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Exercise (t able and mail merge)


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Exercise (t able and mail merge)

  1. 1. NAME: _________________________________________ DATE: _________________________________COURSE: ______________________________________ YEAR: __________________________________ Word 2007 Intermediate – Exercises I. Tables ( 30 points) 1. On a new document: click the Insert Table button and specify 3 columns with 2 rows. 2. Type the following information, press t to move from cell to cell. General Santos City High School Calumpang, General Santos City 82880 Lagao National High School Purok Malakas, General Santos 83012 City New Society National High School Apopong, General Santos City 83050 General Santos City School of Arts LAgao, General Santos City 82440 and Trade Meadows School of the Arts Dean’s Suite, Storey Hall 82621 Perkins School of Theology 202 Kirby Hall 85465 Simmons School of Education 6410 N. Ownby 82435 3. Save the document as WORD TABLE EXERCISE (Fullname).docx 4. Select the third column then display Table Tools Layout ribbon. In the Cell Size group, click the drop down arrow under Autofit, select AutoFit Contents to make it more narrow. You could do the same thing to column one and two to widen them if they need it. 5. Select the second column, in the Rows & Columns group click Insert Column to the Left. 6. Add the following information in the new column: José Bowen; Albert Niemi; Geoffrey Orsak; Cordelia Candelaria; John Attanasio; William Lawrence; David Chard 7. Save again. 8. Click in front of Meadows; in the Rows & Columns group click Insert Above twice to insert two blank rows. 9. Select the four cells in the first row; click Merge Cells (in the Merge group) to make one cell. 10. Type Academic Deans in the first row; on the second row, type School in the first column, Dean in the second column, Office in the third column and Phone in the last column. 11. Save the document again. Click below the table and press e at least 4 times to put in blank lines. Then copy the table below the first table on the second blank line. [Select the whole table, click Copy, click on the blank line, click Paste.] 12. Click in the first table, display the Table Tools Design. Select a Table Style. If you want to try a different Style, click Undo and select another Table Style. 13. Click in the second table. Display the Table Tools Designribbon. Click the More button for Table Styles. Click New Table Style at the very bottom of the window. 14. Type a name for the new style on the first line: Class Style 15. Apply Formatting To has Whole Table selected. While “Whole Table” is specified, select a Font, Font Size, and Font Color. 16. Select Header Row for Apply Formatting To. Make it Bold, give it Shading, and possibly change the Font Color for the Header Row. For the Header Row also select an Alignment like Align Top Center. 17. Add Borders and additional Shading as desired. 18. When finished defining the Style, click OK. 19. Click in the second table, click the More button for Table Styles. Click to select your new style at the top of the list.
  2. 2. 20. Save the file again.21. Select all of the table rows starting with the second row, “School”.22. Display the Table Tools Layout ribbon. Click Sort in the Data group. Select Header row in the bottom left corner of the Sort dialog box. Select School for Sort By. Click OK.23. Save the file again.II. Mail Merge Letters with New List (50 points)1. Start a new document. Display the Mailings ribbon.2. In the Start Mail Merge group, click the down arrow on the Start Mail Merge button. Click Step by Step Mail Merge Wizard.3. The Mail Merge task pane will be displayed on the right as it did in Word 2003.4. In the task pane on the right, click Letters, click Next: Starting document (at the bottom of the task pane).5. Select Use the current document, then click Next: Select recipients.6. Select Type a new list, click Create.7. Click the Customize Columns button in the lower left, the Customize Address List dialog box is displayed. Remove each of the following fields by selecting the field name and clicking the Delete button. Fields to delete: Company Name, Address Line 2, Country or Region, Home Phone, Work Phone.8. Select Address Line 1, click the Rename button and rename the field: Address click OK.9. Click the Add button, type: Interest click OK.10. Save the file as Patrons in the Word folder.11. Type the following 5 records, press t after each entry, press t after the last field to go to the next new record. [for State on all five type TX)Title Mr.First Name JohnLast Name SmithAddress 100 Main StreetCity DallasZip Code 75201Email training100@smu.eduInterest athleticsTitle Ms.First Name MelindaLast Name MatthewsAddress 301 Elm StreetCity DallasZip Code 75201Email training102@smu.eduInterest concertTitle Mr.First Name RyanLast Name AmberAddress 1500 BuckinghamCity GarlandZip Code 75040Email training104@smu.eduInterest concertTitle Dr.First Name MariaLast Name Garcia
  3. 3. Address 2402 Custer City Plano Zip Code 75075 Email Interest theater Title Ms. First Name Susan Last Name Johnson Address 200 Throckmorton City Ft. Worth Zip Code 76010 Email Interest athletics 12. When the last entry is typed, click OK, save the file in the Word folder as Patrons. Click OK to close the recipient list. 13. Click Next: Write your letter. 14. On the main document, display the Insert ribbon, click Date and Time in the Text group, select the date format desired, click OK. Press e 2 times. 15. Click Address Block click OK. Press e 3 times. 16. Click Greeting Line, click OK press e twice. [a comma is included in the Greeting Line] 17. Type the text in the text box below, to insert the code «Interest» click More items, select Interest. Click Insert, then Close. ( Your copy will have additional blank lines) Today’s date << AddressBlick>> <<GreetingLine>> Thank you for answering our recent survey. In appreciation for your taking the time to respond to our survey we would like to send your two tickets. Because of your interest in <<interest>>, your tickets will be for the next upcoming << Interest>> event to be held in SM City, General Santos City. Please feel free to contact me (094) 9425-4281 if there is anything we can do for you. 18. . Press e two times, type Sincerely, press e four times, and type your name. 19. Select the entire document, select a Font if desired, the Font Size should be at least 12. 20. Click Next: Preview your letters. Scroll through the recipients’ letters. 21. Click Next: Complete the merge. Click Edit individual letters. 22. In the letters to Mr. John Smith and to Ms. Susan Brown, in the sentence: “Because of your interest in athletics, your tickets will be for the next upcoming athletics event.” Change “athletics event” to “golf tournament”. 23. Display the Print Preview to see the letters. Close the preview. 24. Save as Patron letters for the filename.Directory with Excel database 1. On a New document, display the Mailings ribbon. In the Start Mail Merge group, click the down arrow on the Start Mail Merge button. Click Step by Step Mail Merge Wizard. 2. Click Directory then Next: Starting document. Use current document is selected. 3. On the current document, create a table: display the Insert ribbon, click Table, Insert Tableselect 3 Columns and 1 Row then click OK. Click Next: Select recipients. 4. Click Browse, look in the Word folder, select Students.xlsx, click Open. 5. While the Mail Merge Recipients window is open, click Sort. Sort First by Last Name and Then by First Name. Click OK. 6. Click Next: Arrange your directory. Click More items. Insert the fields as indicated and add spaces and commas as needed:
  4. 4. <<LastNames>>,<<First Name>> <<Address>> <<Phone Number>> <<City>>, <<Country>>, <<ZipCode>> 7. Click Next: Preview your directory. You will see one record. 8. Click Next: Complete the merge. Click To New Document. Select All and click OK. 9. Look over the resulting table. Look at Print Preview. Save as Directory(Fullname).docx 10. . If there is time add a Header Row and formatting as desired. Select the Header Row and display the Table Tools Layout ribbon. Click Repeat Header Rows in the Data group on the far right. [The Header Row will display at the top of each page.]ASSIGNMENT: (due on August 18, 2012) 1. Make a contrast about features of MS Excel 2003 , MSExcel 2007 and MSExcel 2010 2. Define the following terms a. Cell b. Active Cell c. Row Heading d. Column Heading e. Mixed Address f. Label g. Formula h. Functions 3. Describe and Paste the MSExcel Windows Environment.