Rogers Solutions - Digital Signage


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Discover a powerful new way to engage customers and boost
revenues with digital signage delivered by Rogers Machine-to-
Machine (M2M) solutions and Data Alliance Partners.

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Rogers Solutions - Digital Signage

  1. 1. Wireless Solutions for Retail Business Digital Signage Discover a powerful new way to engage customers and boost revenues with digital signage delivered by Rogers Machine-to- Machine (M2M) solutions and Data Alliance Partners.K ACCESS QR CODES Deliver the most up-to-date relevant messages to your customers at the right timeNand place. EW 8. Digital Signage N SCA Enhance customer experience by entertaining and educating customers. Create new sources of revenue and reduce costs associated with traditional advertising. Extend customer’s buying time to increase basket size. Leverage dynamic digital technology to train staff during off-business hours. Wi-Fi NETWORKS DIGITAL SIGNAGE SOLUTIONS FOR RETAIL. Take advantage of the latest digital technology to deliver a rich shopping experience. Uncover new opportunities for informing, educating and entertaining customers while increasing revenues. Easily focus content based on target markets. Streamline communications by updating digital Adjust content for location, time of day, demographics, content remotely and in real-time. Avoid inconsistent and season to entice customers and boost sales. messaging and out-of-date promotions to increase compliance across retail outlets by creating and controlling Influence customers’ buying decisions at the most marketing content off-site. effective opportunity - point of sale. Dynamic, interactive, in-store displays influence customers’ buying Simplify staff training sessions and new product decisions, increasing brand awareness and advertising launches. Solve the problem of educating new staff by effectiveness. pushing timely, consistent, engaging staff training content. Entertain and educate customers with engaging Get set up and operating quickly and easily with video content. Offer “how to” advice and tips, display hard-wired and wireless options. Rogers partners the weather or local news, and answer frequently-asked with you and industry-leading vendors to choose the best questions. technology, positioning and plan that maximizes your in- store advertising program. Rogers is committed to offering best in class, innovative, machine-to-machine (M2M) data solutions to address the needs of our business customers across various industries. Our Data Alliance members develop, integrate, or otherwise enable these powerful wireless technologies, including point of sale, remote surveillance and digital signage solutions. For more information on Digital Signage Solutions for Retail and for an assessment of your company’s needs, contact your Rogers representative.