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This is the standard format for EDSCI198 Methods of Research course

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Title page final format

  1. 1. COOPERATIVE LEARNING APPROACH AND PROBLEM SOLVING SKILLS OF STUDENTS IN FATIMA HIGH SCHOOL______________________________________________ An Undergraduate Thesis Presented to The Faculty, College of Education Mindanao State University General Santos City _________________________________ In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree Bachelor of Secondary Education _________________________ by DIASY C. CAMANSI July 2012
  2. 2. APPROVAL SHEET This undergraduate thesis entitled “COOPERATIVE LEARNINGAPPROACH AND PROBLEM SOLVING SKILLS OF STUDENTS” preparedand submitted by DIASY C. CAMANSI in partial fulfillment of the requirementsfor the degree BACHELOR OF SECONDARY EDUCATION has been examinedand is recommended for ORAL EXAMINATION. MARIA THERESA P. PELONES, D.M. Adviser PANEL OF EXAMINERS Approved by the committee on Oral ExaminationSALOME F. SESTINA, M.A. BERLITA Y. DISCA Chairman Member Accepted and approved in partial fulfillment of the requirements for thedegree Bachelor of Secondary Education. THELMA B. PAGUNSAN, M.S. Dean___________ Date ii
  3. 3. ACKNOWLEDGMENT The researcher would like to express her heartfelt gratitude to the personswhom she considers made a big help for the success and realization of thisthesis manuscript. To Dr. Maria Theresa P. Pelones, her adviser for her kindness andpatience in sharing her time, knowledge and expertise with me and for givingvaluable advices concerning thesis matters. To Prof. Berlita Y. Disca and Prof. Salome F. Sestina, her panelists for thecomments, criticisms, and suggestions for it gave her the chance to improve andmake this thesis manuscript better. To Prof. Thelma Pagunsan, the Dean of the College of Edcucation forallowing her to conduct the study. To the Principal of Fatima High School, for allowing her to conduct herstudy. To the Junior students of Fatima High School, who served as therespondents of this study; To her friends, Jenna, Bonnamai, Arvin, Wilmar, Jesther, Joel, Demarand other classmates for their encouragement and support for the success of thismanuscript. To her family, for their unconditional love and care, for supporting hermorally, emotionally, financially, and spiritually. iii
  4. 4. Lastly, to our Almighty God, for all the blessings, protection, guidance,strength, knowledge, and wisdom. It is only by His grace that the researcher wasable to surpass the challenges she have encountered. D.C.C. iv
  5. 5. TABLE OF CONTENTS PageTITLE PAGE ---------------------------------------------------------- iAPPROVAL SHEET -------------------------------------------------------- iiACKNOWLEDGMENT ---------------------------------------------------------- iiiTABLE OF CONTENTS ----------------------------------------------------------- ivCHAPTER I. THE PROBLEM Introduction ----------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 Statement of the Problem ----------------------------------------------- 2 Scope and Delimitation ------------------------------------------------ 3 Significance of the Study --------------------------------------------- 4 II REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE AND STUDIES Related Literature ------------------------------------------------------- 6 Related Studies ---------------------------------------------------------- 16 Hypothesis ----------------------------------------------------------- 19 Definition of Terms ---------------------------------------------------------- 19 III. METHODOLOGY Research Design --------------------------------------------------------- 22 Research Locale ------------------------------------------------------- 22 Research Respondents ---------------------------------------------------- 23 Research Instrument ----------------------------------------------------- 23 v
  6. 6. Data Gathering Procedure ----------------------------------------------- 25 Statistical Treatment -------------------------------------------------------- 25 IV. PRESENTATION, ANALYSIS, AND INTERPRETATION OF DATA –---------------------------------------------- 28 V. SUMMARY,FINDINGS,CONCLUSIONS, AND RECOMMENDATIONS Summary ------------------------------------------------------------------- 36 Findings -------------------------------------------------------------------- 37 Conclusions ---------------------------------------------------------------- 38 Recommendations ------------------------------------------------------- 38BIBLIOGRAPHY --------------------------------------------------------------------- 40APPENDICES A. Letter of Permission ----------------------------------------------------- 42 B. Letter to the Class Advisers -------------------------------------------- 43 C. Cooperative Learning Questionnaire ------------------------------- 44 D. Problem Solving Skills Questionnaire ------------------------------- 46 E. Letter for Instrument Validation --------------------------------------- 48 F. Validation Questionnaire ----------------------------------------------- 49 G. Frequency of the Extent of Usage of Cooperative Learning Approach by the Teachers at Fatima High School ----------------------------------------------------------- 52 H. Frequency of the Problem Solving Skills of the Students In Fatima High School ------------------------------------------------ 53 I. Multiple Regression Analysis -------------------------------------------- 54CURRICULUM VITAE ----------------------------------------------------------------- 60 vi
  7. 7. LIST OF TABLESTable Page 1 Distribution of Respondents ------------------------------------------------- 23 2 The Extent of Usage Of Cooperative Learning Approach by the Teachers at Fatima High School----------------------- 29 3 The Problem Solving Skills of the Students in Fatima High School - ------------------------------------------------------- 31 4 Relationship of the Cooperative Learning Approach and the Problem Solving Skills of Students in Fatima High School ------------------------------------------------------------------- 34 vii
  8. 8. CORRECTION MATRIXName: Diasy C. Camansi Date: July, 2012Year & Course: III- BSEd Math Section: Thesis Title: “COOPERATIVE LEARNING APPROACH AND PROBLEM SOLVING SKILLS OF STUDENTS IN FATIMA HIGH SCHOOL”Date of Final Defense: June 20, 2012Thesis Adviser: Panel Member:DR. MARIA THERESA P. PELONES PROF. BERLITA Y. DISCA PROF. SALOME F. SESTINA SUGGESTED RECOMMENDED BY CORRECTIONS MADE PAGE CORRECTIONSFront Page Format Prof.Sestina, Dr. Add the name of the Title Page Pelones and Prof. school in the title and Disca follow the correct format.Approval Sheet Dr. Pelones and Prof. Follow the correct format Approval SheetFormat Disca and delete the word Page Prof.Follow the correct Dr. Pelones, and Prof. Make some revision, AcknowledgemFormat for Disca follow the correct format, ent PageAcknowledgement and the verbs were in the past formUse the correct format Dr. Pelones, Prof. Follow the correct format Table ofin spacing Sestina, and Prof. in spacing and page Contents Page Disca numbers were aligned with the letter e of the word pageEdit spacing, delete Dr. Pelones, and Prof. Spacing was edited, and Introductionthe word of at the Disca the verbs were in their pagesecond sentence and past form. The wordmake some cooperative learningcorrections with the was in small letters.verbs.Improve the Dr. Pelones and Prof. The word seeks was 2Statement of the Disca changed to sought, andproblem letters a.b…e were used instead of 1.1-1.5..2.1- 2.5Improve the Dr. Pelones and Prof. The word help was 4Significance of the Disca changed to helped andStudy the word cooperative learning approach was in small letters viii
  9. 9. Improve the RRL and Dr. Pelones and Prof. The RRL was improved; 6-16provide the author Disca the letters of theand year in every variables were alreadyRRL and add small; RRL wasliterature for initiative summarized; theand persistence and commas after the authorsummarize were removed; literature for initiative and persistence were added; the word NWCET was spelled out; and the last paragraph was deleted.Add related studies Dr. Pelones and Prof. Related studies are 16-18and summarize, Disca added and summarizedRephrase the Dr. Pelones, Prof. The hypothesis was 19-21Hypothesis and Disca, and Prof. rephrased and theimprove the Definition Sestina letters for everyof terms variables were in small letters and the definitions were indicated first before the author and the word operationally and as used in the study were used instead of likewise.Make some revisions Dr. Pelones, Prof, Descriptive correlative 22-23for the Research Disca, and Prof. was used, theDesign,Research Sestina distribution ofRespondents, and respondents was inResearch Locale single space and the computation was not yet included; the population was changed to letter N as well as the sample size to n and the last sentence was deleted.Improve the Dr. Pelones and Prof. The research instrument 23discussion of Disca was improved, theResearch Instrument description for the scale was the extent of usage of cooperative learning approach as well as the problem solving skills, and the description was not cut.Revise the research Prof. Disca, Dr. The word room-to-room 25procedure and Pelones, and Prof. was deleted, the scaleStatistical Treatment Sestina description was in small font, and the treatment used were described.Improve the Prof. Sestina, Dr. The table 2 and 3 were 28-35Presentation, Pelones, and Prof. not cut, table 3 wasAnalysis, and Disca aligned, the wordsInterpretation of Data described as and rated as were used, the = sign was changed to of, the ix
  10. 10. tables were in single spacing, and implications for every results were provided.Improve the Prof. Disca and Dr. The verbs were in its 36-38Summary, Findings, Pelones past form and theConclusions, and findings andRecommendations. recommendations were aligned.Arrange the Dr. Pelones, Prof. The Bibliography was 40Bibliography in Disca, and Prof. arranged in alphabeticalAlphabetical Order Sestina order.Attach the validators Dr. Pelones, Prof. The validators result 49result in Appendix F Disca, and Prof. summary was attached. SestinaSigle space for Dr. Pelones, Prof. Appendix G was in 52Appendix G Disca, and Prof. smaller fonts for the Sestina table would not be cut.Attach the summary Dr. Pelones, Prof. The summary of 54for every components Disca, and Prof. Problem Solving Skillsfor Problem Solving Sestina was provided.Skills in Appendix IPrepared by:DIASY C. CAMANSI JOVANIE ORA Proponent Secretary CONFORMED BY: DR. MARIA THERESA P. PELONES Adviser Recommendations: for binding for routing Others: PROF. BERLITA Y. DISCA Chairman Recommendations: for binding for routing Others: PROF. SALOME F. SESTINA Member Recommendations: for binding for routing Others: x
  11. 11. xi