Print and beyond insights - Transforming transactions to engage customers


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Letters, bills and statements are the largest part of the customer communications iceberg.

They are central to the customer experience.
Yet the chance to say something powerful usually remains beneath
the waves. That makes transactional printing a massive, largely
hidden marketing opportunity.
It has the potential to transform itself from transactional
documentation to become a central force in customer
communications – and a fundamental part of the marketing mix.

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Print and beyond insights - Transforming transactions to engage customers

  1. 1. Print and beyond insightsTransforming transactions toengage customersRoger ChristiansenRicoh Europe
  2. 2. Agenda  Customer Experience Management – the next big thing for marketers?  Where transactional comes in  The perfect storm - using the latest technologies to enhance customer experience through transactional documents  Customer references  Ricoh solutions  Summary11/01/2013 Version: [###] Classification: Internal Owner: [Insert name] 2
  3. 3. Customer Experience Management – the next big thing for marketers?  Customer experience management (CXM) now a key focus area of Marketing Departments  In competitive consumer industries, organisations focused on the customer journey  Document Processes have a big impact on Customer experience and satisfaction 60%+ would switch to another provider11/01/2013 Version: [###] Classification: Internal Owner: [Insert name] 3
  4. 4. Where transactional comes in  Customer documents – the bills, statements, letters, formal communications – are a key element of document processes.  Transactional documents have a key but often overlooked role in customer experience. The iceberg effect: Transactional documents are “below” the waterline and out of sight of Marketing Departments11/01/2013 Version: [###] Classification: Internal Owner: [Insert name] 4
  5. 5. The perfect storm Focus on Customer Experience Recognition of value of transactional documents Opportunity to redesign and Change enhance transactional documents New technologies enabling cost-effective Colour documents11/01/2013 Version: [###] Classification: Internal Owner: [Insert name] 5
  6. 6. Enhancing transactional documents Consolidation of separate content – such as inserts and flyers – to create a more effective, clearer document with greater impact Multi-channel print, mobile and online content linked together Targeting of the message and customer experience, tailored to individuals and segments even in the same print run11/01/2013 Version: [###] Classification: Internal Owner: [Insert name] 6
  7. 7. Docapost Transactional Challenges • The challenge for Docapost-DPS is to help its clients communicate more effectively and cost efficiently with their Ricoh’s InfoPrint® customers. solution • Looking to add value through design improvements, such as incorporating colour and personal messaging in documents transforms document • Minimise production costs by introducing more efficient, production processes automated processes. Solution • Ricoh InfoPrint 5000 printers, automated duplex line • AFP Architecture • PANTONE plus certification and solvent free inks Results • Added value services • Faster throughput • Controlled workflow • Lower production costs • Full production back up “The InfoPrint® technology revolutionised production processes, providing an industrial solution to growing client demand. Offering added value services to our clients has helped us win new business and establish a leading position in the document processing market.” Arnaud de La Passardière, Directeur de la Division11/01/2013 Editique at Docapost-DPS [###] Classification: Internal Owner: [Insert name] Version: 7
  8. 8. Multi-Post Transactional Challenges • Develop card mailing business • Create professional design templates Colour transpromotional • Incorporate client data print adds value to • Print high impact collateral • Integrate plastic cards plastic card distribution service Solution • DirectSmile® design software • Variable text and graphic content • Ricoh Pro™ production cut sheet printers • Offset print quality • Integrated with card delivery system • Case Study Results • End-to-end solution • Professional design capability • Fast high quality throughput • Fully automated • Endlessly scalable “Ricoh helped us develop our card mailing system, providing the know-how and support to link their intuitive design software and productive print technology with the Datacard® MXD™ card delivery module. The integrated solution is fast, reliable and cost effective. It has become a key part of our service offering.”11/01/2013 Bram Boekema, Proprietor Classification: Internal Owner: [Insert name] Version: [###] 8
  9. 9. Ricoh solutions for Transactional  Digital Printers – Mono – Black and White Cutsheet and Continuous Form Production Printers – Colour - Colour Cutsheet and Continuous Feed Inkjet Printers – Finishing - wide range of options  Software and Solutions – IPPD – AFP and PDF – BARR EOM – Personalisation software11/01/2013 Version: [###] Classification: Internal Owner: [Insert name] 9
  10. 10. Summary A perfect storm ? opportunity for PSPs / in- house Print and Mail to reengineer the customer experience Opportunities for smaller PSPs – it’s not just a market for large Outsourcers with Continuous Feed Find out more on the Ricoh Business Driver Portal Version: [###] Classification: Internal Owner: [Insert name] 10
  11. 11. Thank you 11