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Working Out Loud Through Open Innovation


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Originally presented for NHS England at #CAHPO16 - this deck looks at innovation and working out loud It proposes that through digital technology we have a huge opportunity to join sectors and boost our capacity and capability for innovation and change

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Working Out Loud Through Open Innovation

  1. 1. Sharing, learning and connecting through open innovation or the Bromford Lab guide to working out loud Paul Taylor I’m Coach at @BromfordLab You can find me at @paulbromford
  2. 2. “ So many of us , right around the world , are working on solving exactly the same problems. Huge amounts of global talent seeking to address climate change, income and health inequality, lack of affordable housing, unemployment, ageing, digital exclusion and loneliness. All uncoordinated and fragmented.
  3. 3. The challenge is connecting the players and closing the gaps
  4. 4. Many of our most challenging business issues, fall into the category of Wicked Problems These aren't amenable to the single organisation, top down instinct to define, analyse, dissect and process.
  5. 5. Do we want ideas and opportunities explored through machinery?
  6. 6. Or through networks? The Rebels 😆😈 The Pragmatists 🙈🙉🙊 The Idealists 😃😍 The Investors 😇😟 The Doers 👷👮 The Doubters 😬😤 Open INNOVATION
  7. 7. The corporate intranet The biggest innovation slayer in existence today?
  8. 8. “ If we organise our work around the way we are currently structured we lock ourselves to the present - restricting the ability for people to imagine a different future If we make our thinking private property we are effectively closing our organisational borders to others
  9. 9. Traditional vs Networked Innovation Traditional Organisation based Do it ourselves Planned Suggestion schemes Controlled Seeks standardisation “The smart people are here” Networked System based Do it with others Can be chaotic Open sourced Fluid Seeks diversification “We need more input”
  10. 10. “Working Out Loud = Observable Work + Narrating Your Work” Bryce Williams
  11. 11. Open innovation - the use of purposive inflows and outflows of knowledge to accelerate internal innovation, and expand the markets for external use of innovation, respectively (Chesbrough, 2003)
  12. 12. However - it’s not the social sector who are leading the way in transparency and openness
  13. 13. Problem definition 12 weeks max Coaching Think 10x bigger prototype Test Evaluate Fail? Prepare exit resource for scale
  14. 14. The Bromford Lab approach to open innovation Think beyond organisation and sector - that means changing your jargon and tone of voice Share everything you can - with a range of digital tools Have an easily accessible dashboard so people can see what you’re thinking and doing Act on report recommendations before writing more of your own Ditch ideas when you can seen people are already working on them Encourage partnerships that challenge your practice Be social - respond to comments, welcome ideas and challenge Make it fun and engaging - most people don’t want to read a boring report
  15. 15. The second incarnation of our Trello public dashboard
  16. 16. Sharing the journey of our learning
  17. 17. Sharing and connecting knowledge across sectors via: Twitter YouTube Instagram Trello Periscope Medium Vine
  18. 18. Continual renewal. Provoker of change. Maker of new products and services. Problem Definition Design Test Pilot Phased Implementation Delivery Sharing the evolution of how we work
  19. 19. Sharing the successes and learning from failure Allowable failure rate of 70% means we don’t have any vested interests in spinning a story Imagine if all across the social sector we shared the failures as well as the successes?
  20. 20. The big public sector innovation challenge: The need for innovation and change is at an all time high The capacity for innovation and change is at an all time low
  21. 21. Who has asked for your bright idea? Does it solve at least one problem for people? What unique benefit does it have compared to what’s already available? Three questions to ask of any change or innovation programme:
  22. 22. Corporate Initiative-itis Vanity Projects Walking Dead Zombies We need less talk of innovation and more about impact..
  23. 23. Digital technology means we can share and learn in ways unimaginable even 10 years ago We have an opportunity before us to connect sectors and boost our capacity for innovation and change. We must not waste it Twitter: @paulbromford Mail: Thanks!
  24. 24. Credits Special thanks to all the people who made and released these awesome resources for free: ◉Presentation template by SlidesCarnival ◉Photographs by Unsplash