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VWO-Disruptive Advertising Webinar - 10 A/B Tests You Must Try on Your PPC Landing Pages


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This presentation will show you 10 tried-and-tested ideas that are certain to help you boost your PPC conversion rate from ad to form submit.

Key takeaways are:

1- Connecting the ad copy to the first 5 seconds of the landing page experience
2- Optimizing the flow of the page so that visitors naturally flow to the converting action
3- Adding trust seals that support, instead of distracting from, the primary goal

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VWO-Disruptive Advertising Webinar - 10 A/B Tests You Must Try on Your PPC Landing Pages

  1. 1. 10 A/B Tests You Must Try on Your PPC Landing Pages
  2. 2. Paras Chopra, CEO and Founder, VWO Paras Chopra is the founder and CEO of Visual Website Optimizer, a market leading A/B testing tool that is used by 3800+ customers across 90+ countries. He’s a big believer in bootstrapping a business, and taking market-led approach to generating startup ideas.
  3. 3. Jake Baadsgaard CEO and Founder, Disruptive Advertising Jacob is the Founder & CEO of Disruptive Advertising, a Utah-based PPC agency that uses PPC, CRO, and ROI focused analytics to grow businesses. When Jacob’ s not working, you’ll find him hanging out with his beautiful wife and three daughters or on the river fly fishing. Connect with him on Twitter or LinkedIn
  4. 4. Title Here... ? Headlines Matter This is your landing page as seen in first 2 seconds A/B Test #1 - Headlines (Image Src: VWO Blog)
  5. 5. (Image Src: VWO Blog)
  6. 6. Title Here... ? Convince before converting Use gaze-flow to push convincing content at the right places A/B Test #2 - Positioning and Flow of Content (Image Src: WebBazaar)
  7. 7. (Image Src: VWO Blog)
  8. 8. Appear trustworthy You are not a fly-by-night operator but your visitors don’t know that A/B Test #3 Add Credibility with Trust-Building Elements (Image Src: Crazy Egg)
  9. 9. (Image Src: VWO Blog)
  10. 10. Include Social Proof Your visitors want to know ‘who else wants this product’! A/B Test #4 Testimonials, Statistics, Real Profiles (Image Src: EConsultancy)
  11. 11. (Image Src: VWO Blog)
  12. 12. Use Hero Shots Nobody reads reams of text unless it’s an exam; Your Landing Page is Not an Exam! A/B Test #5 Product Screenshots, Images (Image Src: Crazy Egg Blog)
  13. 13. (Image Src: VWO Blog)
  14. 14. A/B Test #6 – SKAG + DKI = Domination Out-dated PPC strategies are still used in 50% + of accounts we audit
  15. 15. Control vs Variation Using a SKAG approach with DKI across 200+ accounts has produced on average • 38% increase in Quality Score • 18% decrease CPC • 67% increase in Conversion Rate
  16. 16. A/B Test #7 – GEO Specific content for service industries with DKI
  17. 17. When using GEO city/state in the content of landing pages for B2C service related industries we’ve seen an average improvement to conversion rate of 19% Control page doesn’t have GEO mentioned in the text content or imagery Variant page shows text and image specific to the city/state
  18. 18. A/B Test #8 – Chat or no Chat? Does a chat feature help or distract on your landing pages?
  19. 19. It’s all about the question and timing of the chat On average across 60 test cases we’ve found that having a 1 minute delayed and targeted question on chat increased conversion rates by 31%
  20. 20. A/B Test #9 – Phone Numbers 75% + of applicable accounts we audit or onboard do not track phone calls!
  21. 21. Across 100 + accounts where we have tested dynamic call tracking we have found the following results: - 27% data accuracy improvement for CPL measurement - 50% change testing strategy - 18% improvement to aggregate form + Lead conversion rate
  22. 22. A/B Test #10 – Quality vs Quantity Using profits rather than conversion rate and cost per lead to determine test winners
  23. 23. Computer Support Company increases revenue by 14X while reducing cost per lead by 38% Cost Per Lead Revenue
  24. 24. Thank You! Please Talk to Us: Paras Chopra @paraschopra Jake Baadsgaard @jakebaadsgaard