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Tech Tips for Small Business - Travel


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Here are some tips to guide you toward smarter travel when your business
takes you on the road.

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Tech Tips for Small Business - Travel

  1. 1. Tech Tips for Small Business How to travel “smarter” when you’re on the roadMobile technology is rapidly transforming business travel—for the better. Broadbandnetworks, feature-rich smartphones and tablets and an explosion of mobile applicationsnow deliver useful information and tools to your fingertips, making it safer and easierfor you to get from A to B and back.For small businesses, this is great news. The right mobile technologies can provide theconvenience, productivity and cost savings you’re looking for. But there’s an awful lotof information out there.Here are some tips to guide you toward smarter travel when your businesstakes you on the road.1. Eliminate the uncertainty of roaming feesDo you regularly travel to the U.S. on business? Roaming fees can be a shock. Ask your service providerabout roaming offers that will help you save when you travel outside of Canada. For the occasional businesstraveller, a one-day or one-week roaming data pass lets you enjoy worry-free data use when checking email,surfing the mobile internet or using location based services, such as Google Maps. Roaming options are alsoavailable for voice calls and text messaging.2. Connect when and where you need itIf you travel for business, you know the hassle of searching for Wi-Fi or Ethernet networks. Now you cansave time and stay connected wherever you are with a high-speed mobile Internet solution. USB modemsturn your laptop into a mobile office. Some laptops even come with built-in connectivity. If you travel with ateam or want to set up a temporary network anywhere, ask your service provider about portable “hubs” thatprovide multiple wireless data connections and, in some cases, phone service.You should also ask your provider about plans that allow you to make unlimited voice calls back to Canadaover a Wi-Fi network—without using any of your plan minutes. To take advantage of Wi-Fi calling, you’llneed a UMA-enabled smartphone.
  2. 2. 3. Take your travel resources mobile There are many mobile applications for tablets and smartphones that can increase the convenience and reduce the uncertainty of business travel. Some focus on just one need while others fulfill many. Most are either free or can be downloaded for just a few dollars. Check out BlackBerry® App World, Apple® iTunes® App Store or the Android™ Market. Here are some of the ways that mobile apps can make life easier while you’re on the road: •  Navigate with Confidence. Transform your smartphone or tablet into a real-time GPS navigation device. Built-in mapping allows you to navigate to your next destination. More advanced apps provide voice- guided turn-by-turn directions that re-route you automatically if you make a wrong turn. Suggested applications: Rogers Navigator, MobileNavigator •  Manage Travel on the Fly. Travel resource apps let you manage your travel itinerary, including flights, car rentals, hotel reservations and more. Check flight schedule status and receive notice of flight delays. Some airline apps allow you to check in and get your e-boarding pass. Suggested applications: Tripcase, TripIt •  Track Your Expenses. Want to log mileage against specific accounts and projects, and then send a claim to your office or client? Or avoid the pain of sorting through receipts after your trip? There are numerous apps that will help you manage your expenses while travelling. Suggested applications: Momentem Time and Expense Tracker, iXpenseIt •  Arrange Accommodations Anywhere, Anytime. You can’t always arrange every detail before your trip, and plans often change. That’s why it’s good to know there are apps that let you easily search for nearby hotels as well as make, change and cancel reservations without having to speak with a reservations agent. Suggested applications: Hotel Booker, •  Do the Math. For the global traveler, convert many currencies with a few clicks. You can also save your favourite conversions. Make sure you choose an app that updates automatically or with one click. Suggested application: Currency Exchange Rates •  Keep Your Eye on the Time. When you’re hopping time zones, it can be difficult to keep track of the time where you’re calling and emailing. A time zone converter will tell you the current time around the globe. Suggested applications: World Time Server, iTimeZone •  Hail a Cab. Getting taxi service isn’t always as easy as just stepping to the curb and waiving your arm. It’s good to know that you can click a button on a smartphone or tablet app to have a car sent to your location. Suggested application: cab4me 4. Bring your social community with you Mobile versions of social media sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook let you to carry your network of trusted friends and business associates with you wherever you go. Whether you’re looking for directions, advice or a recommendation on where to eat, a quick status update or tweet can connect you with real-time information from sources that you trust. About Rogers Rogers Communications connects small businesses to customers, suppliers, partners and employees with fast and reliable wireless, telephone, Internet and TV services. Over 1.5 million business customers rely on Rogers for proven tools and the know how to help keep them connected. Our affordable services run on our proven networks, backed by 24/7 technical support. Looking for more articles to help your small business be more successful? Visit the Know How Centre at to third-party applications and websites are made for your information only. Rogers does not endorse nor recommend all of the applications and/or websites listed above and makes no warranties express or implied relating to same. Rogers assumes noresponsibility regarding the performance or use of such applications and/or websites and customers are advised to use at their own risk. Please contact the vendor of each application directly for additional information. Rogers & Mobius design are trademarks ofor used under license from or with permission of Rogers Communications Inc. or an affiliate. Apple. the Apple logo, iPhone, and Multi-Touch are trademarks of Apple Inc. BlackBerry,® RIM,® Research In Motion,® SureType,® and related trademarks, names andlogos are the property of Research In Motion Limited and are registered and/or used in the U.S. and countries around the world. Used under license from Research In Motion Limited. Android is a trademark of Google Inc. All other trademarks are the propertiesof their respective owners. ©2012 Rogers Communications.