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A Fresh Look at Loneliness and Social Isolation


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A presentation looking at the work of Bromford Lab and our findings so far on loneliness.

Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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A Fresh Look at Loneliness and Social Isolation

  1. 1. Taking a fresh look at Loneliness Turning Problems Into Opportunities Paul Taylor - Innovation Coach - Bromford Lab @paulbromford
  2. 2. Bromford Formerly a housing association Now Becoming a people association
  3. 3. Bromford Lab Innovation Lab established 2014 to introduce: Joined up problem definition Fail fast experimentation More agility into testing Organisational headspace for creative thinking
  4. 4. ...and we aim to kill bureaucracy *or at least tame it
  5. 5. Once you’ve eliminated fear of failure You can imagine pretty much anything
  6. 6. Our Wicked Problem Every 12 weeks we focus on one BIG thing that has emerged as something important to customers and colleagues Currently it’s turning loneliness from a problem to an opportunity
  7. 7. Provocation Is social isolation partly a result of how the citizen services sector has organised itself?
  8. 8. We created a narrative of lonely older people
  9. 9. And a narrative of perma- connected younger people
  10. 10. What if we stopped misery mapping and looking for deficits and weakness?
  11. 11. What if , instead , we asked every single employee in the social sector to look for assets and strengths?
  12. 12. What if we created physical and virtual bump spaces to encourage conversations?
  13. 13. Do we need a Tinder for loneliness?
  14. 14. Can Co-Living Solve Loneliness?
  15. 15. What if we just gave people greater influence over who lived next door?
  16. 16. Is Anti-Social Behaviour really just a sign of loneliness?
  17. 17. What if we just stuck a GoPro on a goat and let it loose in a community?
  18. 18. What if everyone became a coach and community connector?
  19. 19. Conclusions So Far
  20. 20. We are in danger of rushing to technology as a solution Overlap of digital resources is creating a difficult to navigate environment
  21. 21. Bromford doesn’t need to digitise the service We need to humanise it and be unafraid in not following the crowd
  22. 22. We need to tap into existing community networks not create them
  23. 23. The opportunity for innovation lies squarely in the removal of practice, procedure and policy that inhibits conversation and creativity
  24. 24. We need to build in obsolescence for much of our service. Are we brave enough to design ourselves out to solve loneliness?
  25. 25. Thanks @paulbromford @bromfordlab
  26. 26. Credits Special thanks to all the people who made and released these awesome resources for free: ✘ Presentation template by SlidesCarnival ✘ Photographs by Unsplash