Ricoh Infographic - High value marketing services or commoditised print ?


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Here are the steps on your potential journey of discovery – and change - from commoditised print provider to marketing services provider.

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Ricoh Infographic - High value marketing services or commoditised print ?

  1. 1. High value marketing services…or commoditised print? Here are the steps on your potential journey of discovery – and change. Assess your situation Target your new audience Marketeers know print can do things digital cannot. Reach these decision makers: make yourself an indispensable ally. Talk to marketing decision makers not just print buyers. Offer broad, long term strategic solutions, not simply one-off print jobs. Reasons to be cheerful Here’s some good news: print is alive and well. In fact it is making a comeback – at the heart of brand marketing. According to the DMA, 30 TIMES direct mail is now up to more effective 30 TIMES more effective than email – even among Source: Direct Marketing the young. Printing services are ultra competitive. Prices have been driven down. So you have a choice. Fight in the commoditised low profit zone. Or change from Print Services Provider (PSP) to Marketing Services Provider (MSP). Develop/package new solutions You can’t become an MSP overnight. Start small. Grow fast. Focus on niche areas where you can add value. Move step by step, service by service, towards your destination: acting as a Marketing Services Provider at the heart of your client’s brand planning. COMMODITY PSP Matt Guest Senior Manager Deloitte Strategy Consulting practice PROFIT DRIVEN OPPORTUNITY MSP BUSINESS TRANSFORMATION Association Survey, June 2012. “ The print industry has a phenomenal opportunity at the moment to position itself right at the start of a customer's journey and make itself invaluable… print is about to launch a comeback and position itself at the heart of brand marketing.“ Your path to the future PRINTER PRINT SERVICES PROVIDER COMMUNICATIONS SERVICES PROVIDER UNSUSTAINABLE MARKETING SERVICES PROVIDER ASPIRATIONAL Demonstrate your expanding offer Your print skills can make you a valued consultant, advising on (for example): • combining print, online and digital • personalisation and variable data • colour management • web to print • digital print • campaign design For more insights from Ricoh: Follow us at Twitter@RicohEU Bdriver