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Here at Rogers, we’re always looking at ways to improve our performance, to do the best for the environment, the economy and society. Whether it’s finding new ways to reduce our environmental impact through lighting upgrades, lessening our vehicle loads to use less fuel, or minimizing waste at our offices, or through investing in our communities by providing cash donations and free air time so that charities can promote their cause, we at Rogers are doing our best to invest in the communities we serve.

Last week we launched our latest Corporate Social Responsibility Report, highlighting our successes and challenges in sustainability over the last year. Some of our highlights include:

Reducing our internal paper usage by 19% percent and increasing our number of customers using e-billing from 25% to 35%.
Printing all Rogers Publishing magazines on Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper.
Diverting 2557 tonnes of office waste and 375 tonnes of telecom and IT-related products from landfills, an 11% and 57% increase, respectively, from 2010.
Providing more than $71 million in cash and in-kind support to registered charities and non-profits. This includes the 2011 launch of Rogers Youth Fund, our new corporate giving strategy focused on empowering at-risk youth through education.
Best-in-class employee engagement scores, achieved through excellent employee communication tools and feedback channels, a national wellness program and having an inclusive culture.
Our new problem resolution tools and process to better address customers’ issues and biggest pain points. Rogers is also the only telecommunications company in Canada to have an in-house Ombudsman.
Our customers can take part too – by registering for e-billing, or donating your used handset to our Phones for Food program, you can help us reduce waste and minimize our impact on the environment.

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Rogers 2011 Corporate Social Responsibility Report

  2. 2. HEADQUARTERED IN TORONTO, ROGERS IS ADIVERSIFIED CANADIAN COMMUNICATIONS ANDMEDIA COMPANY WITH OUR OPERATIONS ANDSALES SUBSTANTIALLY IN CANADA. ROGERS COMMUNICATIONS WE ARE ENGAGED IN THREE PRIMARY LINES OF BUSINESS:ROGERS WIRELESS ROGERS CABLE ROGERS MEDIARogers Wireless is Canada’s largest Rogers Cable is a leading Canadian Rogers Media is engaged in radio andwireless voice and data communications cable services provider, offering cable television broadcasting; digital media;services provider, with approximately television, high-speed Internet access televised shopping; consumer, trade9 million customers under the Rogers and telephony services for residential and professional publications; andWireless, Fido and chatr brands. and business customers. sports entertainment.Rogers is publicly traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX: RCI) CONTENTSand on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: RCI). OVERVIEW 4Our Business Objective CSR AT ROGERS 10To maximize subscribers, revenue, operating profit and returnon invested capital by enhancing our position as one of Canada’s PRODUCT STEWARDSHIP 18leading diversified communications and media companies. EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT 26Our Business StrategyTo be the leading and preferred provider of innovative COMMUNITY 36communications, entertainment and information servicesto Canadians. How? By leveraging our advanced networks, ENVIRONMENT 44infrastructure, sales channels, brands and marketing resources SUPPLY CHAIN 62across the Rogers group of companies to create value for ourcustomers and shareholders. IN DEPTH 66 WHAT’S NEXT? 82 CONTACT US 832 ROGERS COMMUNICATIONS INC. CSR REPORT 2011
  3. 3. ABOUTTHIS REPORTEach year, Rogers produces a corporate social responsibility (CSR)report, and together with our Annual Report to Shareholders,Management Proxy Circular and corporate website, theserepresent our total reporting on Rogers’ CSR activities.Report Profile Report QualityPublished in October 2012, this report communicates our social, For this report, subject matter experts across the companyenvironmental and economic impacts and performance in were responsible for compiling and providing informationCanada for the 2011 calendar year. Content is focused on areas and verifying its accuracy and reliability. Members of Rogers’we believe are most material and relevant to our stakeholders. management team, including the CSR Governance Committee, reviewed and approved content. This report was not externallyTo minimize our environmental footprint, we use an reporting format: For our key performance indicators, we have provided three• nline report: Highlights of the 2011 CSR O consecutive years of data, where possible. There are no report are available online in HTML format. significant changes from our 2010 report, which was released• ull report: Our full report is available F in October 2011; any restatements of data compared to prior as a downloadable PDF only. years are noted in the section where they appear.• ast reports: These are available as P We asked Canadian Business for Social Responsibility to downloadable PDFs in the report archive. review our 2010 CSR report and tell us ways to build upon our reporting. Their feedback helped inform the development of this report. External Standards As a framework for preparing this report, we have followed the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G3 Guidelines, at a self- checked application level of C. These standards are outlined in our GRI Index. Feedback We encourage your ideas and comments to help us improve our reporting. Email us at CSR REPORT 2011 ROGERS COMMUNICATIONS INC. 3
  4. 4. OVERVIEW OVERVIEW CSR AT ROGERS PRODUCT STEWARDSHIP“ trong citizenship enhances Rogers’ corporate value, and is integral to S EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT our business strategy to be Canada’s leading provider of diversified COMMUNITY communications, entertainment and information services.” ENVIRONMENT Nadir Mohamed, FCA SUPPLY CHAIN President and Chief Executive Officer Rogers Communications Inc. IN DEPTH
  5. 5. OVERVIEWA MESSAGE FROMNADIR MOHAMED THIS REPORT IS FULL OF EXAMPLES OF THE ACTIONS WE TOOK IN 2011 TO BE A BETTER COMPANY FOR OUR STAKEHOLDERS.Our long-standing commitment to corporate social Whats so terrific about this social era is that if something goesresponsibility (CSR) doesn’t take a back seat to financial wrong, well know about it within minutes. If stakeholders tellresults. In fact, it’s becoming ever more important to our us were off track, we can quickly shift course. Rogers has to begrowth, competitive advantage and connections with more adaptive than ever before in todays fast-paced world ofstakeholders. technological change, otherwise we risk irrelevance.Rogers has been reporting on our CSR for several years now. Delivering results in 2011We have worked to continuously improve our reporting to This report is full of examples of the actions we took in 2011give stakeholders information and proof that we’re creating a to be a better company for our stakeholders. I know oursustainable business and contributing to a better world. efforts are having a positive impact. Let me point out aWith the release of this report, we’ve taken another significant few achievements.stride forward – giving enhanced insights into our performance, Rogers has a proud history of being first to deliver innovationchallenges and the ways we’ve entrenched the tenets of CSR and game-changing products to Canadians. Following athroughout Rogers. successful technical trial in 2010, last year we launched our Long Term Evolution (LTE) wireless network. The gold standardConnections come alive with CSR in next generation wireless technology, LTE enables moreAs a leading communications company, we ourselves need to efficient use of spectrum and lightening-fast experiencesexemplify the essence of openness and connectivity. Thats why through the mobile Internet, with virtually no delays orwe strive to forge close relationships with our stakeholders and buffering. For Rogers customers, it truly opens up life in theuse many forms of two-way communication to do that, which digital fast lane, significantly enhancing accessibility, reliabilityare discussed in this report. and quality – key reasons why customers say they choose us.In my view, connections with our stakeholders come alive with We continued to proactively manage the environmental aspectsCSR – becoming deeper, more meaningful and multi-layered. of our business. Despite the tremendous growth in our businessI want honest opinions about our products and our efforts to operations, we reduced our operational footprint in many areas.address stakeholders’ top-of-mind issues, like service reliability, I am pleased to report, for instance, a 19% drop in our internaltransparency and what Rogers is doing to enrich communities paper consumption last year, and more than a third of our overalland the environment. I want to hear about our shortcomings as customer base (35%) used e-billing, a giant leap from 25% inmuch as our successes. An open-door approach enables us to 2010. We added muscle to our Environmental Managementhave constructive dialogue that benefits all. CSR REPORT 2011 ROGERS COMMUNICATIONS INC. 5
  6. 6. OVERVIEW A MESSAGE FROM NADIR HOHAMED CONTINUED What’s next“ ATE IN 2011, WE PROUDLY INTRODUCED THE L As we continue to develop our CSR approach and initiatives, ROGERS YOUTH FUND, A CORPORATE INITIATIVE there’s no question that Rogers faces some tough challenges FOCUSED ON EMPOWERING AT-RISK CANADIAN ahead. Our industry will change much more profoundly in the YOUTH THROUGH EDUCATION.” future than it has in the past. The lines between wireline and wireless are blurring, competition from new and traditional players is increasing, customer needs are changing and there is System with improvements to procedures, training and data intense competition for workforce talent. collection. And we increased our efforts to drive sustainability We’re evolving our business in response and our CSR priorities – in our supply chain, by sharpening our criteria and due diligence from engaging employees to developing responsible products, process to ensure we use suppliers who demonstrate socially investing in communities and tackling climate change – remain and environmentally responsible practices. intact. Our history shows the depth of our CSR commitment. Every day, we work hard to create a workplace that people want Strong corporate citizenship enhances Rogers’ corporate value, to join, and where they are inspired to stay. Over the past year and is integral to our business strategy to be Canada’s leading our investment in employee training and career development provider of diversified communications, entertainment and swelled to nearly $50 million, up from $42.7 in 2010. We moved information services. forward with a number of initiatives to recognize our employees who best exemplify our values through our enhanced Rogers Corporate Recognition Program. Our progressive workplace practices were recognized last year, with Rogers named among the 50 most engaged workplaces and one of Canada’s top employees for young people. Late in 2011, we proudly introduced the Rogers Youth Fund, NADIR MOHAMED a corporate initiative focused on empowering at-risk Canadian President and Chief Executive Officer youth through education. Working with partners across the Rogers Communications Inc. country, the fund supports groundbreaking initiatives from after-school homework clubs, to tutoring programs to technology centres. Through this program we can help change peoples lives, giving our young people the brightest future possible. This is incredibly powerful and Im personally very excited about this program. 6 ROGERS COMMUNICATIONS INC. CSR REPORT 2011
  7. 7. OVERVIEW2011 CSRHIGHLIGHTS $49.3 35% ROGERS MILLION OF CUSTOMERS YOUTH FUND Invested in employee training Registered with e-billing, New national initiative to and career development, up from 25% in 2010 empower at-risk youth up from $42.7 Million through education 717 $71.4 97.3% EMPLOYEES MILLION Of supplier spend with Took part in the annual Contributed to build stronger Canadian companies or ‘bWell’ corporate challenge, Canadian communities those with offices in Canada a friendly competition around living a healthier lifestyle 31.6% $1.25 100% Of employees are MILLION Of paper purchased for visible minorities Raised by employees all Rogers magazines for the annual certified by the Forestry United Way campaign Stewardship Council 375 346 76% TONNES Employees with disabilities Employee Of telecom and IT-related Engagement benefitted from workplace products recycled, a 57% score accommodations increase over 2010 CSR REPORT 2011 ROGERS COMMUNICATIONS INC. 7
  8. 8. OVERVIEWECONOMICIMPACTSOur day-to-day business activities make a substantialcontribution to the development and prosperity of localcommunities across Canada, as well as to the national economy.Creating Jobs, Investing in Careers Developing CommunitiesIn 2011, we employed 30,213 people across Canada, invested In 2011, we contributed $71.4 million in charitable donations$49.3 million in employee training and development and paid and gifts-in-kind to enrich our communities.$1.81 billion in employee compensation. As a large purchaser Fostering Innovationof products and services – Rogers worked with more than37,000 suppliers last year – we support thousands of jobs in Each year we invest significantly in technology (“capitalsupplier companies. expenditures”), including in our broadband and wireless networks across Canada, to ensure extensive coverage in bothConnecting Customers urban and rural areas. Over the past three years alone weThrough the power of technology, we continued to make our have made $5.6 billion in technology investments.customers’ lives easier and more enjoyable. Across multiple In December 2011, we launched the Rogers Innovation Report,devices and screens – whether by smartphone, TV, PC or tablet a regular survey we conduct to explore Canadians’ habits and– Rogers connected its customers to innovative communications, views on technological innovations.information and entertainment experiences. Shareholder Value CreationImproving Business Productivity Rogers is a public corporation committed to delivering valueRogers makes businesses more productive, providing today’s to our shareholders. In 2011, our annualized dividend perworkers with seamless access to critical information and share increased to $1.42, up from $1.28 the previous year.communications at the office, at home and on the road. Learn more about our financial and economic performanceWe support small businesses with access to technologies and in Rogers’ 2011 Annual Report to Shareholders.resources that help them manage and grow their companies.MARKET PRESENCE “ ACH YEAR ROGERS INVESTS BILLIONS OF DOLLARS E 2011 IN ITS NETWORKS AND IS AMONG THE TOP RD Rogers owned, dealer and retail outlets 3,400+ SPENDERS IN CANADA; INCREASING THEIR RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT BUDGET THROUGH THE RECENT Rogers TV Cable stations 34 ECONOMIC DOWNTURN.” Radio stations 55 Consumer magazines and trade publications 54 Brian Masse, NDP Member of Parliament from Windsor West, during a special recognition by federal MPs to celebrate Rogers’ 50-year anniversary.8 ROGERS COMMUNICATIONS INC. CSR REPORT 2011
  9. 9. OVERVIEW AWARDS RECOGNITION IN 2011 s for responsible investors. The index series is derived from rk of cutting-edge index design and calculation technology. Employee Engagement Leadership Innovation and over 2,000 potential • ogers the UK, the universe constituents. In was recognized R as one of Greater Toronto’s Top • arol Ring, Rogers’ Vice President, Strategic Initiatives, received Cmark indices covering the Global and European regions, the US, Employers. This designation acknowledges employers that the Woman of the Year Award by Canadian Women in sset managers with a cheap and efficient basis for investment onmental Leaders Europe 40leadwhich focuses specifically in offering exceptional places to work Index their industries Communications. The honour recognizes an outstandingal practices. through progressive programs across a range of categories. woman who has made a significant contribution to the communications industry throughout her career, and who has • or the second year in a row, Rogers was named one of F contributed materially to the advancement of women within are looking to: Canada’s Top Employers for Young People. The distinction the industry. recognizes employers that offer the nation’s best benefits for younger workers and are leaders in attracting and retaining • ohn Hinnen, 680News VP and General Manager, and VP of J rand image etc) younger employees. Radio News Programming for Rogers Broadcasting, received the prestigious RTNDA President’s Award, the highest • ecognized as one of the 50 Most Engaged WorkplacesTM R honour given annually by the Radio-Television News Directors in Canada by “I Love Rewards”, a leader in employee rewardured products, and as a stock selection universe for actively Association of Canada. The award recognizes those who have and recognition solutions for companies across North America. made major contributions to broadcast journalism. Community and Corporate Responsibility • he Parliament of Canada recognized and celebrated Rogers T • nited Way presented Rogers with a Thanks a Million U for 50 years of driving Canadian innovation. e responsibility landscape and the changing nature of extra- Award, which recognizes organizations that contributed of undertaking. The index inclusion criteria have been designed more than $1 million in 2011. d accepted responsible investment criteria as they evolve. Environment • ogers was recognized by the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) R • ogers was recognized with a 2011 United Way Exemplary t universe, investors can be assured that companies in their Rs they arise. and Accenture as a sector leader in their 2011 Canada 200 Award based on our employees’ generosity in supporting the Report. community through the annual United Way campaign. Rogers was in the top 10% of all employee workplace campaigns that Investor Relationsonsultation process and are approved by an independent ran in 2011. • ogers won three awards at the IR Magazine Canada Awards, R elp shape the criteria, including NGOs, governmental bodies, d the corporate sector. • ogers continues to be included the FTSE4Good Index, an R the leading international awards honoring excellence and index that recognizes companies for their corporate responsibility leadership in investor relations: Best Investor Relations velopments in CSR practice, the inclusion criteria are revised ronmental and human rights records, and we are distinguished as a North American leader, criteria as well as new supply in the Technology and Telecom Sector; Best Earnings ements. FTSE then engages with companies to ensure that ranking ninth among companies across the continent. Conference Calls and Best Investor Relations Officer – hat do not meet the standards are deleted from the index Large Cap. nimise social and environmental risks. Companies with the ng requirements. CSR REPORT 2011 ROGERS COMMUNICATIONS INC. 9
  10. 10. OVERVIEW CSR AT ROGERS CSR AT ROGERS PRODUCT STEWARDSHIP“ e’re always working to be better for our stakeholders, so they W EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT view us as a great company with which to do business, a leading COMMUNITY employer and a valued community partner.” ENVIRONMENT Rob Bruce SUPPLY CHAIN President, Communications Chair, CSR Governance Committee IN DEPTH
  11. 11. CSR AT ROGERSVISION STRATEGYWe align our business objectives with the hallmarks of strongcitizenship to improve our bottom line while creating economic,social and environmental benefits for Rogers’ stakeholders.Our vision is to be the leading and preferred provider ofinnovative communications, entertainment and information “ O ACHIEVE OUR BUSINESS STRATEGY, WE FOCUS Tservices to Canadians, across any device, place or time. ON DELIVERING THE BEST INNOVATIVE SERVICES WHILE BEING A RESPONSIBLE, SUSTAINABLEAchieving leadership in our industry and the privilege of being COMPANY. IT’S CERTAINLY AN ONGOING EFFORT,Canadians’ company-of-choice entails more than offering AND WE CONTINUALLY SEEK OUT OPPORTUNITIEScompetitive prices, cool gadgets and dependable networks. TO EVOLVE OUR BUSINESS FOR THE BETTER.”We are diligent on many fronts to: • e the best at what we do in our three main lines of business – B Nadir Mohamed delivering reliable, safe, state-of-the-art products and services President and CEO, Rogers to the marketplace;• phold the highest ethical standards and demonstrate U transparency;• Be a best-in-class employer;• e a positive force in the community; and B• Be a steward of the environment.Our commitment to CSR is threaded throughout ourorganization, woven into our company policies, values,governance structure and stakeholder engagement channels– influencing everything from how we treat our customersand employees to the way we source, develop and advertiseour products. CSR REPORT 2011 ROGERS COMMUNICATIONS INC. 11
  12. 12. CSR AT ROGERSOURVALUESThe Rogers values are our guidelines for the way we work.They set us apart from the competition and help us reach our vision.How we work is every bit as important as what we work on. Embedding in Our CultureAs business and social norms continue to evolve, we can’t Rogers employees identified them, and now it’s up to everyoneexpect to raise our game by playing the way we always have. throughout the organization – from those on the front lineThat’s why, in 2011, we defined a new set of core values. serving customers to executives focused on the strategic directionHow We Chose Our Values of the company – to live them. To help us hold each other and ourselves accountable, the Rogers values are now embeddedWe defined what we expect from those we work for, among and into annual performance reviews and employee surveys, into thewith across the organization. We asked our employees to weigh curriculum for our Managing Matters and Leadership Mattersin on which qualities and values are important and why, which courses, and into our reward and recognition programs.yielded five clear themes that have become our core values. CUSTOMER FOCUS The customer is central in our balanced decision-making. At Rogers, we are passionate about our customers, and our continued success depends on their loyalty. We listen and work to meet their expectations for simplicity, value, convenience and choice. We strive to provide a superior customer experience across all touch points. TEAMWORK We build an environment based on collaboration, trust and transparency. We strive for excellence and help our colleagues do the same. We work in a safe and challenging work environment that values and recognizes individual contributions and diversity. COMMUNICATION We listen actively and have courageous conversations. We are open and transparent in our actions and communications. We treat each other with respect, dignity and honesty. Communication is key to clarity and understanding, and it’s a two-way process – listening and understanding are every bit as important as speaking clearly and unambiguously. ACCOUNTABILITY We drive our actions based on outcomes and focus on execution. We act ethically and with integrity in everything we do, we keep our promises, and we are caring partners in the communities in which we live and work. Accountability is all about taking personal responsibility for the work we do, our actions and the decisions we make. Regardless of the job we do, we all play a role in Rogers’ success – and how we honour our commitments, and do what we say we’re going to do, is critical for our colleagues, our customers and our communities. INNOVATION We foster first-to-market innovation and embrace calculated risk taking. We anticipate and create change, and work with speed and agility to develop creative, new approaches, products and services that deliver growth and competitive advantage.12 ROGERS COMMUNICATIONS INC. CSR REPORT 2011
  13. 13. CSR AT ROGERSCSRGOVERNANCECSR is embedded in our corporate structure and managed within ouroverall framework of strong governance and internal controls.• ur CSR Governance Committee sets strategic direction O • he Board of Directors is responsible for the stewardship T and oversees Rogers’ CSR performance and progress. Led of the company, including approving goals, objectives and by Rob Bruce, President of Communications, the committee strategies. Learn more meets several times a year and comprises representatives from • he Corporate Governance Committee assists the board T relevant business units. There are six sub-committees, each led in developing, recommending and establishing corporate by a Rogers executive, which are focused on addressing our governance policies and practices and leads the board in material issues. its periodic review of the performance of the board and its committees. Learn more CSR GOVERNANCE COMMITTEE PRODUCT SUPPLY CHAIN ENVIRONMENT RESPONSIBILITY MANAGEMENT SUBCOMMITTEES CUSTOMER EMPLOYEE COMMUNITY TRANSPARENCY ENGAGEMENT CSR REPORT 2011 ROGERS COMMUNICATIONS INC. 13
  14. 14. CSR AT ROGERSMATERIALISSUESWhat concerns are top-of-mind for our stakeholders? What We have identified seven issues related to CSR, noted inissues have a high or potentially high impact on our business? the table below, that are most important to our businessBy listening to and consulting with our stakeholders, we learn and stakeholders. These areas reflect Rogers’ major social,what matters most to them. We also research emerging CSR environmental and economic impacts, and they influencetopics, stay abreast of global reporting standards and consider stakeholder assessments of and decisions made toward us.the risks and opportunities that will affect Rogers’ long-term The composition and sub-committees of our CSR Governancesustainability. Committee are aligned to these material issues and help us address them. Our material issues have not changed since Rogers’ last CSR report and have remained consistent over the past several years. Material Issue Why It Matters EMPLOYEE Working for a socially responsible company is important to current and prospective employees. ENGAGEMENT They want an inclusive culture and workplace practices that deliver a great learning experience, a safe and accessible work environment, competitive compensation and an exciting career. Read more COMMUNITY Community groups count on us for funding and volunteer support. Some of the toughest economic INVESTMENT conditions in recent memory have made these needs more crucial than ever. Customers, employees and other stakeholders expect us to give back to the communities in which we live and operate. Read more CUSTOMER Customers expect us to be open, honest and transparent with them at all times, from details on our TRANSPARENCY pricing and products to clear marketing materials explaining how we’re protecting their privacy and security. Read more PRODUCT Customers expect us to provide safe, reliable and responsible products, services, content and facilities, RESPONSIBILITY while paying close attention to their environmental impact and overall life cycle. Read more ETHICAL Stakeholders expect us to have relationships only with contractors and dealers who adhere to values SUPPLY CHAIN and ethical standards of corporate conduct similar to ours. Prospective and existing suppliers expect us to have a fair selection process in place. Read more CLIMATE CHANGE Stakeholders expect us to recognize the magnitude of issues around climate change and to have ENVIRONMENT programs in place to reduce our carbon footprint. As a large publisher of print magazines, stakeholders want to know we’re responsibly managing our paper footprint too. Read more CSR VISION, Shareholders, investors, governments and community leaders expect us to be a good corporate citizen STRATEGY, with a strong CSR framework, vision, strategy and management systems, in place. Read more SYSTEMS14 ROGERS COMMUNICATIONS INC. CSR REPORT 2011
  15. 15. CSR AT ROGERSETHICS INTEGRITYWe are firmly committed to maintaining our long-standing reputationfor the highest standards of integrity, ethical behaviour and goodcorporate citizenship.The Rogers Business Code of Conduct THE CODE COVERS TOPICS INCLUDING:This comprehensive policy spells out the values, ethics andbusiness conduct expected of Rogers employees in their • espect and dignity in the workplace Rdealings with customers, vendors, the public, fellow employees • Adherence to the lawand other stakeholders. Available on our website, all Rogersemployees must review, understand and fully comply with this • Protection and proper use of company assetspolicy, as well as complete annual online training to refresh • Health and safetytheir knowledge. We carefully monitor training completion rates • Environmental responsibilityand perform audits to verify that our employees are compliant.Failure to adhere to any and all provisions of the Rogers Business • Computer access and use of electronic mediaCode of Conduct may result in discipline up to and including • Confidentialitytermination of employment and/or legal action. • Anti-corruption proceduresWe also have a separate Directors Code of Conduct and Ethicsfor directors of the company. • Conflicts of interest • Public disclosure and insider tradingWhistleblower ProgramWe have a strong whistleblower program in place. Employeesare expected to report any suspected business, ethical orfinancial misconduct to the Rogers STAR Hotline. To ensurecomplete anonymity, an independent service provider handlesevery contact with the Rogers STAR Hotline confidentially.Management carefully investigates all reported incidents,regardless of the employee’s status.Prevention, Detection and ResponseOur corporate fraud and risk management approach is focusedon three objectives: prevention, detection and response. Weperform various audits and reviews to detect instances ofunauthorized account access, fictitious invoices and fraudulentexpense claims, along with many other types of fraud andmisconduct. Departments such as Corporate Investigations,Fraud Management, Retail Loss Prevention and Internal Auditare just some of those involved in helping to detect and preventfraud at Rogers. Our Corporate Investigations team probes allinstances of fraud and misconduct. CSR REPORT 2011 ROGERS COMMUNICATIONS INC. 15
  16. 16. CSR AT ROGERSOUR CLICK TO LEARN MORESTAKEHOLDERS Customer Feedback Employee FeedbackOur stakeholders represent a constellation of diverse interests.We believe their honest feedback and ideas keep us healthy,connected and cutting-edge.Forging and maintaining healthy Engaging with stakeholders: • ells us what we’re doing right, while Trelations with our stakeholders is about • osters open dialogue, builds trust F bringing problems or concerns to thelistening, understanding and respecting and helps us develop strong, long-term surface;their diverse needs and interests, and relationships; • ests our prevailing assumptions and Tresponding in ways that are meaningful refreshes our mindsets so that weand transparent. • llows us to understand and deliver A remain innovative, responsive and the programs, products and services focused on continuous improvement; they want; and • llows us to better target our CSR A investments for maximum impact.Main Stakeholders Forms of Engagement CUSTOMERS • Office of the Ombudsman • Emails, letters, telephone calls • Customer Satisfaction surveys (CSAT) • Complaint resolution process • Focus groups • Social media sites EMPLOYEES • mployee surveys and focus groups, including E • Online live chats with executives the R10 engagement survey twice annually. • Town halls • ne-on-one employee/manager discussions O • Employee intranet, blogs, forums • 360-degree feedback process ENVIRONMENT • ngagement with environmental consultants E • Emails, letters, telephone calls • Meetings with environmental groups • Employee participation COMMUNITY • Outreach programs • Memberships • artnerships with community groups P • elationships with government officials R and not-for-profit organizations and regulatory bodies • Emails, letters, telephone calls • articipation in multi-stakeholder conferences, P • Employee volunteerism forums and research initiatives SUPPLIERS • nteraction with the Rogers I • Emails, letters, telephone calls Procurement team • Site visits to factories and supplier offices INVESTORS • eetings and feedback sessions with M • Shareholder information events mainstream and socially responsible • Investor surveys and consultations investor groups • Emails, letters, telephone calls16 ROGERS COMMUNICATIONS INC. CSR REPORT 2011
  17. 17. CSR AT ROGERSPUBLICPOLICYWe believe in contributing to the development of soundpublic policy affecting Canada’s communications sector.Rogers operates in a highly regulated industry, and we are Rogers is a registered lobbyist. We do not make corporatetherefore actively involved with governments and regulators contributions to political parties or politicians at the federal level,in Canada. We participate in public policy processes and but do so in provinces where permitted and ensure that theRogers executives have discussions with federal and provincial contributions conform to provincial guidelines. Rogers does notdecision makers about regulatory issues of importance in the receive significant financial assistance from government.communications sector.PARTNERSHIPSRogers has many partnerships and affiliations in an effort to be astrong, involved corporate citizen. Some examples include: CSR REPORT 2011 ROGERS COMMUNICATIONS INC. 17
  18. 18. OVERVIEW PRODUCT STEWARDSHIP CSR AT ROGERS PRODUCT STEWARDSHIP EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT“ ur commitment to responsible business means that we address O COMMUNITY social and environmental aspects across the product life cycle.” ENVIRONMENT Raj Doshi SUPPLY CHAIN Vice President, Products IN DEPTH
  19. 19. PRODUCT STEWARDSHIPOURAPPROACH“ ou don’t need big words and fancy charts to build a business. Y You need to know what the customer wants and give it to them.” Ted RogersOur mission is to enrich and simplify the lives of our customers, Managementconnecting them to innovative communications, information Two sub-committees of the Rogers CSR Governance Committeeand entertainment experiences. This entails much more than are responsible for reviewing and directing matters related tointroducing the newest and fastest devices to the marketplace. product stewardship:We strive to bring people, content and devices together inseamless, reliable ways that people depend on in their home • he Product Responsibility Sub-Committee oversees Tand work lives. Further, we strive to bring these innovative company-wide policies, processes and systems designed toexperiences to Canadians first, before any other carrier in the ensure we offer products and services in a responsible • he Customer Transparency Sub-Committee oversees TAcross the product life cycle – from design, manufacturing Rogers’ communication and disclosure practices to ensure theyand transport to packaging, usage and end-of-life – we take are clear, transparent and, safety, environmental and other issues into account. Our Customer CommitmentThis holistic approach is most relevant to our wireless and mediabusinesses, which sell tangible products such as cell phones and The Rogers Customer Commitment is our pledge – developedpublications. We focus on ensuring our offerings meet customer with customer and employee input – stating clearly whatand community expectations, as well as our own criteria for Canadians can expect from their experience with us. Updatedquality, social responsibility and environmental respect. in 2011, it’s a living document that evolves as customer needs change and our capabilities expand, demonstrating our desire to constantly improve. 2011 Challenges/Issues Our Response ROAMING COSTS Rogers Wireless launched Canada’s first real-time usage alerts to help Roaming costs have been an ongoing concern for customers manage their data usage while travelling outside the country. customers, who told us they don’t have a true sense of The alerts take the guesswork out of roaming. We also introduced new how much data they use when travelling abroad. data passes to offer more choice and ways to save, creating a worry-free travel experience. UNLOCKING PHONES We now offer the option to unlock phones for customers whose We received customer feedback that they would like to contracts have expired or who received no subsidy towards the initial have the option of unlocking their phones at the end of purchase of their phone. their contracts. CSR REPORT 2011 ROGERS COMMUNICATIONS INC. 19
  20. 20. PRODUCT STEWARDSHIPRESPONSIBLEPRODUCTSWe work hard to make sure our products and services conformto the best possible standards, produce minimal impact on theenvironment and don’t compromise the well-being of our customers.Compliance is Only the Starting Point Through our website and information materials, we encourageOur meticulous attention to product responsibility, from our customers to make safe driving their first priority and avoidpackaging and transport to product advertising and disclosure, using cell phones unless in a hands-free position while behindbegins by complying with all applicable regulations. the wheel. We are also sensitive to the safety concerns of families with young children. For example, Rogers Cable servicesRespecting the Environment include a four-digit code to prevent children from viewing age-As detailed in the Environment and Supply Chain sections of this restricted video-on-demand, we consider environmental outcomes across the product Ensuring Customer Privacy and Securitylife cycle and look for opportunities to avoid or minimize anynegative impacts. Our Phones for Food program, for example, We uphold strong privacy practices and provide our employeesis one way we demonstrate responsible recycling and disposal with privacy training. Compliance with the Rogers Privacy Policyof cell phones at end-of-life. is a condition of employment.A Comprehensive Approach to Health and Safety Technology is constantly changing – and Internet hackers are getting smarter. That is why we use the most up-to-date securityWe treat customer health and safety very seriously, and will technology and our security systems are regularly reviewed tonot sell or do anything unless it meets legislative requirements, ensure that our standards are maintained. In addition, customersindustry best practices or our own high standards in this area. can shop with confidence at with protectionWe evaluate the health and safety aspects of our products over by our Secure Shopping Guarantee.the course of their life cycle. Internal product review plans are inplace to address any product issues, such as recalls.ADDRESSING CONCERNS ABOUT RADIO FREQUENCY FIELDS The issue How Rogers is responding With the exploding popularity of Numerous studies over the years and ongoing monitoring by the World Health wireless devices such as smartphones Organization (WHO) show no evidence of any health risks for adults or children. Rogers and tablets, we are aware that there follows all Canadian government standards and requirements, including Health Canada’s are public concerns about the safety of Safety Code 6, as they relate to wireless device signals and antenna towers. Canada was exposure to radio frequency (RF) fields among the first industrialized countries to develop RF exposure guidelines, in the form of (also known as electro-magnetic fields) Safety Code 6, in 1979. This code is updated regularly, with the latest revision in 2009. and microwave radiation emitted from Industry Canada conducts assessments on broadcasting and telecommunications mobile communication devices and devices, including those operated and/or offered by Rogers, to ensure compliance with cell towers. Mobile communication Safety Code 6. devices use RF to transmit data and rely on a network of towers to relay Rogers is committed to continuous learning in this area and staying up to date on information between users. research developments.20 ROGERS COMMUNICATIONS INC. CSR REPORT 2011
  21. 21. PRODUCT STEWARDSHIPCUSTOMERTRANSPARENCYClear CommunicationEnshrined in the Rogers Business Code of Conduct is ourcommitment to “promote full, fair, accurate, timely andunderstandable disclosure.” We want to help our customersunderstand the products and services they purchase. All of ourcustomer service employees are trained to provide clear andtransparent explanations of Rogers’ prices and any additionalcharges or fees that are applicable.Responsible MarketingWe develop and review our advertising materials, sales literatureand product operating instructions in line with standardsmandated by the Consumer Packaging and Labeling Act, theCompetition Act and other applicable legislation.To ensure our marketing communications meet high ethicalstandards and regulatory requirements, we are a member ofthe Canadian Marketing Association and our communicationmaterials are subject to extensive internal review.Consumer Protection LegislationRogers is leading the charge for a national consumer protection “ ONSUMER RULES, IF SENSIBLY INTRODUCED, CAN MAKE Ccode to be enacted and enforced by the Canadian Radio- WIRELESS AGREEMENTS SIMPLER FOR CONSUMERS ANDtelevision and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC). This will MAKE IT EASIER FOR THEM TO ENJOY THE BENEFITSprovide a harmonized consumer protection code for Canadians. OF WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY. ROGERS IS COMMITTED TO MAKING A LEGALLY BINDING CONSUMER CODEService Reliability AVAILABLE TO ALL CANADIANS. THE IDEAL SOLUTION ISRogers is dedicated to maintaining service availability during A SINGLE COMPREHENSIVE NATIONAL CONSUMER CODEemergencies or unexpected events. We regularly upgrade THAT WILL PROTECT CONSUMERS IN A REASONABLEour infrastructure and build back-up systems to improve their AND CONSISTENT MANNER.”reliability. We also develop plans to communicate with our customers and to restore service – or offer additional service Ken Engelhart,support – when major incidents, including extreme weather, Rogers’ Senior Vice President, Regulatoryaffect the communities where we operate. CSR REPORT 2011 ROGERS COMMUNICATIONS INC. 21
  22. 22. PRODUCT STEWARDSHIPCUSTOMERFEEDBACKWe constantly communicate with our customers, and give them easy-to-use tools to provide candid feedback and insights.Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) surveys Social@RogersWe conduct regular CSAT surveys, both overall and by key Rogers has a dedicated social media team to engage withbusiness areas, to gauge customer satisfaction with their Rogers customers, with the Social@Rogers site as our central hub forrelationship and our service delivery. We also conduct regular all of our social sites, including our blogs, Twitter, Facebook,transactional surveys, which allow customers to comment on YouTube and community forums. When customers tweet theirrecent dealings they have had with us, ranging from calls made issue or want product and service details, we’re there to deliverto our Credit Operations group to a service installation provided helpful information. No other Canadian telecom company isby a technician. leveraging social media on this level. Plus, we’ve never been closer to our customers, on or offline. Office of the Ombudsman As another communication channel, customers can contact our Office of the Ombudsman if they have unresolved problems.BlogsRedboard and FilRouge are our official English and French blogs,respectively, where we geek out about the latest technology,explain our services and policies, and answer customerquestions. Customers participate by sharing their feedback –both the good and the bad.Community ForumsIn 2011, we launched two online forums: Rogers Communityand Fido Community. These are places for customers to discusstechnical issues related to Rogers’ and Fido’s products andservices. Because forums are peer-driven sites, our customersare helping each other out every day. Since launching, close to75,000 users have registered with the forums and 17 millionmessages have been viewed.22 ROGERS COMMUNICATIONS INC. CSR REPORT 2011
  23. 23. PRODUCT STEWARDSHIPPROBLEMRESOLUTIONIf we’re serious about our commitment to the customer experience,we have to get the basics right. And that starts with resolving theproblems we know are customers’ biggest pain points.Our goal is to reduce or eliminate the problems that mostsignificantly impact customers by: “ AM COMMITTED TO REVIEWING ALL CUSTOMER I SUBMISSIONS AND BRINGING FAIR AND REASONABLE• nsuring customers only need to contact Rogers once to get E SOLUTIONS TO ROGERS CUSTOMERS.” an issue resolved. • nsuring they only have to provide their problem or issue once. E Kim Walker, Ombudsman• ollowing up with them to resolve a problem when it is not F fixed the first time.• aking ownership to solve their problem. T Office of the Ombudsman While the vast majority of customer service inquiries are• esolving their issue quickly. R resolved by our front line employees, the Rogers Office of thePutting Problem Resolution for Customers First Ombudsman acts as our highest level of support for customer escalation. The office was created in 2009 and we are the firstCustomers have told us what their issues are and employees and only carrier in North America to have an internal body forhave weighed in providing great feedback on how we can help problem resolution.resolve them. In 2011, we introduced new problem resolutiontools and processes to make the kind of improvements our As a neutral body that works independently from Rogerscustomers want to see. Customer Support teams, the Ombudsman attempts to resolve customer complaints for all Rogers’ businesses by investigating• allbacks and Follow Ups is a new process designed to C both sides of an issue and assisting the parties in reaching a fair save our customers time and eliminate their frustration by and reasonable resolution. Most disputes are handled within empowering our front line teams. Front line agents can now 30 days of receiving the complaint. take time off the phones to investigate an issue that can’t be resolved right away, and call the customer back to follow up In 2011, the Ombudsman’s office received 2,762 customer with a solution. Our employees tell us they are happy with complaints. Most of these were forwarded to Rogers’ Office the process because it allows them to concentrate on the of the President for resolution, with the Ombudsman handling customer and take more ownership, especially when resolving 265 customer cases that required an in-depth investigation. a complicated customer issue.• e launched a new and improved knowledge management W tool, named IQ, for our front line employees. It’s loaded with CLICK TO LEARN MORE all of the information they need to answer our customers’ questions and resolve their issues. IQ was designed with Read the Ombudsman’s feedback and input from call centre employees through 2011 Annual Report forums, surveys and interviews. CSR REPORT 2011 ROGERS COMMUNICATIONS INC. 23
  24. 24. PRODUCT STEWARDSHIPDIVERSENEEDSRogers’ customers truly represent Canada’s rich diversity.We tailor our offerings to meet a variety of language andcultural preferences, as well as special needs.Multicultural Marketing Council Accessible Products and ServicesOur Multicultural Marketing Council, in its second year of Our goal is to make all customer touch points as accessible asoperation, continued to advance strategies for reaching out possible so everyone, including older or disabled customers,to diverse communities. The council is made up of about can benefit. To that end, we integrate inclusive design and200 Rogers employees who collectively speak more than 35 accessibility features into our products, services, stores andlanguages and provide valuable insights into different cultures. technologies. A Special Needs section on our website outlinesMulticultural Programming all of our accessible product and service offerings, which include:Through the Rogers Media network of television and radio • lternative billing formats (Braille, large print, electronic); Astations, we produce and broadcast multicultural programming • Voicemail-to-text service;in a wide variety of languages. One example is the weeklyAboriginal radio program Bamoseda (“walking together” in the • essage relay service, including TTY and IP Relay; MAnishinabe language), which discusses important issues from aFirst Nations perspective. • VoicePrint;There are 85 multicultural channels in over 20 languages • escribed video service (DVS) programming; Davailable through Rogers Cable, including more than 30 South • ig button remote controls pre-programmed to provide BAsian offerings. Rogers’ OMNI Television was the first Canadian single-button access to DVS content;multilingual broadcaster to digitally stream its newscasts to fivenon-official language communities each weekday, including • ogers on Demand Online, providing accessibility with RCantonese, Italian, Mandarin, Portuguese and South Asian “TV Everywhere” functionality; andeditions. • hones with accessibility features such as screen reader PConnecting Rural Communities software, touch screens, TTV and hearing aid compatibility, and voice commands. Canada’s first mobile phone designedTechnology plays a vital role in connecting many remote specifically with seniors in mind, the Doro PhoneEasy,and low-population communities. Access to information features a large keypad with separated keys, a programmableand communications is essential to help these areas develop emergency key and an easy-to-read colour display.economically, so we are proud of the network coverage providedby Rogers - the Canadian population covered is 95% by GSM, Rogers has customer service representatives who are able to90% 4G HSPA+. interact with customers in Cantonese and Mandarin, as well as French and English.Affordable optionsWe are committed to ensuring all customers, including studentsand lower-income customers, have affordable pricing and servicepackage options. Our budget-friendly chatr wireless brand, forexample, offers no-frills unlimited wireless talk and text servicesfor a low monthly cost.24 ROGERS COMMUNICATIONS INC. CSR REPORT 2011
  25. 25. PRODUCT STEWARDSHIPSCORECARDThe scorecard below summarizes our progressin meeting the priorities we set for 2011.CSR SCORECARD 2011: PRODUCT RESPONSIBILITY  Achieved  Made Progress  Not Achieved WHAT WE SAID WHAT WE DID PROGRESS • Consistently improve customer service. • ntroduced new problem resolution tools and processes, such as I Callbacks and Follow Ups, to empower our front line teams to resolve issues and save our customers time. • eployed Canadas first 4G LTE wireless network and made D significant progress on the deployment of DOCSIS 3.0 Internet  capabilities across our cable TV footprint.. • pdated the Rogers Customer Commitment to articulate what U customers can expect from us. • rovide a safe and healthy environment P • Maintained high health and safety standards in all of our stores. in stores.  • Protect privacy at all times. • aintained strong privacy and information security policies, M practices and training.  • ontinue to improve the accessibility of C • aunched Small Business Specialist program to give owners L our products and services. direct access to in-store trained specialists at 157 retail locations across Canada. • eployed SpeedBoost technology, giving high-speed Internet D subscribers a faster, superior online experience. º • aunched roaming services with over 650 operator networks in L more than 220 destinations so customers can use their wireless device to stay connected around the planet. Continue to: • larify billing and charges by simplifying C • ade significant progress in simplifing rate cards and contracts, M rate cards. including through clearly articulated and transparent charges, pricing and information • implify contracts to ensure customers S understand terms and benefits. • ntroduced Roaming Data Passes, giving cost certainty and I peace of mind. • romote greater flexibility in contract P terms. • ade progress in enhancing customer flexibility. Examples include M º sharing of data across plans and devices and launch of Rogers • ntroduce new product solutions to I AnyPlace TV, which allows subscribers to consume content across simplify long distance and roaming TV, PC, tablets and smartphones. charges. • rovide flexibility in how customers P can consume data and access content CSR REPORT 2011 ROGERS COMMUNICATIONS INC. 25
  26. 26. OVERVIEW EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT CSR AT ROGERS PRODUCT STEWARDSHIP EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT“ e are constantly working to build a place where our talented W COMMUNITY employees are enthusiastic, comfortable and inspired to work.” ENVIRONMENT Tony Cimino SUPPLY CHAIN Vice President, HR Services Total Rewards IN DEPTH
  27. 27. EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENTOURAPPROACHSuccess, innovation and development are all borne of momentum,and momentum comes from the people who drive it.We want Rogers to be a place in which employees feel proud,where they look forward to making a contribution, and where 2011 WORKFORCE*each has the chance to do their best work every day. Full-time employees 24,332To achieve that, we work hard to: Part-time and contract employees 5,881• reate a culture of employee engagement; C TOTAL EMPLOYEES 30,213• Encourage and respect diversity; and BY REGION• rovide leading workplace programs and practices, from far- P Alberta 933 reaching benefits to customized training, development and British Columbia 1,981 personal assistance programs. Manitoba 239No other Canadian company has career opportunities that New Brunswick 1,398include producing television and radio programming, creating Newfoundland 218magazine content and providing cable and wireless services. Noca Scotia 97We know that investing in our people and fostering a great Ontario 21,660employee experience contributes to job satisfaction, increased PEI 6productivity and personal development. Quebec 3,446Employee feedback, along with external recognition as a top Saskatchewan 70employer, is proof that we’re doing the right things. But the onlything consistent around here is change. We are always looking Yukon 12for ways to be even better. US UK 153 TOTAL 30,213 * Includes full-time, part-time and contract employees 2011 Challenges/Issues Our Response DRIVING BEST-IN-CLASS EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT We developed and launched the new R10 engagement survey twice a year. The results from our first survey in October 2011 showed a growth in both employee participation and engagement. ATTRACTING A LARGE NUMBER OF TALENT We hired over 11,000 people in 2011. Rogers was chosen as one of AND OVERALL SOURCING FOR CRITICAL ROLES Canada’s Top Employers for Young People and won the Innovation in Employment Branding Award from the Human Resources Professionals Association for our sourcing and attraction strategies. CSR REPORT 2011 ROGERS COMMUNICATIONS INC. 27
  28. 28. EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENTTOTALREWARDSWe know that rewarding our people is a valuable investment in our ownsuccess. So we back up that commitment with an integrated package thatrewards initiative, innovation, leadership, teamwork and outstanding service.Comprehensive BenefitsRogers offers a comprehensive benefits plan and wealth BENEFITS AT ROGERS INCLUDE:accumulation program that provides employees and eligible • health benefits plan in which employees can customize Adependents with extensive healthcare and financial benefits. their coverage and Rogers pays 75% of the premiums.All benefits are effective immediately for full-time employees • defined benefit pension plan for new employees, Aand after three months of continuous service for part-time with company contributions to 4% of salary.employees. • share purchase plan for all employees (up to 10% ACompetitive Compensation of annual pay), with graduated company match.We participate in outside salary surveys annually to ensurecompensation levels at Rogers remain competitive. We believe • roup RRSP Gin a pay-for-performance culture and have incentive programs • referred rates and placement for child care and elder care. Pthat are tied to each individual’s achievement, the success ofdepartments, and to the overall company reaching its goals. • iscount of up to 50% on most Rogers products and D services, including cable, wireless, Internet, home phone,Recognition movie rentals and Toronto Blue Jays tickets.In 2011, we expanded our recognition program to help us morebroadly acknowledge the achievements of our people. There are • pecial third party deal on car rentals, hotel stays, Sthree categories of recognition, awarded three times annually: amusement parks, gym memberships and more.• usiness Impact Awards recognize employees whose B commitment to innovation results in approaches, services or products that advance our business and help us deliver on our business strategy.• ommunity Involvement Awards celebrate employees who C invest their time and commitment in the communities where we live and work.• ustomer 1st Awards, our original reward program, honour C those who go above and beyond to strengthen the customer experience.The top winners in each of these three categories annually aregiven an Employee of the Year Award. Our CEO then picksfrom among the Employees of the Year to receive a CEO Award,a new honour rewarding outstanding achievement.28 ROGERS COMMUNICATIONS INC. CSR REPORT 2011
  29. 29. EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENTEMPLOYEEFEEDBACKEntrepreneurial spirit is the foundation of Rogers and our culturethrives on the sharing of ideas and two-way communication.Channels for Feedback and InputEmployees have opportunities to express their thoughts, ideasand feedback to management at all levels in the company. Someexamples include:• nline live chats with executives: Scheduled throughout O the year, these real-time chats with senior leaders, including the CEO, allow employees to ask questions and receive answers directly.• nline employee jams: These online sessions allow our O people to provide candid thoughts and insights into specific issues facing the company, such as ways to improve costs and productivity. Within a week of each online jam, we close the loop by providing a short summary of the feedback and what is being done with it. Measuring Employee Engagement In 2011, we launched a new employee engagement survey called• own halls: Across Canada, we host town hall sessions where T R10. This 10-question confidential survey process, held twice employees can listen to our senior leaders speak about the yearly, helps us collect feedback on critical questions. Employees company’s strategic direction and priorities, and about broad respond on a five-point agreement scale to statements such as industry issues. “I am proud to say that I work for Rogers” and “Overall, I am• logs: A number of senior leaders, including the President of B extremely satisfied with Rogers as a place to work.” Communications, maintain internal blogs that discuss a range Our most recent survey was conducted in October 2011, of topics. Employees can comment and rate each blog. resulting in a participation rate of 71%, or 21,474 respondents,• 60-degree feedback program: We use a 30-question, 3 and an engagement score of 76%. customized, 360-degree assessment that is based on the We act on what employees tell us right away. The Rogers senior leadership behaviours that support our corporate values. leadership team is presented with the results and managers are able to view the results online. Executives and managers must develop action plans to address gaps and issues identified in the findings. CSR REPORT 2011 ROGERS COMMUNICATIONS INC. 29
  30. 30. EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENTHEALTH WELLNESSRogers takes the overall physical, mental and emotionalwell-being of our employees seriously.Health and Safety • omplimentary flu shots – in 2011, 2,096 employees received CRogers is dedicated to providing a safe and healthy work vaccinations; andenvironment for our employees, as well as contractors, • riendly health challenges at work, like the Fruit and Veggie Fvolunteers and the general public. Chase, whereby 717 Rogers employees participated on 177• e maintain a Health Safety (HS) Policy, as well as a W teams, competing toward a healthier lifestyle. number of related procedures to recognize various health and • t our headquarters in Toronto and at Rogers Park in A safety codes, regulations, acts, standards and the Rogers HS Brampton, employees can use dedicated fitness facilities and Procedures. HS topics are also covered in formal agreements take exercise classes such as spinning, yoga and aerobics. At with worker unions. these locations we also have medical centres staffed with• ll levels of senior management are responsible for promoting A general practitioners, nurses, chiropractors, physiotherapists and improving HS performance within their operations. and a registered massage therapist.• e operate 65 joint management-worker health and safety W • e host an annual Health and Safety Fair to deliver guidance W committees across Canada, representing 100% of our on personal health and wellness. workforce, which help monitor and advise on our programs. • very Wednesday during the summer months, we host a E• mployees complete a wide variety of safety training programs, E farmers market, where employees can buy organic and locally including courses through e-learning, to ensure they have the grown produce, breads, meats, and baked goods. appropriate knowledge to safely complete their tasks. In addition, we offer the voluntary Employee and Family• here is an active HS committee or representative at each T Assistance Program (EFAP), which provides confidential Rogers worksite, and we maintain procedures and perform counselling and referral services on a variety of personal, work- inspections to safeguard our technicians and field staff. related and health concerns, including serious diseases.• e set performance goals and targets for each Rogers W In 2011, we introduced the FLASH Hotline to offer the latest business and evaluate our performance on an annual basis. health alerts and severe weather updates so all employees can stay informed and avoid traveling to work in potentiallyOverall Wellness dangerous conditions.• ow in its fourth year, bWell is our comprehensive wellness N Flexible Work Options program that covers the entire spectrum of employee health at Rogers. Through the program we offer: Employees can choose among a variety of flexible work arrangements, including flexible start and finish hours,• dedicated bWell website that provides articles on nutrition, A telecommuting and a shortened work week. Employees can stress, fitness and other topics; contact details for Rogers also request an unpaid leave of absence, whether for education, wellness representatives in each city; and health tools, taking time to care for a terminally ill family member, or looking including a calorie calculator, body mass index calculator and forward to spending time with family. Rogers administers heart rate calculator; approximately 8,000 employee leaves of absence annually, and in 2011, we launched a new online tool to make the process• ealth and wellness initiatives during National Wellness Day H simpler for managers and employees. in September;30 ROGERS COMMUNICATIONS INC. CSR REPORT 2011