Cracking the Lead Gen Code


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Given at the Channel Partners Conference & Expo in Las Vegas, 2014, Angela Leavitt and Brian Leonard of Mojo Marketing discuss three tested methods for generating leads.

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Cracking the Lead Gen Code

  1. 1. PRESENTERS Angela Leavitt Brian Leonard Chief Mojo-Making Officer Chief Mojo-Fying Officer @mojomktg @mojomktg
  2. 2. Who Wants Leads?
  3. 3. Why Don’t the Old Tricks Work Anymore? • We are bombarded with information. • The “Sea of Sameness” is dizzying. • CXO’s have more information than EVER to make decisions with. • The Telecom Industry has a reputation for burning people. • We want our network’s opinion.
  4. 4. The Great Shift
  5. 5. Three Methods for Proven Lead Gen Success Hunting Fishing Farming
  6. 6. Guiding Principles & Assumptions • You are trustworthy o You have testimonials o You look legit, not mom & pop o Your reputation is stellar • You are constantly networking o You build your warm market o You stay in front
  7. 7. Here We Go… • We’ve been testing • We’re going to talk about o Exactly what to do o Numbers from results • But sorry, we’re under NDA .
  8. 8. Fishing: The “Launch” Model • Timing o 1-2 months of prep o 2-3 weeks of execution o 1-2 months of follow up
  9. 9. Fishing: The Launch Model 1. Research • • • • Pain points Questions Lowest hanging fruit What’s hot right now
  10. 10. Fishing: The Launch Model 2. Develop a “Mafia Offer” • Begin with the end in mind • Something they cannot refuse • Directly addresses your prospect’s pain & questions • Has some intriguing messaging • You must dig deep…the key to success lies here • It must STAND OUT (hint: free telecom audit is outdated)
  11. 11. Fishing: The Launch Model 3. Develop an educational video (20-30 min) • Address some of the questions you uncovered • Create some intrigue • Be entertaining • GIVE VALUE • Invite listeners to attend a webinar at the end • Goal: viewer knows, likes and trusts you
  12. 12. Fishing: The Launch Model 4. Create landing page • Include opt-in • Create more educational content (PDF downloads) • Include link to webinar registration
  13. 13. Fishing: The Launch Model 5. Create email auto responders • Thanks for viewing! Here’s more info… • And even more info… • More info still…and join the webinar to learn more
  14. 14. Fishing: The Launch Model 6. Drive traffic to landing page • Best way: through a strategic partner (3rd party) • Replicable Marketing (PPC, LinkedIn Ads, Remarketing) • BIG DATA AND FACEBOOK: HOLY COW • Your own email database/other lists • Cold List must be very targetted • Press releases • Social media
  15. 15. Fishing: The Launch Model 7. Conduct the Webinar: 1 hour • 80% educational / 20% offer • Address more pain • Show authority, leadership, connections
  16. 16. Fishing: The Launch Model 8. Present the offer • Include scarcity • Include testimonials • Repeat the offer three times
  17. 17. Fishing: The Launch Model Example: Industry List of: 1500 Webinar Signups: 64 Partner List of : 500 Attendees: 45 Email Open Rates: 23% New Customers: 10 The Key: The List and the Offer
  18. 18. Hunting
  19. 19. Going Caveman? We like to think of it as a kinder, more professional, more effective caveman.
  20. 20. Hunting • Choose a niche • Also depends on research and development of “Mafia Offer”
  21. 21. Hunting • Get a List • From Partners • From a List Broker o Must use a reputable list broker. o Some lists are junk. Burnt out. Obsolete.
  22. 22. Hunting Use Multiple Modalities o Touch o Site o Hearing
  23. 23. Hunting Lumpy Mail • Handwritten font on the envelope • Use a stamp • Send 1st Class
  24. 24. Hunting • Send “Lumpy Mail” to your hottest leads • Objects will always get past the gate keeper • Tie in the object with the offer • Be creative • The more personalized, the better • A 3-piece mail sequence works well • Story: The Rubix Cube
  25. 25. Hunting LinkedIn Mail • Email Connections • Email those you’re in a group with o Search “Linkedin Lead Liberation” online • Pay to upgrade
  26. 26. Hunting Email • Yeah. It still works • Use good subject lines • New video coming out in the Business Value Toolbox on subject lines in emails
  27. 27. Hunting • Create your emails, offering value o Videos o Blogs o Infographics o News/report o We are not selling, we are educating prospects into your funnel
  28. 28. Hunting • Use the Phone o Use Scripts o Leave Scripted Messages o Call Multiple Times
  29. 29. Hunting Pointers: o Use Scripts o Leave Scripted Messages  “I just sent you an email/mailer/Linkedin message”  “I’ve been trying to reach you for a while. I know you’re busy, I am too. I am very adament because I know I can help you. Etc.” o Call Multiple Times o Believe in your offer and pitch? Ask for 20 minutes of their time. If they don’t like the education you give them, you’ll give them $100.
  30. 30. Hunting Pointers: o Having more than one person involved in the process is more effective than having one carry out the entire process. o Have someone setup the appointment and another one close
  31. 31. Hunting Pointers*: o Wednesday and Thursday are the best days to call o Can you guess the worst? o 4-6 PM is best time to contact o 8-9 and 4-5 is the best time to qualify a lead *
  32. 32. Hunting Pointers*: o Response time is CRITICAL o The odds of contacting a lead decrease by 10 times when contacted more than 1 hour after the first indication of interest o The odds of contacting a lead decrease by 100 times when contacted after 5 minutes vs. 30 minutes.
  33. 33. Hunting Pointers: o Persistence is key o 10-12 touches total total o Some will talk to you purely out of curiosity or respect
  34. 34. Hunting: Marketing Automation • The How o Marketo o Pardot o HubSpot
  35. 35. Hunting: Marketing Automation Why Marketing Automation Software? • Manages prospects according to their interaction with you • Scores the leads, so you can see who’s hot and not • Provides invaluable data to help you track success and tweak where necessary
  36. 36. Hunting • Set up your rules • No open? Try an edgier subject line. • No click? Try more intriguing offer. • Likes videos? Send more videos. • Likes free reports? Send more free reports. • Moral: tailor the experience to each unique user.
  37. 37. Farm: The Thought Leadership Model 1. Think of your largest/most recognized company 2. Develop case study, video testimonial, other endorsement 3. Learn that industry’s jargon: Go Niche!
  38. 38. Farm: The Thought Leadership Model 4. Develop messaging around your specialization 5. Put it everywhere – Website – Business cards – Collateral – Social pages – Video content – Blog – Infographics
  39. 39. Farm: The Thought Leadership Model 6. Find the industry’s associations – Volunteer on their committees – Write blogs/articles for their publications – Participate in their LinkedIn groups – SPEAK at their events – Build relationships with their media people – Record targeted videos – Be creative – Develop a TRUE PARTNERSHIP – Work promotions through your partnership
  40. 40. Farm: The Thought Leadership Model 7. Leverage Big Data – Follow your prospects around the web (Google remarketing, Facebook ads, etc.) – Never been easier to target your EXACT audience – What they’ve purchased – What their interests are – Everything is moving toward “pay to play”
  41. 41. Farm: The Thought Leadership Model The Results? • Increased referrals • More trust (less having to “sell”) • Shorter sales cycles • Price becomes less of an issue • Prospects contact you pre-sold • More invitations to speak • The more of a “Rock Star” you become in that industry, the more leads and referrals you will receive
  42. 42. Contacts Angela Leavitt Chief Mojo-Making Officer Brian Leonard Chief Mojo-Fying Officer