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Does your business need an Innovation Lab?


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Should your organisation consider a formalised approach for innovation? And should it commit to an Innovation Lab approach?

Originally presented at the Chartered Institute of Housing Annual Conference in Manchester, England.

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Does your business need an Innovation Lab?

  1. 1. Do Housing Associations need Innovation Labs? Paul Taylor @paulbromford Innovation Coach
  2. 2. Don’t get involved in delivery Keep It Simple Stupid Create prototypes that are safe to fail Embed a culture of innovation Our learning - The best innovation functions:
  3. 3. The Innovation Lab is a creative space that tests concepts and ideas before they become projects. The Lab uses the principles of Open Innovation. the practice of merging your internal assets and resources with those outside your organisation `The Lab is hosted by Bromford and will contain Bromford colleagues and customers – it will also work with Universities, Think Tanks, and Entrepreneurs
  4. 4. It’s a network not a team We want our innovation work out in the open. Anyone can pop in and see what we are working on. It’ll have a lot of visuals – from drawings on walls to actual models people can have a look at and play with. . . We want to be able to help colleagues “green-house“ ideas and turn them into practical models and business solutions. We also want to be able to host visitors who could help Bromford solve big problems that need fixing.
  5. 5. Incremental These are small easily achieved, but often significant “new and improved” ways of doing things This work would account for about 30% of the Labs time.
  6. 6. Colleague Check In – Claiming expenses/Lone Worker Safety eliminated through development of mobile app
  7. 7. Breakthrough This is a truly meaningful change in the way we do business This work will be approximately 50% of Lab time
  8. 8. Open Source Communities: Using software and simple applications such as the Wikihouse model and WikiCommunity to allow customers to start developing and creating
  9. 9. Transformational We are inventing something completely new The Lab would never spend more than 20% of time on these due to the low conversion rate.
  10. 10. The £500 Primark home Disposable living
  11. 11. Do Housing Associations need Innovation Labs? Paul Taylor @paulbromford Innovation Coach