In-House SEO Strategies


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Look inside the tools, tactics, and strategies in-house SEOs need to be successful. Digging deeper into insights, creating the right toolbox, staying smart, and where SEO is going next year.

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In-House SEO Strategies

  1. 1. In-House SEO Strategies Presented by: James Loomstein, MBA Digital Space Consulting @jloomstein
  2. 2. Wait, About Me… •  Digital  agency  with  over  10  years  experience  in   content,  crea8ve,  communica8ons,  and  analy8cs     •  Passionate  about  the  tools,  pla>orms,  and   technology  used  to  connect  and  engage  consumers   •  Focused  on  empowering  brands  and  customers  by   enabling  them  to  research,  relate  and  engage  with   each  other   •  Extensive  experience  in  local  search,  PPC,  SEO,   conversion  op8miza8on,  targe8ng/segmenta8on,   and  marke8ng  strategy   @jloomstein
  3. 3. Enterprise Experience Agency level Client level @jloomstein
  4. 4. So a long time ago (2011) it was like this… Some  of  the  SEO  traffic  we  get  is  really   valuable.  I  wonder  if  we  could  get  more.   C-LEVEL PERSON AT CORPORATE SEO PERSON I  can  help!   Great.  Here  are  some  resources.   Get  to  work.   I’m  on  it!  Look  at  these   ranking  reports!!!   Whoa.  It’s  working!  We’re  gePng  more  traffic  for  the   keywords  as  you  help  us  improve  rankings,  op8mize   our  lis8ngs,  and  target  content..   Let’s  invest  more.   Agreed!   Source: CLIENT @jloomstein
  5. 5. And now it’s more like this… I’ve  heard  good  things  about  SEO,  and  even  though  I   can’t  tell  what’s  helping  us,  it  seems  like  organic   search  is  a  good  channel.  Let’s  make  an  investment.   C-LEVEL PERSON AT CORPORATE SEO PERSON I  can  help!   Great.  Here  are  some  resources.   Get  to  work.   OK,  here’s  the  deal.  We  really  can’t  tell  whether   your  efforts  are  the  ones  driving  value,  or  if  the   keywords  you’re  op8mizing  for  are  even  helping   us.   I’m  on  it!     But  the  rankings  are  clearly   going  up  /  organic  search  is   cri8cal  to  the  funnel.   Yeah,  but  we  think  a  lot  of  that  is  probably  just   branded  search  for  our  name.   @jloomstein
  6. 6. And now it’s more like this… SEO PERSON But  the  traffic  is  going  to  pages  that  aren’t  ranking  for   branded  terms  alone  –  some  of  that  has  to  be  coming   from  non-­‐branded  keywords  that  I’ve  helped  with.   C-LEVEL PERSON AT CORPORATE Well,  that  could  be  personaliza8on,  or   localiza8on,  or  something  else  we  don’t  know   about.  I’m  sorry,  but  we  need  to  invest  our   budget  in  places  where  we  have  solid  data.  Can   you  help  us  increase  our  Facebook  likes?   You’re  making  a  terrible   mistake.     @jloomstein
  7. 7. So what are we suppose to do now? •  We  need  to  think  for  ourselves     •  Realize  the  data  we  need  –  we  already  have   •  Understand  that  our  SEO  efforts  reach  is  far  greater  than  on-­‐page  and  off-­‐page   Internal Technology Product Technology External Technology - Competitive intelligence - Campaign Mgt. - Dashboards - SEO Analysis - UGC - Email - Social features - Digital products - Landing pages Interactive page Search ads Mobile marketing - Behavioral targeting - Video @jloomstein
  8. 8. What questions do we need to be asking? INTERNAL LEVEL •  •  •  •  •  •  How  do  we  train  and  support  our  internal  SEO  team?   How  do  we  show  SEO  value  in  the  wake  of  con8nual  Google  algorithm  changes?   How  can  we  show  value  to  other  parts  of  the  organiza8on?     What  should  we  be  measuring  and  who  should  reports  go  to?     What  sec8ons  of  our  site  are  working  harder  than  others?     How  can  we  improve  our  site  structure?   •  •  •  How  do  we  create,  organize,  and  distribute  our  content  strategy?     What  content  are  people  talking  about?   Is  our  link  building  working?     ORGANIZATIONAL LEVEL •  •  •  ? ? Finding  the  right  skills  to  match  in-­‐house  experience     Conflic8ng  interest  and  struggles  for  budget,  work,  and  crea8ve  freedom   Death  by  commi]ee  (“…..It  just  doesn’t  feel  right”)     @jloomstein
  9. 9. Think about how we need to THINK LIKE A CONSUMER LIKE OUR BOSSES LIKE A SEARCH ENGINE –  Relevant  pages  matched   to  intent     –  Concise/organized   naviga8on   –  Quality  up  and  down  the   page     –  Off-­‐site  valida8on     –  Search  pa]erns     –  Efforts  tracked  to  leads,   sales,  calls,  downloads,   etc.   –  A]ribu8on  model     –  Conversion  path     –  Compe88ve  intelligence   –  Is  this  is  the  best  place  to   spend  my  dollar   –  Is  my  boss  going  to  fire   me     –  –  –  –  –  –  –  Crawlability     NAP  cita8ons     Site  speed     Content  op8miza8on   Link  velocity     Page  views  /  bounce  rates   Social  amplifica8on     @jloomstein
  10. 10. Dig deeper into our customer data PAGE  LEVEL  TESTING     –  Find  a  product     –  Find  a  contact  form   –  Read  a  review   –  Download  a   whitepaper     DIGITAL  AUDITS     –  Direct  visits     –  Referral  sites     –  PPC  traffic     –  Conversion   path   –  Heatmaps     –  Site  goals     PERSONA  DEVELOPMENT     –  Time  of  day   –  Loca8on   –  Top  content   –  Demographic     –  Referral  traffic     –  Conversion   –  Social  engagement   path   –  Top  pages  visited   –  Likes/dislikes     –  Search  intent     Tools for audits/personas @jloomstein
  11. 11. Build the right toolbox Business Insights SEO Highrise   Pocket   SpyFu   Whitespark   LinkChecker   Basecamp   Trello   Moz   Hi]   Xenu   Callrail   Fliptop   SEOQuake     Evernote   HipChat     Rapleap   Screaming  Frog   PageSpeed  Insights     Rappor8ve   Boomerang   CrazyEgg   Moz  /  Mozbar   Majes8c  SEO  Plugin     Followerwonk   Google  /  Bing   Webmaster  Tools   WooRank   @jloomstein
  12. 12. Get MORE out of your in-house team Focus  on  content   Determine  which  sec8ons  of   your  site  are  working  harder   than  others   Hierarchy,  landing  pages,  category   pages,  clicks  to  content,  alt  text,   clean  URLs   evergreen  vs.  local Review  internal  search  data   Op8mize  page  structure     Learn  what  pages  people  are   talking  about     Inves8gate  your  link  building     Conversion  tracking Build  on  what’s  working  /   improve  on  what’s  worth   improving  on   @jloomstein
  13. 13. What to remember Select high value activities – then stay organized and ontrack Executing the same strategy as your competitor will not make you successful Instead, find out what your competitor isn’t doing, and do it better The research tools you need are already in your hands REMEMBER Realize that not every page is an SEO landing page TAKE AWAYS -­‐  Use  Google  Analy8cs  (Conductor,  BrightEdge,  etc.)  to  drive  SEO  decisions   -­‐  Always  be  able  to  8e  your  ac8vity  back  to  revenue   -­‐  Keep  reports  simple,  clear,  concise,  brief  and  persuasive   -­‐  SEO  is  as  much  art  as  science     @jloomstein
  14. 14. What 2014 holds •  •  •  •  •  Redistribu8on  of  influence  and  the  further  integra8on  of  search  and  social   Rise  of  the  marke8ng  technologist     Adop8on  of  agile  methodologies  into  marke8ng  opera8ons  and  management     More  educa8on  from  the  ground  up   Pla>orm  partnerships     @jloomstein
  15. 15. Stay Smart SEO       Keyword   Research     Code     Industry   Trends       @jloomstein
  16. 16. Stay Smart Join local organizations Sponsor events Attend conferences @jloomstein
  17. 17. Set your in-house teams up for success Track to metrics that matter Complete digital audits Create platform partnerships Build customer personas Stop chasing shiny objects Educate & Evangelize from the ground up Build on what’s working – improve upon what is worth improving upon Con8nually  RATE  your  site.  Keep  it:     Reliable     Authorita8ve     Trustworthy     Engaged     @jloomstein
  18. 18. Digital Space Consulting Create. Connect. Engage.   Thank  You.   @jloomstein
  19. 19. Contact Information @jloomstein