Effective publishing for the digital age


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Digital technologies create significant disruption. However although there are undoubted challenges and issues for many organisations facing this change, there are also opportunities. where there are challenges there are normally opportunities too.

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Effective publishing for the digital age

  1. 1. Effective publishing for the digital age Roger Christiansen Marketing Development
  2. 2. Agenda Digital – challenge or opportunity? Effective publishing in the digital age Ricoh’s solutions Summary
  3. 3. Digital - challenge or opportunity? 09/05/2014 3
  4. 4. Change in the market 09/05/2014 4 Companies need to find ways to unlearn the habits of the past and test what will work in the new environment The Challenge of Speed, Economist Intelligence Unit, sponsored by Ricoh
  5. 5. Business challenges for Publishers SALES 2015 forecast 2008 0 5000 10,000 15,000 20,000 Print eBook Million EUR
  6. 6. Business challenges for Publishers SALES NO OF TITLES new titles 530,000 2007 2011
  7. 7. Business challenges for Publishers SALES NO OF TITLES NO OF FORMATS Global eBook Market Share By Retailer Top 10 Worldwide countries
  8. 8. Business challenges for Publishers SALES NO OF TITLES NO OF FORMATS COSTS PROFITABILITY Publisher Expensive DIGITAL DISRUPTION Complex
  9. 9. Digital opportunities Publisher
  10. 10. The Evolution of the Book Industry in Europe 09/05/2014 10 The European book publishing ecosystem is not yet feeling the same level of pressure to switch to digital production There is a window of opportunity In North America printing of books is “becoming an offset-to-digital print substitution”
  11. 11. Food for thought: Music industry transformation Years of disruption & decline … …saw first growth in a decade Self-publishing Supported by Publishers
  12. 12. The new world 09/05/2014 12
  13. 13. How Ricoh can help 09/05/2014 Publisher Expertise Understand modern publishing solutions Extensive printing & publishing heritage Book PrinterDigital Print Solutions Multi-platform Solutions Extensive printing & publishing heritage Think beyond print ….
  14. 14. Effective Publishing for the digital age Publisher
  15. 15. Ricoh’s solutions 09/05/2014 15
  16. 16. Supply Chain Optimisation WASTE EFFICIENCY ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT Publisher Traditionally 30% of books printed are never sold
  17. 17. Business growth NºofBooksinInventory Time Minimum Offset Run Length Digital reprints shorter runs with less risk The long tail the end of out of stock Shorter time to market Shorter reprint time Cost-effective to create more versions and variations
  18. 18. Supply Chain Optimisation in action 09/05/2014 Version: [###] Classification: Internal Owner: [Insert name] 18 An Italian printer can print and deliver school textbooks throughout North Italy in 4 hours A US printer uses Inkjet to produce 1 to 1,500 books cost-effectively
  19. 19. Distribute and Print Print production costs 40% Print production costs Distribution NAME LOGO Customisation
  20. 20. Distribute and Print in action 09/05/2014 20 A Swedish Magazine publisher is piloting use of Ricoh Technology to sell consumer magazines via special unmanned kiosks 10% reduction in Publishers’ costs: everything is printed on demand 60% fewer emissions of fossil greenhouse gases Little or no wastage
  21. 21. Cross Media Publisher PUBLISHED OPTIONS Social Video Audio eComm XRef
  22. 22. Cross Media in action A Dutch Magazine uses Ricoh Clickable Paper to track responses to printed adverts A UK book printer uses Ricoh Clickable Paper to provide value- added Videos for readers
  23. 23. Customisation 23 Publisher New editions / Versioning Personalisation Marketing
  24. 24. Customisation in action Custom textbooks are already a big market in USA
  25. 25. Summary 09/05/2014 25
  26. 26. Digital print makes short run viable & cost-effective Think beyond print Think Cross Media Summary 09/05/2014 26 New innovations can create opportunities to make the most of the new world of publishing
  27. 27. Thank you
  28. 28. Questions