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How to conduct successful online communities


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How to conduct successful online communities,
presented by Irina Dimitriade, Research Manager at Mustard, on NewMR.

Online communities are already an established method used in market research, and a great way to create meaning and generate insights with research participants. During this webinar Irina will talk you through all aspects of a research project that successfully uses this method:

- research design and set-up, including how to design your discussion guide and select the most suitable projective and creative techniques to use in an online environment;
- fieldwork and data collection, including how to keep participants motivated and involved;
- analysis, reporting and how to make sense of immense amounts of data to deliver powerful stories to your audiences.
Irina will come equipped with practical tips and tricks on how to use online communities successfully and bring examples of projects that showcase this.

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How to conduct successful online communities

  1. 1. How to conduct successful online communities Irina Dimitriade Mustard Research Presentation copyright, the presenters and NewMR. Please credit when using. October 2019
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  3. 3. Agenda 3 • Why online communities? • How do we make them work? • Questions?
  4. 4. Why online communities? 4
  5. 5. An online community is a qualitative platform for engaging with people and engineering discussion and collaboration – research participants are just a click away, ready and willing to share opinions and co-create.
  6. 6. works on various devices and replicates social media platforms that users are already familiar with
  7. 7. individual tasks group discussions
  8. 8. Extended consultation Geographical coverage Time to think Flexibility Creativity Bringing the research to life BENEFITS
  9. 9. Building trust Unlocking emotions Getting personal Comfortable RESPONDENT ENGAGEMENT IS KEY!
  10. 10. “I found this experience very enriching…I really loved to share my experience when it comes to music, it happens so rarely and it felt so good.” (FR) “Just wanted to let you know that I’m really enjoying the ‘smoking’ online community. It’s great being able to see everyone’s opinions and it’s great to be able to put across my own. Everyone is so supportive! Thanks so much for putting me forward for it.” (UK) An enriching experience for participants
  11. 11. “I think this project is going to easily top the list of ‘my favourite projects’!!! Reading people’s responses and moderating the French community makes me so happy.” (Moderator in UK/France) “Unfortunately today was the last day! It was one of the most interesting jobs that I did! Thanks a lot for giving me this opportunity!” (Moderator in Brazil) An enriching experience for researchers
  12. 12. An exciting topic, the right creative methods and an active moderator will make an online community a transformative experience for all those involved!
  13. 13. How do we make them work?
  14. 14. Recruitment partner Creative questions RECRUITING THE RIGHT PARTICIPANTS Incentives Prizes A clear introduction What, how, why, how much? Getting the right people on board Screening criteria Panel provider vs. qual recruitment partner?
  15. 15. “Good morning / afternoon / evening. My name is… from Mustard, a market research company. We are conducting a study on behalf of [insert client name here] in order to understand smoking behaviours and the awareness of stop smoking services in the area. With this in mind, we would like to invite you to take part in a four week online forum that will start on the 26th of June and end on the 24th of July. Within this forum there will be several different discussions and a few tasks for you to complete. We would expect the forum to take approximately two hours of your time in total across the four week period. However, you can participate and reply in your own time and take the forum at your own pace across these four weeks. Your contribution will be massively important as it will help inform the development of stop-smoking initiatives and support services in Greater Manchester, helping to make a difference in the community we all live in. To say thank you for taking part you would get a £100 cash incentive upon completion of all discussions within the forum. Along the way we will also be giving away a total of £400 in various prizes for the most creative, detailed and insightful responses. I can confirm that Mustard is an independent research agency and that this study is being conducted in accordance with the Market Research Society Code of Conduct, so all of your answers will be treated confidentially and not used for sales purposes. Introduction example
  16. 16. Recruitment partner Creative questions RECRUITING THE RIGHT PARTICIPANTS Incentives Prizes A clear introduction What, how, why, how much? Getting the right people on board Screening criteria Panel provider vs. qual recruitment partner?
  17. 17. Creative question example If you had to choose three items from your fridge that best matched your personality, which would they be and why? Eggs - I am tasty and able to help out in lots of situations. Chocolate - smooth sweet and able to cheer people up. Extra mature cheese- some love me some hate me I would choose cheese because it’s strong flavoured, loved by everyone and something my boyfriend can’t live without. Jelly because it can be wobbly but it’s fun and can be childish at times. And finally cocktail sausages because they are short and little like me. Don’t know
  18. 18. Shop vouchers INCENTIVES AND PRIZES Cheques through the post Amazon voucher Bank transfers PayPal transfers – business account! Is your project national or global? How many participants do you have? Did you factor in enough admin time? time savers when in bulkOnce you decide on the method, capture the correct details!
  19. 19. DISCUSSION GUIDE DESIGN Keep it snappy Allow yourself plenty of probes Make use of your platform’s features Avoid Yes/No questions Don’t ask everything at once Introduction is key! Encourage them to share audio visual materials Set challenges
  20. 20. WEEK 1: Discussion thread 1 – Introduction and warm-up Title – Getting to know you… As a starter for 10, it would be great if we can get to know you all a little bit better and to find out more about you. It’s always good to get the introductions out of the way early on! • Tell us a bit about yourself, maybe your hobbies or interests, how do you like to spend your spare time, if you get any? • How about your family life? Do you have any children? • If you work, what do you do, what is your role? • If you like to spend time with friends or family, where do you go, what do you do? • If we were to ask your friends how they would describe you, what 3 words would they use? (There is no need to be modest here!) Introduction example
  21. 21. Title – Tell us about your quitting attempts! We would now like to understand more about your attempts to quit smoking, the methods used, what worked better for you and what didn’t work. • How many times have you tried to quit smoking? • What motivated you to consider quitting? • What methods have you used and why? o What do you see as the most successful attempt that you’ve had? What was it that made it work for you? o What about the less successful attempts? Why did they not work? • Did you have any ways of dealing with cravings during your quit attempts? • How long do you typically manage to stay smoke free? • What is the longest you have stayed smoke free? • What usually triggers you to start smoking again? Please give us as many reasons as possible Topic example what they see further probes for moderator Further probes to build into the discussion where appropriate might include: Ø Were there any incentives that prompted you to consider quitting? Prompt if necessary: o Health o Money o Children / Loved ones o Appearance / Smell Ø What kind of support, if any, did you have from family / friends / other sources? Ø What else would have helped you in your quitting attempts? Ø How did you feel while you were quitting? Ø How did you feel when you’ve started again? Ø In terms of triggers do you ever feel Social / family pressures?
  22. 22. Clients have viewer access levels and can leave moderators private notes / further prompts Heat Mapping Mood board – allowing respondents to upload imagery Online diaries Pin boards - to highlight likes / dislikes Features and tools
  23. 23. Online one-to-one or group discussion Drag and drop / online polls Ideation – great for NPD / concept development, with ability to “vote” Features and tools
  24. 24. Heatmap examples
  25. 25. MODERATION The ‘invisible’ friend It’s ok to deviate from the guide! Informal language Replicate social media behaviour Factor in enough time to build relationships with your participants and make them feel heard and important!
  26. 26. Engaged participants, creative techniques and good moderators will together generate an incredible amount of data!
  27. 27. 1,484 Individual responses over a 4 week period 213 Hours total consultation time 2¼ Average hours each respondent engaged on the community 645 Page community Word export 4 weeks community with 90 people:
  28. 28. The data is ready, you just have to write the story!
  29. 29. #NewMR October 2019 Presentation copyright, the presenters and NewMR. Please credit when using. Q & A Irina Dimitriade Mustard Research Ray Poynter Potentiate
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