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Top Google Analytics Customisations - Brighton SEO April 2018


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Top Google Analytics Customisations showcased, including Custom Dimensions, Event tracking, basic introduction to Google Tag Manager, Data Studio and core tips.

Published in: Marketing
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Top Google Analytics Customisations - Brighton SEO April 2018

  1. 1. Anna Lewis Polka Dot Data Ltd Top Customisations in Google Analytics Logo here @annatlewis
  2. 2. Founder of Polka Dot Data 10 years analytics experience Total Google Analytics geek Background in SEO and PPC
  3. 3. ANALYTICS? WHAT EVER. @annatlewis
  4. 4. NEW TOYS? HELL YEAH! @annatlewis
  5. 5. Good data makes money @annatlewis
  6. 6. But that doesn’t mean track everything @annatlewis
  7. 7. Business Goals • What do we want/need to achieve? • Why do you have a website? • What growth are you looking for? Business Objectives • What activity are we using to grow? • What is the success criteria? • What would make each team succeed? KPI • What is measurable? • What does good look like? • What does failure look like? Reporting •Prioritise what’s most important •Ensure KPI data can be used well in reports How? @annatlewis
  8. 8. TOP GA CUSTOMISATIONS YOU SHOULD BE USING Tracking Code  GA in Google Tag Manager  Tools for debugging set up Customise your data  Event Tracking  Custom Dimensions Segment  Custom Segments  Remarketing Segments  Sequences Understanding Journeys  Content Groupings  Channel groupings  Multi Channel Funnels Conversion Tracking  Goals  Enhanced Ecommerce  Funnels  Conversion Predictor @annatlewis
  9. 9. TAG MANAGER The how.
  10. 10. GOOGLE TAG MANAGER OVERVIEW One piece of code on site holds many pieces of code organised nicely in the back end of GTM @annatlewis
  11. 11. GOOGLE TAG MANAGER OVERVIEW Tracking code When to track Details One piece of code on site holds many pieces of code organised nicely in the back end of GTM @annatlewis
  12. 12. GOOGLE TAG MANAGER OVERVIEW TAGS •Snippets of TRIGGERS •Rules and VARIABLES •Information used Tracking code When to track Details One piece of code on site holds many pieces of code organised nicely in the back end of GTM @annatlewis
  13. 13. EVENT TRACKING The activity.
  14. 14. THE ENGAGEMENT THAT MATTERS TO YOU micro conversions macro conversions click product add to cart download chose size menu search hero banner filter purchase / lead gen engagement @annatlewis
  15. 15. SET UP EVENT TRACKING Label Action Category Navigation Search Keyboard Enter Clicked Suggested Result Main Menu - Hover Brand Link – Nike Cat Link - Shoes Main Menu - Click Sub Cat Link - Mens Clothes @annatlewis
  16. 16. SET UP EVENT TRACKING Value Label Action Category Ecommerce Add to Cart Nike Air – Mens – 8 65.9 9 55.0 0 Adidas Free – 11 88.9 9 Remove From Cart Nike Air – Mens – 8 65.9 9 Delivery Option – Standard 3-5 days 3.95 Free Delivery Option – Click and Collect Post Office 0.00 In Store 1.99 @annatlewis
  17. 17. REPORT ON EVENT TRACKING @annatlewis
  18. 18. EXAMPLE EVENT TRACKING Category: Ecommerce Action: {{XYZ}} Click Label: {{Product name}} Value: {{Product price}} @annatlewis
  19. 19. CUSTOM DIMENSIONS The what.
  20. 20. CUSTOM DIMENSIONS & METRICS @annatlewis Key business information USER SESSIO N PAGE PRODUCT
  21. 21. USER LEVEL New Customer vs Existing Account Holder (by Type) Loyalty Level RFM User ID @annatlewis Custom Dimensions & Metrics Don’t forget to comply with GDPR
  22. 22. PAGE LEVEL Purpose Page Type Product Type Category Sub Category GTM ID and version @annatlewis Custom Dimensions & Metrics
  23. 23. SESSION LEVEL Device orientation Split test variant Payment Method Business week / period Currency Weather Language @annatlewis Custom Dimensions & Metrics
  24. 24. PRODUCT LEVEL Product Variant Size Category RRP Discount Value Length of Subscription Est. end of product life @annatlewis
  26. 26. SIMPLIFY IMPLEMENTATION WITH GTM @annatlewis TagGA Pageview • Use template GA pageview code • Use GA Settings Variable TriggerAll Pages • Fire this on all pages, or those you choose with a rule VariablesGA Settings • Include customisations to GA tracking code • Use references to other variables for CDs • Create a variable for each custom piece of info, such as custom JS for {{weather}}
  27. 27. ENHANCED ECOMMERCE The opportunity.
  28. 28. PRODUCT PERFORMANCE @annatlewis
  29. 29. PRODUCT PERFORMANCE @annatlewis
  30. 30. PRODUCT PERFORMANCE - CATEGORY @annatlewis
  31. 31. CHECKOUT BEHAVIOUR Apply segments Create segments Improve journey Uplift Conv. Rate Improve return Pinpoint issues Monitor change Easily report Extra Detail Remarketing @annatlewis
  32. 32. SHOPPING BEHAVIOUR Apply segments Create segments Improve journey Uplift Conv. Rate Improve return @annatlewis
  33. 33. ENHANCED ECOMMERCE The engagement. FUNNE LS
  34. 34. SHOPPING BEHAVIOUR All sessions Key Pages 75% Read Clicked Contact Submitted Contact LEAD- GEN alytics/track-content- enhanced-ecommerce/ @annatlewis
  35. 35. TOOLS The WTF Assistants
  36. 36. GOOGLE TAG MANAGER PREVIEW @annatlewis
  37. 37. GA DEBUGGER Steps: Turn on plugin, open console (F12), open website and carry out actions you want to test. Everything that is sent to GA will show up here, this includes: • Pageviews • Additional pageviews if you have multiple sets of tracking code • Event tracking • Ecommerce activity @annatlewis
  38. 38. GA TAG ASSISTANT Open it on each page you visit to see what tags are in place. This also shows you AdWords and other tags. Click through to see additional information. If you want to check a whole journey, hit record and view results at the end. @annatlewis
  39. 39. DA VINCI TOOLS @annatlewis
  40. 40. AUTOMATE REPORTING The numbers.
  41. 41. GOOGLE DATA STUDIO @annatlewis
  42. 42. BEST PRACTICE Go pro.
  43. 43. Write a Measurement Plan GOOD WEB ANALYTICS FOUNDATIONS Ensure high quality set up Learn how to use the data Find what works for you Set KPIs, benchmarks and good/bad thresholds @annatlewis
  44. 44. RECOMMENDED ANALYTICS PROCESS Identify KPIs for business Measurement Plan Accurate set up & code Reports & Dashboards Find actionable insights Make updates / AB test Measure success Check & update set up Make updates / AB test Measure success @annatlewis
  45. 45. TAKE THE BEST TRACK @annatlewis
  46. 46. THANK YOU! Anna Lewis Polka Dot Data Analytics Consultancy