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Lean Day: West recap (censored)

To decompress from the awesome talks and workshops at Lean Day: West, I built a presentation to share with my colleagues in order to share some of the stories of real-world Lean Engineering and Lean Startup. Apologies for removing some privileged information, and for the font weirdness!

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Lean Day: West recap (censored)

  1. 1. #LeanDayWest the 2013 conference and what it taught me about lean and our team Taylor J. Meek
  2. 2. “A high school student’s brain goes dead in lecture mode. In the professional world, lectures == meetings.” Greg Petroff GE
  3. 3. 14 speakers sharing stories about how they used Lean to innovate within their b u s i n e s s Bill Scott & Cody Evol PayPal Dane Petersen GE Karel Barnoski GE Greg Petroff GE Lionel Mohri Intuit Farrah Bostic The Difference Engine Aaron Sanders The Weather Channel Jeff Hutkoff The Weather Channel Emily Holmes Hobsons Ben Burton, Jono Mallanyk neo Lean Day: West was 3 things an opportunity to meet with others who face the same problems we face Karel Barnoski GE Lean User Experience Leader and practice the Lean approach to solving engineering p r o b l e m s
  4. 4. why did these companies employ lean? to keep from being disrupted by a market that would have beat them to it “Refactor your way out of technical debt. If you have crappy stuff out there, eventually it catches up with you and you get disrupted by someone doing it better.” Bill Scott PayPal be more innovative. stop wasting people's time. be more successful.
  5. 5. why did these companies employ lean? it’s a way to deal with growth it’s a way to deal with technical debt when companies grow, they specialize specialization leads to deep silos deep silos leads to lack of understanding results in no strong ownership rapid growth can lead to technology outpaced by the current need ratio of work to improvement out of whack “There’s too much to do!” it’s a way to deal with uncertainty without measuring: how do you know where you are? how do you know when you’re done?
  6. 6. how did these companies employ lean? found a catalyst for change a leader from inside or out who took personal responsibility for the lean transformation and empowered a team with a vision “Start with vision. Ideas are cheap.” “To spur innovation, leaders need to shift from judges to coaches.” “Don’t be a distractor, be an empowerer.” Lionel Mohri Intuit
  7. 7. how did these companies employ lean? seized upon a crisis, or forced one • PayPal couldn’t create a product in less than 6 months • GE couldn’t give its 300,000 person team tools to communicate • The Weather Channel was facing the collapse of Cable TV
  8. 8. how did these companies employ lean? adopted the principles of lean 1. entrepreneurs are everywhere and they are the catalysts 2. entrepreneurship is management 3. validate learning because learning is why business starts 4. measure the boring stuff 5. employ the feedback loop build – measure – learn
  9. 9. how did these companies employ lean? BUILD MEASURELEARN got to work building a Minimal Viable Product
  10. 10. what did these companies do? • Colocation was essential • Included engineers, QA, and the product's manager from the outset • Allowed free access to customers Put a team in one room to work on one product Gave them paper, a whiteboard, and laptops Their goal: Make a hypothesis and develop a rapid prototype to test it They met every day on this, but it wasn’t a meeting, it was on-the-fly engineering Once every (short period), they bring customers in to see it and test the hypothesis The prototype becomes the production product
  11. 11. the ancillary benefit the more shared understanding, shared vocabulary, shared ownership, the less design documentation is required resulting in a living specification the working prototype a team that “gets” it and less politics
  12. 12. we’re already doing some lean CENSORE D CENSORE D CENSORE D CENSORE D customer collaboration pair programming rapid iterations test to build customer collaboration agile planning rapid iterations prototype as a spec rapid development KISS easily iterated customer collaboration rapid iterations test to build
  13. 13. seven themes @ Lean Day: West lean can scale GE, PayPal be objective: just because we love it doesn’t mean it’s good “Test your hypothesis.” lean can cross industries jet engines educational software financial services perception of roles must change “The hanging-on of expectations and duties because of business cards stymies innovation.” empower everyone to participate in the product process don’t be afraid to throw things away “Just because you’re building it (or on it) doesn’t mean it’s good.” cultures must shift “This is a different way of working and addressing the problems of our business”
  14. 14. one more thing…
  15. 15. the last word – on change “Trying to change culture? Expect to come back with scars.” Stephane Kasriel, former PayPal VP of Mobile Development