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Print and beyond insights transforming the enterprise print room in the new world of digital corporate communications rc


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Like many areas of the print industry, the traditional in-house Print Room or CRD has to move with the times to thrive and continue to provide valuable communication tools and services that their clients and organisation requires.
The growth of digital communications is reshaping the print market, and is impacting the use of print and the production methods used to deliver it.
These changes are creating opportunities for Print Rooms not only to win business from outsourced print providers but also to redefine their role within the enterprise.

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Print and beyond insights transforming the enterprise print room in the new world of digital corporate communications rc

  1. 1. Print andbeyondinsightsTransforming the enterprisePrint Room in the new worldof digital corporatecommunicationsYour name
  2. 2. Contents  Changes in corporate communications  New role of print  How to take advantage  Opportunities for Print Rooms  Customer references  Ricoh solutions  Summary26/03/2013 Version: [###] Classification: Internal Owner: [Insert name] 2
  3. 3. Organisations need to communicate with customers that have different delivery preferencesInfoTrends 2013
  4. 4. The new role of print Many print jobs are getting smaller as “Print will remain a major more documents are being delivered component of electronically communication but its future role depends on its ability to integrate Consequently more print needs to be with multiple integrated with online communications communication channels.” InfoTrends Digital printing on demand can be personalised or customised to create greater impact 47% of printed marketing materials were linked to online Printing on demand not only reduces digital channels in print inventory but can also lead to the last 12 months InfoTrends waste reduction
  5. 5. How to take advantageWith shorter print runs, there is even more reason to keep print runs in house - but Print Rooms need to adapt and invest in new workflow tools to handle them Print Rooms can become in-house communications centres of excellence Ultra-responsive digital and print communication hubs Automated workflow is the enabler to do more
  6. 6. New opportunities for EnterprisePrint Rooms
  7. 7. The winning Enterprise Print Room Increases relevance of marketing material with customised print on demand Centralises print requests and control output across the organisation Raises efficiency of document creation, production and delivery Improves sustainability of printing
  8. 8. Case Study: KRZ, Germany Challenges Ricoh output • Increase print capacity • Streamline document processes management • Improve flexibility solution streamlines • Augment data security • Control infrastructure document processes and Solution • Mono production printers ensures data • Customised management solution • Simple web-based interface integrity • Page level reporting • Full document audit trail Results • Improved productivity • Less manual intervention • Increased flexibility • Intelligently shared resources • Greater security“The new system effortlessly integrates data streamed bydifferent operating systems, reducing the need for manualprocessing.”Hr. Möllerfriedrich, Manager of Production Planning at KRZ
  9. 9. Case study: Deutsche Post Challenges Ricoh • Increase productivity • Automate processes transforms print • Print embedded fonts • Utilise specialised substrates infrastructure at • Monitor and control workflow Deutsche Post Solution • High quality output • Automated workflow • Ricoh Pro™ production printers - Colour and mono engines • 45,000 page hourly production capacity Results • Flexible production systems • Quick response to deadlines • Easily meet peak production demands • Lower production costs • Reduced manpower“With Ricoh’s help, we have established a fast and flexibleprint infrastructure. We can monitor and control the productionworkflow more effectively. The Ricoh solution is characterisedby effective management, reliable performance and highproductivity.”Jörg Liebl, Print Manager, Deutsche Post
  10. 10. Ricoh solutions for Print Rooms Digital Printers – Mono Cutsheet production printers – Colour Cutsheet production printers – Finishing - wide range of options TotalFlow Software and Services – Cross-media technology – integrate print, online and mobile – Output management - view all document process activity across the organisation – Automated Workflow - print short run print jobs both quickly and cost-effectively – Document process consultancy and implementation services
  11. 11. Summary Today’s Print Rooms have a great opportunity to change their perception and value within enterprises Using the latest digital technologies Print Rooms can become a centre of excellence in customer communications They can take control of print and make the strategic transition to multi-channel delivery Find out more on Ricoh Business Driver
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