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20 Innovation Ideas From Lab Works


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This post gathers some of the best quotes I heard during Lab Works. It's an annual event that brings together the growing international network of innovation labs, units, offices and teams working inside and alongside Government on society’s biggest challenges.

This slideshare accompanies a post on my blog - so head on over to my twitter account for the links @paulbromford.

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20 Innovation Ideas From Lab Works

  1. 1. 20 Innovation Ideas From Lab Works Gathered from #LabWorks, London 9th and 10th July 2015
  2. 2. Labs need to move from being awesome but marginal players to become a main way we design and test public services Mainstreamed Innovation
  3. 3. @christianbason On public service design: It’s not about just what works. It's about how it feels. What about magic? Enchantment? Experience?
  4. 4. Sometimes the greatest contribution we can make is taking the worst ideas off the table @derekbmiller
  5. 5. Design has the power to change lives in a way that a 250 page report does not @christianbason
  6. 6. @B_I_Tweets on how we all think our ideas are good ones: We are guilty of ‘optimism bias’ Let's reserve describing ideas as "good" until we've seen how they interact with the real world.
  7. 7. More transparency More rigorous sharing of data More peer review with shared testing of theories More creative engaged conversations - with more people. @LeadbeaterCh on how we can have more impact:
  8. 8. Innovation Labs could be seen as an insult to every other employee - unless you make them the innovators - @nicklansley
  9. 9. The challenge is to turn wicked problems into wicked opportunities - @wdeggers
  10. 10. You need to be clear why you want a Lab. Just because it's sexy and you can doesn't mean you should. Andrea Kershaw of @ideo on Innovation Labs:
  11. 11. Forget copying others - you should develop your approach to innovation based on your own organisational culture
  12. 12. “Innovation envy” – once one leader has seen and felt the benefits, others will want a bit of what they’ve got - @jmsndrsn Best way to create an appetite for change in leaders?
  13. 13. The thing we need most in public policy is intrinsically motivated people. The way we currently measure destroys that. @snowded
  14. 14. If you can't explain your projects coherently in 10 seconds to the rest of the business, the lab isn't hitting the mark.
  15. 15. What you want from your innovation lab is disruption but not mayhem. By disruption I mean thinking across silos. @GoldsmithOnGov
  16. 16. Innovation is not about training the trainers it’s about facilitating the facilitators - @tprehn
  17. 17. Whenever there's a problem, see who has already been working to solve it. Almost always – you’ll find someone. @geoffmulgan
  18. 18. Approach problems with creativity. We aren't all hammers, our problems aren't all nails – @GoldsmithOnGov
  19. 19. Design already exists in real life systems. Labs need to fit better with what is already there – @derekbmiller
  20. 20. Instead of talking about failure we should shift the discussion to lessons learned and how we manage blame - @carriebish
  21. 21. It doesn't matter if innovation is disruptive or incremental, so long as it makes a difference - @jmsndrsn
  22. 22. 20 Innovation Ideas From Lab Works Follow @paulbromford and @bromfordlab for more