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Brighton SEO Takeaways - April 2018

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Missed BrightonSEO or want to catch up and look through all the awesome stuff that you've learned today? We've got exactly what you need - here are the main highlights of today's conference!

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Brighton SEO Takeaways - April 2018

  1. 1. B R I G H T O N S E O T A K E A W A Y S A p r i l 2 0 1 8
  2. 2. Out with the Old, in with the Niche: Content for the Moments That Matter Microdata may not make much sense in the industry of dating sites, but it is very important for recipes websites You should understand where to post funny video content (e. g. divorce is serious, videos are irrelevant) Images are crucial for ecommerce websites! Marcus Tober | Searchmetrics Depending on your audience you should structure information in its own unique way – there is no universal approach #BrightonSEO
  3. 3. Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Ad Copywriting Tips for Facebook, LinkedIn, and Adwords Ashley Ward | SEMrush Using Facebook Ads or LinkedIn Ads, you can reach thousands of people for as little as $30 a month Google Adwords tips: focus on humanizing your copy and use numbers in it; ask questions to provide answers; for voice search, use long-tail copy and write like we speak. Update copies regularly  Facebook Ads hacks: utilize influencer marketing and emotions, run A/B testing, mind the funnel stage of your target users, and make it fun! LinkedIn Ads tricks: keep the ad copy short, keep InMails personal, informal and straight to the point; provide solutions to professional problems, run micro-campaigns and utilize video content. Use local terminology! #BrightonSEO
  4. 4. How to Unleash The Power Of Unique Content Be proud of your unique content and give it a proper shout-out!   Eleni Cashell | Hotcourses Group Bear in mind that if freelancers put much effort into investigation, they may be pitching the same content to different companies, so make sure to agree in advance that it should be exclusive Decide whether to rewrite or remove? Who's going to do it? Who is going to benefit the most and who will do the most of work? Assemble your team - SEO, sales, content, content providers Get someone who deals with all the feedback. Have a template for feedback #BrightonSEO
  5. 5. How Metrics and Data Drive Content Effectiveness Use different types of content for different purposes (education, sales, etc.) Giles Palmer | Brandwatch Steve Rayson | Buzzsumo Never been easier to create content - but never been harder to gain attention See what's trending and hop on the topic early or choose niche content Good data is everything. Sometimes the less is more. Write one time a month on a research topic of a greatest quality you can do #BrightonSEO
  6. 6. Optimizing for Search Bots Mind the server errors: they might slow down how Google crawls the website Fili Wiese | Search Brothers Google is not very good at Javascript rendering for now, but it advances Before migrating to HTTPS, improve your SEO signals Make sure to stick to web standards! You need to utilize server logs to identify which search bots are crawling your website and what the issue may be If your site is not optimised for mobile, you are years behind; start doing it right now #BrightonSEO
  7. 7. Advanced and Practical Structured Data with Do nesting, i.e. organizing information in layers, adding objects in objects "Expected Type" tells you when you'll need to nest objects (think: itemscope itemtype & "@type") Alexis K Sanders | Merkle Inc. It's extremely easy to make small errors in schema, so you need to always validate and use testing tools For voice search, use markup items that support it (like HowToDirection, HowToTool, etc.) Syntax - mind your commas, pay attention to red little Xs in SDTT #BrightonSEO
  8. 8. Cut the Crap: Running Content Audits with Crawlers What gets binned? What stays? (Decide what to do with your pages) Sam Marsden | DeepCrawl Think of a content audit as of a spring clean: first, find all the unnecessary things hidden away in your home (discover ALL of your URLs), decide what is off-limits (take out core pages) and understand your reasoning behind what will go (create a set of criteria for judging content performance) Use spreadsheets: filter them by what you need to keep and examine ways you can maximize the value of your top performing content Content production is higher on weekdays, whereas the content engagement is actually much higher on weekend. Delay the time when your content is being published to the time when your audience is most engaged #BrightonSEO
  9. 9. Linkbuilding at a Granular Level Gregg Gifford | DealerOn Build links based on real-world value beyond SEO Regular size businesses simply can't afford the budget for the links, massive campaigns don't work for them Ideas for killer local links: sponsor local events (use Google, find someone searching for the sponsorship, it's not that expensive), community service, local clubs/organizations, neighbourhood watch websites - give them an exclusive discount! What to do to build great links: ask the right questions, "clean up" opportunities, dive in and get into the research, pull your competitors' links #BrightonSEO
  10. 10. Big Links for £0 Laura Hogan | RiceMedia What to do to get really good links? * Look for unlinked brand mentions – all you need is to set up brand alerts  * Track down the journalists, you can get a fantastic traffic from their mentions * Journo requests – get tweet deck and start monitoring your hashtags to be there for the fresh opportunity PR & news – the most common one. Talent acquisition works well for locals. For nationals – get out of the box, go creative (it might be super interesting and not cost you a thing) Newsjacking -– be ready for fresh high potential news FOI requests are ideal for statistical releases (reach out to museums, hospitals, local councils) #BrightonSEO
  11. 11. Effective Ecommerce Link Building Future-proof your link strategy Find a relevant strategy, stop looking for tactics Implement a campaign - don't waste money on huge pointless assets Don't do guest blogging/posting, it's not popular anymore, nobody wants it It's not about tactics, it's about working out what your customers need and using that to build links Marie Turner | Amara Best working hacks: get buying from everyone, get ASA CAP advice for one of your campaigns, create a chart to mark the team tasks and watch the time #BrightonSEO
  12. 12. How to Identify Search Intent Check the syntax Anna Corbett | Base Creative Identify the meaning of nouns and if there are any verbs in your query Intent types: informational ('why', 'what', 'how'...), commercial ('best', 'compare'...), transactional ('buy', 'vouchers', 'cost of'...), local ('near me'...) Understand the situation of the searcher Voice and mobile imply immediacy #BrightonSEO
  13. 13. Must-know Secrets to the Perfect Keyword Strategy Look where the searcher is in the funnel based on his intention Brainstorm and get data for comparison purposes and build your portfolio Stephan Spencer | SEO and digital strategy consultant Slice your keyword portfolio by types of searches: informational, navigational, transactional Understand the pain points, fears, the frustration of the users to figure out the gap between where they are and where they want to be and search for the solution #BrightonSEO
  14. 14. How to do Ecommerce Keyword Research at Huge Scale How to attack a keyword size that's large? Get rid of  keyword "garbage"! Patrick Reinhart | Conductor Tom Smits | You don't need a software, just Excel and some math How to cut through the noise and determine where to focus: * Apply rules to your set: make sure your combinations make sense * Combine the totals to get your site's universe, then reach out to industries and show off the great work you are doing #BrightonSEO The PIE methodology aids the prioritization of your keyword search * Protect your page – 1 keyword * Improve your page – 2 keywords * Expand your page – 3 and beyond
  15. 15. Live Google Webmasters' Hangout Try to make as much as possible out of the old Search Console Try to use a variety of data when it comes to page speed, including crawl visibility report Organic SERP features are not something based on a simple meta tag, it's the matter of a number of things that change within time Algorithms are keen on re-evaluating data (that's why websites change their position) There is no universal solution that works for all the websites – focus on the value you provide your users with John Mueller | Google Aleyda Solis | Orainti Google is not interested in making everything not understandable :) #BrightonSEO
  16. 16. Risks and Rewards of PBNs Real PBN has the following characteristics: Unique content, website in its own right, real traffic and rankings; Social accounts, citations, links, continually updated; Unique IP address , unique template, unique logins; Footprint Free; Sites all on varied  servers, varied IP addresses, all sites in their own rights Craig Campbell | Craig Campbell SEO If PBNs are done properly you will get a nice uplift in traffic, but that's if you use PBNs as a part of overall marketing strategy Bad PBN is: cluster of sites on one shared server;  whois details all under one account;  not frequently updated, no ranks or traffic; has hundreds of links being sold on these websites  #BrightonSEO
  17. 17. Web Performance Madness: Critical Rendering Path Optimization More than 70% of all websites use at least one non-standard font. As a result: 114 kB of additional data and on average 3 additional HTTP requests Bastian Grimm | Peak Ace AG If you can only do one thing, do this: go to your CSS file, look for @font-face and add `font-display:optional` - there hasn’t been a safer & easier gain in web performance in a long time 62% of all web traffic is made up of images and 51% of all URLs load more than 40 images per request #BrightonSEO
  18. 18. Understanding Google Penalties If you’ve received a manual penalty, you can request for Google to review your site. This is what is known as a filing a reconsideration request. The main recommendation is keeping reconsideration requests short, get to the point quickly and state what you have done to fix the issues Kaspar Szymanski | Search Brothers Most penalties are related to onsite issues  Don't threaten Google with legal action over reconsideration requests #BrightonSEO
  19. 19. Diving into HTTP/2 – a Guide for SEOs With HTTP, people could look into the trucks, and find out all your secrets. With HTTPS the road is the same, but we drive through a tunnel Tom Anthony | Distilled Imagine an HTTP request is a truck, sent from your browser to a server to collect a web page. TCP is the road; the transport layer for HTTP. Outbound trucks carry an HTTP request, while returning trucks are carrying an HTTP response  HTTP sounds great & HTTPS is secure. Why change? Small requests/responses still take time; pages made of  many files (many requests);  mobile connections increase latency #BrightonSEO With HTTP/2, multiple trucks can be on the road at once. The content of the trucks are still the same. Just a new road / traffic management system
  20. 20. Killing Giants: How to Compete with Big Brands in the SERPs Ross Tavendale | Type A Media Start with brilliant basics: UX, accessibility, crawlability and indexation; clean up old content  – 301 pages with links and no-index; revamp all internal linking to push to key pages; work on speed and security Metadata is written by a copywriter, not SEOs Hreflang really works! Plan the content formats you are going to use and sketch out the distribution strategy for them ('create once, publish everywhere') #BrightonSEO
  21. 21. Technical SEO in the Mobile First Indexing Era Ensure your servers have enough capacity to handle a potential increase in crawl rate on the mobile version of your site  Barry Adams | Polemic Digital Visualize your internal links structure on desktop and on mobile.  If some links are missing on mobile, it will be a problem in Mobile First Indexing Era  Don't hide content on mobile, use structured data on both mobile and desktop There is no reason to use overlays on your website. What is bad for users is bad for Google #BrightonSEO
  22. 22. Harnessing the Power of Facebook Groups Reasons why Facebook groups work: Reach is so much better; Brilliant engagement, the news feed algorithm just loves it; User generated content Marie Page | The Digiterati To run a successful group, commercial brands should be facilitating, rather than pitching their own content How to sell groups to C-level: Discover and address your customer pain points; Customer service, where customers do half the work for you; Peer to peer advice and support;  Receive feedback; Use it to improve your product / services; Get customer advocacy; Position you and your team as experts; Get content ideas #BrightonSEO
  23. 23. Competitor Bidding: The Halo Effect Test ad copy with USP : find what the market truly wants Duane Brown | Take Some Risk Inc. People cannot pick you as a solution, if they do not know you are an option Don't bash your competitors Always be testing #BrightonSEO
  24. 24. Site Speed for in-house marketers: creating a culture of performance Maria Camanes Fores | Builtvisible You have a mere 5 seconds to engage your visitors before they consider leaving, and only one second before your conversions drop 7% which could cost you millions in lost revenue every year How can you make performance a habit?  1. You need people in your organisation to buy in, so showcase the metrics that matter to them. 2. Before you improve your site speed, you need to identify which metrics really matter to your business, understand them, and be able to reliably measure them. 3. Educate and empower your team.  4. Always work on your page speed. Site speed is never a one-off thing to do, and your site will never be too fast. You should always be working on it and continuing to optimise #BrightonSEO
  25. 25. The PPC Automation Revolution is Coming Arianne Donoghue | Epiphany Search Recommended automation toolkit: Scripts (AdWords based scripts and Google Apps based script); Excel plug-ins (ASAP Utilities, Analytics Edge, Bing Ads Intelligence; Supermetrics Data Grabber); Data Visualisation (Supermetrics Google Sheets, Google Data Studio, Microsoft Power BI)  #BrightonSEO Scripts for bidding: weather-based bidding, real-time position bidding, 24-hour bid scheduling Analytics & optimisation resources: N-Gram Analysis script, Auction Insights script, Hourly heatmap by day & device script, Audit landing pages script, Ad testing with statistical significance script, A/B testing tool for your whole account script The cold hard truth about reporting - Most of your reports will never get opened. So, you need to focus reports on metrics that are valuable to your stakeholders
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Missed BrightonSEO or want to catch up and look through all the awesome stuff that you've learned today? We've got exactly what you need - here are the main highlights of today's conference!


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