 32. PRIORITISING ACTIONS BY METRICS Issue Status Impressions (Current) Impressions (Forecasted) CTR (Current) CTR (Forecasted) Duplicate page titles Fail Slow load times Fail ... ... ... ... ... ... @rachellcostello brightonSEO
  33. 33. How do you measure searcher happiness? How well are you serving your customers? @rachellcostello brightonSEO
  34. 34. 5. REPORTING @rachellcostello brightonSEO
  35. 35. @rachellcostello brightonSEO PROVING THE VALUE OF SEO @rachellcostello brightonSEO Source:
  36. 36. @rachellcostello brightonSEO PROVING THE VALUE OF SEO @rachellcostello brightonSEO Source: Customisable dashboards: drown out the noise, focus on and present what’s most important.
  37. 37. BUILDING YOUR CASE FOR SEO @rachellcostello brightonSEO
  38. 38. THE ALLIES YOU WANT The sources to use for attaching authority to your SEO case or project proposal: Search engines The customer Website crawl data @rachellcostello brightonSEO
  39. 39. Google is a big name to have on your side. Image Credit: Search Engine Land@rachellcostello brightonSEO
  40. 40. Highlight what is failing on your site now. Especially the customer’s journey to conversion. @rachellcostello brightonSEO
  41. 41. Gather data from website crawling. @rachellcostello brightonSEO
  42. 42. Considering where I work, it makes sense to share some tips on crawling enterprise sites! ENTERPRISE CRAWLING ADVICE @rachellcostello brightonSEO
  43. 43. Tactical crawling: building the bigger picture from smaller parts. @rachellcostello brightonSEO
  44. 44. There are two main tactical crawling methods: sampling and slicing. GET THE DATA YOU NEED, FAST @rachellcostello brightonSEO
  45. 45. Get a smaller percentage of the whole site view using level limitation EXAMPLES OF SAMPLING Start a small crawl and find areas of crawl waste to exclude for whole crawl Crawl a certain number of examples of each template 1 2 3 @rachellcostello brightonSEO
  46. 46. One category of a website from top to bottom (vertical slice) EXAMPLES OF SLICING All of the categories but none of the products (horizontal slice) Crawl one distinct section that serves a separate function 1 2 3 @rachellcostello brightonSEO
  47. 47. Learn more about a site by breaking it into manageable, predictable chunks. @rachellcostello brightonSEO
  48. 48. Category PagesProduct Pages Blog Pages Vanity Pages Navigational Pages Transactional Pages FAQ Pages @rachellcostello brightonSEO
  49. 49. PROVING THE VALUE & IMPORTANCE OF SEO @rachellcostello brightonSEO
  50. 50. Getting SEO wrong can lead to huge negative impacts for a website. @rachellcostello brightonSEO
  51. 51. A lot is at stake, and this needs to be communicated effectively. @rachellcostello brightonSEO
  52. 52. @rachellcostello brightonSEO PROVING THE VALUE OF SEO @rachellcostello brightonSEO Source:
  53. 53. SITE MIGRATION GONE WRONG Source: brightonSEO
  54. 54. PROVING IMPORTANCE WITH TACTICAL SEO @rachellcostello brightonSEO
  55. 55. GOOGLE’S ALGORITHMS Have you experienced pain from any of these algorithm updates? @rachellcostello brightonSEO
  56. 56. WREAKING HAVOC ON TRAFFIC @rachellcostello brightonSEO
  57. 57. Source: MAP ALGORITHMS TO TRAFFIC There are tools available for mapping algorithm updates to your traffic trends. @rachellcostello brightonSEO
  58. 58. PROVING VALUE WITH TECHNICAL SEO @rachellcostello brightonSEO
  59. 59. MAP SEO METRICS TO YOUR SITE Left: Right: brightonSEO
  60. 60. Explain the dangers of ‘SEO gone wrong’ and create immediacy for your company. @rachellcostello brightonSEO
  61. 61. IN CONCLUSION Lay foundations for future buy-in: Grow and share knowledge internally, build relationships. Focus on what’s most important: Streamline SEO strategy and implementation at every step. Build an impactful case: Highlight conversion issues using data, create urgency. @rachellcostello brightonSEO
  62. 62. IN CONCLUSION Extract the data you need, fast: Use tactical crawling methods to analyse the biggest sites. Demonstrate the value of SEO: Focus and report on the right primary technical metrics. Prove the importance of SEO: Explain the real big picture dangers of getting things wrong. @rachellcostello brightonSEO
  63. 63. THANK YOU! Any questions? Send me a tweet: Rachel Costello Technical SEO, DeepCrawl @rachellcostello brightonSEO @DeepCrawl