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Getting Your Organisation Innovation Ready


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How can you boost innovation in your organisation?

What are the three corporate idea killers?

And how can cope with the late majority who (secretly) don't really want to see any change?

This presentation draws lessons from the foundation of Bromford Lab and introducing change to a large organisation.

It was originally presented at a Local Government Comms event on 25th March.

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Getting Your Organisation Innovation Ready

  1. 1. lob 1_ i_, i 1 i’ i Y? 1" / , -, Getting Your Organisation Innovation Ready Paul Taylor — Innovation Coach 7 BromfordLab [L51 — gm‘: 'Ii1J’l‘; |_iiI'
  2. 2. Icsb I could give you a long list of things do [which would be boring] support people. invest "n comrnunities. hwse people. find people iobs. bu"? -d homes rert homes. repair homes. sell homes. retirement living. manage money. help troubled fem ‘as. provide community hubs mental health services housng managemert raise finance young families services older persons services property development . social rnovation. soual value. uaoh scxmons. Dr I could just say we try to unlock potential in people and help them achieve their aspirations
  4. 4. ASTRC] TELLER ON MOONSHUTS It's often easier to make something 10 times better than it is to make it 10% better. And we need ’lUx gains to solve some of the biggest problems facing humankind
  5. 5. lcsb But how many of us could name our organisational moonshot? -: llfg| ;5-LN: ’¥l3iL. §I'4l : :ii. :. nii«i: :_L. . _= .i: .I; v:. i:~: I:| :¢«i: m.I: i=I ' . i,‘i? ';); E.llllt'§= ln‘| . _ t‘I; c:: :imi-tiiig-gigs:
  6. 6. .-, N l lcsb fl|5l‘T'IElI'%. l5lAlL 'lTAILElk'l‘lT Moel organisations do liille wilh lhis where the magic happens and no+hing wiih fhis L ‘ lEX. 'FlEE'2?. L“{I£lL TAILENT
  7. 7. . »R, r2W' ' ' 1‘: )2?‘ ‘ / I air‘ ‘XL, . . ’ . r? ""“"‘ hf -. ,, ¢:~‘ '3. ‘! ICFF3 ,7 " i - r ‘. ‘ if V :1. ; I N -‘ ' in, * FL I, ’ . - The Lab is a creative network for colleagues . customers and partners to imagine how we’d do things if we started again
  8. 8. B. Eorly Mojorily lob . . Lole Moiorily Eorly Adopiers I : Innovolors 1 ‘ LO99_C‘Id5 2.5% 13.5% 34% 34% l 6% Rogers Diffusion Of Innovation Bell PholoBizCooch. com BeoleCheleHe. com Why are we surprised when people don’t welcome innovation?
  9. 9. 0 lab Laggard Leadership You have two options: A - build a coalition for change B - get out and work somewhere else
  10. 10. Assembling a coalition of rebels
  11. 11. Rebel create missionfocussed passion optimist energygenerating attract possibilities together Troublemaker complain mefocused anger pessimist energy-sapping alienate problems alone source: Lois Kelly vvvwi/ .foghound. com
  12. 12. '°b Meetings: the best way to kill ideas BEFORE NF. BUILD ANYTHING. LET'S POWERPOINT THE IDEA TO DEATH omc e OOTIIS . com
  13. 13. CoIlI’o&ATE Ht akmuw _ Icib . .. The next best way to kill ideas I; You ARE. HERE. Cl Brmnsiuu (cm
  14. 14. '°b The final nail in the idea coffin
  15. 15. lob Boosdngyour innovadon capacmy Identify who is responsible for riiirLi, iring bright. ideas Make sure they solve the right proI'iIems Give them a sale space where it's OK to be crazy Let them work with anyone regardless of iob description Make ideas visible
  16. 16. lob Turning the network into a movement Internal social - Yammer Company blogs External Social Customei‘ Blogs Lightning Talks Comment: iorunis
  17. 17. B. IAVESV DEAS CONTENT LUNCIPIS CONVIETED CONCEPTS SUGMII ANIDEA BECOMEAIAB ‘ESTER LAB BLOG lab Welcome lo lhe Lob The lab is the creolive network oi Bromlord - o social enterprise specialising in supporl, housing ond lroining. Blurring the boundaries of internal and external comms
  18. 18. WATCH US LIKE A HAWK (IF YOU LIKE] We've been using trello to stash all our golden brain nuggets in one place for some time. More importantly, trello records all of the progress we make towards developing, testing and evaluating your ideas. Click the image below to link through to our trcllo board and see what we're up to. Whilst wc-‘vo avoided all the jargon we can, it still might help to get acquainted with our basic terminology by checking out the lab language infographic Succeeding [and failing] in public
  19. 19. B. What Most What Successful lab People Think People Know We need to talk about failure Trust In organisations In flatllning: We need a new language of honesty We need to admlt we don't have all the answers Stop saying how great you are
  20. 20. lob IDEA SOLVE PROBLEM BUILD PROTOTYPE 4- RELEASE IT KILL IT If ign’l rocket Qcience - but if we sluck lo fhis we’d have a very different public ceclor
  21. 21. IC: -lb : :_r 1 r . x’/ - / Thanks! Paul Taylor — Innovation Coach 7 BromfordLab [LEI — l_m_l‘| |'Il1J’l‘JI_ll rl ida. ryrhs