Print and beyond insights high value marketing services in a high tech world of big data


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High value marketing services or commodotised print ? This presentation looks at the options facing Print Services Providers as they seek to introduce new marketing services

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Print and beyond insights high value marketing services in a high tech world of big data

  1. 1. Print and beyond insightsHigh value marketingservices in a high-tech worldof Big DataRoger Christiansen
  2. 2. Contents  The challenges Print Service Providers face in becoming MSPs  The latest trends in Marketing favour a print comeback  Opportunities for marketing print: BIG data … SMALL communications  How to take advantage  Building your own marketing services capabilities  Customer references  Ricoh solutions  Summary21/03/2013 Version: [###] Classification: Internal Owner: [Insert name] 2
  3. 3. The challenges Print Service Providers face in becoming MSPs • Competition: thousands of “marketing services providers” from multi-nationals to small specialist consultancies • Business transformation is always a challenge • Culture • Experience • Skills21/03/2013 Version: [###] Classification: Internal Owner: [Insert name] 3
  4. 4. Latest trends in marketing favour a print comebackDigital marketing is the pre-eminent communication channel but it isbecoming less and less effective in isolation 64.8% of all email is spam (Symantec) Direct Mail is 30 times more effective than email (DMA) Consumers prefer Multi-channel – 40% of online searchers make a purchase after being influenced by an offline channel (InfoSys)21/03/2013 Version: [###] Classification: Internal Owner: [Insert name] 4
  5. 5. Opportunities for PSPs Big data – small communications Marketers are now looking for more sophisticated ways to reach their customers with the right message, at the right time, using the right combination of communication channels - print, digital, mobile, social media. Marketing Week, Dec 201221/03/2013 Version: [###] Classification: Internal Owner: [Insert name] 5
  6. 6. How to take advantage In this new world of targeted marketing, the key focus is on creating a value- added effective communication, which works across multiple channels - and that is great news for PSPs for several reasons. Print is acknowledged as one of the most effective means of communication Print requires specialist skills PSPS have a strong role in advising on the latest developments in digital print and how to create value- added marketing print 621/03/2013 Version: [###] Classification: Internal Owner: [Insert name]
  7. 7. Building your own Marketing Services capabilities Start small, grow fast Talk the talk • Focus on niche areas where you can add value. approach clients more like a marketing agency - identifying solutions to their business needs and • Move step by step, service by service, towards campaign objectives, instead of focusing on print your destination: acting as a Marketing Services requirements Provider at the heart of your client‟s brand planning. In this way build a strategic relationship with your clients • Partner / outsource to extend your capabilities Web to Print Cross-Media Full colour variable-data printing21/03/2013 Version: [###] Classification: Internal Owner: [Insert name] 7
  8. 8. Client Example: Elletra, Italy Challenges Marketing Services • Grow customer base • Expand range of services • Build client loyalty Powerful web-to-print • Simplify order process solution drives new • Web based marketing business at marketing services agency Solution • „Business Driver‟ consultancy • Identify online business opportunity • Propose web-based strategy • Customised e-commerce platform • •Web-to-print order and submission Results • Customisable solution • Minimal upfront investment • Quickly established web presence • Full integration with workflow • Powerful e-commerce tools “Ricoh’s advice when we implemented our web marketing strategy was invaluable. Digital StoreFront is our window to the world. It is helping us to service existing clients more effectively and promote our business to a new and expanding customer base. Integration with Ricoh’s print technology has streamlined document workflows, improving productivity.” Mario Morandi, Managing Director of Elettra21/03/2013 Version: [###] Classification: Internal Owner: [Insert name] 8
  9. 9. Ricoh solutions for Marketing Services  Consulting – Precision Marketing  Digital Printers – Colour - Colour Cutsheet and Variable data and personalisation Continuous Feed Inkjet Printers software – Finishing - wide range of options  Software and Solutions – Full colour variable data technology – personalise can customise marketing materials Personalised Direct Mail – Cross-Media technology – integrate print, online and mobile21/03/2013 Version: [###] Classification: Internal Owner: [Insert name] 9
  10. 10. Summary There will always be a need for quality print – PSPs can build upon and enhance their print expertise rather than try to move too quickly to become a full Marketing Services Provider. PSPs can implement marketing services at their own pace, step-by-step to suit their own expertise, client base and aspirations. Find out more on Ricoh Business Driver Version: [###] Classification: Internal Owner: [Insert name] 10
  11. 11. Thank you 11