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How Can Magazines Survive and Stay Relevant in the Digital Age


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The presentation on "Magazines - A Survival Strategy" was made by students of Advertising and Public Relations at Indian Institute of Mass Communication, New Delhi.
The presentation gives a brief insight into the magazine market size before moving on to a few recommendations on how magazines can innovate and continue to survive in the digital age.

The links for the original videos from which edited clips were used in the presentation are as follows:
1. Marie Claire example:
2. Augmented Reality example:
3. CinePrint example:
4. Esquire magazine example:

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How Can Magazines Survive and Stay Relevant in the Digital Age

  1. 1. Survival Strategies for Magazines Group 6
  2. 2. Points to be Covered • Magazine Market Overview • Challenges Faced and ‘Survival Cases’ • Recommended tactics
  3. 3. Magazines = Glossy, Periodicals Magazines = Authoritative niche content in any format
  4. 4. Industry Size and Projections
  5. 5. Are magazines really dying? • TV Shows entering into magazines. Eg: Oprah Winfrey TV Show, Top Gear, Food Network • Digital websites entering into print magazine publications Eg: Pitchfork, Pando
  6. 6. Challenges Not considered the most profitable and interactive Mobile blinders Increased Digital subscriptions Inadequate ROI of Licensed brands 24/7 Content Availability online Digital ad- spend is increasing Challenges faced by Magazines
  8. 8. Go Experiential to provide Emphasis on the PRODUCT Memorable tangible experience of the product
  9. 9. Creating Online Properties for Brands For e.g. Vice Magazine’s online broadcast network - Practice Space.
  10. 10. Geo-Targeting Useful in tackling the ‘mobile blinders’ Creates an instant push
  11. 11. Augmented Reality Brand building using SOCIAL MEDIA AND APPLICATIONS Brings digital and print content to LIFE
  12. 12. Database Creation As per the requirements of the particular categories Using unique Visitor data for content marketing Sell this data to advertisers
  13. 13. Brand Extensions Entering into new product categories Maxim launched fragrance Monocle magazine launched its café, retail stores
  14. 14. Entering the space of Events • Femina- Miss India • Filmfare Awards • Empire Magazine Film Awards • Verve Fashion shows • Country Living magazine organizes fair
  15. 15. Magazines - offers 'behind the scenes' video of their photo shoots
  16. 16. Increase in Revenue • Offering subscriptions similar to cable networks • Increase the price and lower the circulations
  17. 17. Allowing creative collaborations for advertisements
  18. 18. OTHER WAYS ● Newer editions with emphasis on local tastes ● Crowdsource content - maybe even pay the crowd?
  19. 19. ● Become a marketing platform for a product category Eg: Canadian magazine Food & Drink and Beer Store’s Chill magazine ● Coming out with magazines for the captive audience. E.g. Dentists , Passport Office
  20. 20. A FEW WINNERS
  21. 21. Monocle Launched online radio channel
  22. 22. CinePrint Uses the tablet screen to act as a backlight to a printed advert.
  23. 23. Esquire Produces trailers for its issues.
  24. 24. Playboy - The Playboy Club