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Rogers solutions fleet diagnostics


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Rogers solutions fleet diagnostics

  1. 1. WIRELESS SOLUTIONSFOR TRANSPORTATIONFLEET DIAGNOSTICSIncrease driver safety and efficiency plus reduce costs bymonitoring and diagnosing your fleet with Fleet Diagnosticssolutions delivered by Rogers Machine-to-Machine (M2M)solutions and Data Alliance Partners. FLEET DIAGNOSTICS Make optimal use of every vehicle and protect your assets:  Reduce vehicle maintenance costs  Comply with driver safety regulations  Keep assets secure and your insurance costs in check  Reduce/eliminate fines  Mitigate hard braking  Enhance customer satisfaction and gain a competitive edge  Make more efficient and productive use of all your resources – vehicles, fuel, administrative staff and driversFLEET DIAGNOSTICSRogers offers easy-to-implement, time-saving solutions to help your company manage and monitor vehicles,protect your assets and keep your drivers safe. Operational Efficiencies: minimize fuel expenses  Serve Customers Better: gain the competitive by mapping vehicle routes, and monitoring fleet advantage with real-time scheduling, routing and utilization. pick-up and delivery information. Vehicle Diagnostics: monitor fleet engines to track  Influence Driver Behavior: optimize performance vehicle performance and maintenance requirements, and safety while controlling insurance costs enabling proactive servicing of vehicles before problems arise.Rogers is committed to offering best in class, innovative, machine-to-machine (M2M) data solutions to address theneeds of our business customers across various industries. Our Data Alliance members develop, integrate, or otherwiseenable these powerful wireless technologies, including point of sale, remote surveillance, remote meter reading &monitoring, field automation and fleet diagnostics solutions.For more information on Fleet Diagnostics solutions and for an assessmentof your company’s needs, contact your Rogers representative.™Trademarks of or used under license from Rogers Communications Inc. or an affiliate. © 2011 Rogers Communications. 08/11