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Creating A Culture That's Innovation Ready


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Originally presented at #NIFHA14 - this deck charts the journey of Bromford over 10 years looking at culture , social innovation , digital and the formation of the Bromford Lab.

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Creating A Culture That's Innovation Ready

  1. 1. creating a culture that’s innovation ready paul taylor innovation coach @bromford and @bromfordlab
  2. 2. ingredients financial viability , good governance and risk management, leadership and culture
  3. 3. our recent history and learning
  4. 4. microsoft #1 bromford #5 asda #7
  5. 5. culture, consistency and continuity
  6. 6. customers as part of your dna
  7. 7. Tale nt!
  8. 8. simple structure effective governance one bromford one team
  9. 9. leadership academy one ceo many leaders
  10. 10. obsessive about communication comms
  11. 11. guidelines not policies
  12. 12. our f words st*ff dep**tment un*t ten*nt he*d office visi*n v*lues missi*n
  13. 13. how do mission and values promote creativity?
  14. 14. #begood #bebrave #bedifferent #becommercial
  15. 15. bromford deal leaving a tenancy focus behind and moving to a relationship based on potential
  16. 16. we believe everybody has potential, we work with people who want to unlock theirs
  17. 17. the birth of digital bromford
  18. 18. digital leadership
  19. 19. we are living in an age where employees can have more social influence than their employer and where tenants can have more than a chief executive
  20. 20. a simple question who is responsible for bright ideas in your organisation?
  21. 21. the chance of a turtle making it to maturity is about one in a thousand The chance of an idea in our organisations coming to fruition is less than that
  22. 22. #bebrave #failfast
  23. 23. the end of innovation for the sake of innovation
  24. 24. the best time to foster creativity is all the time during the comfortable and uncomfortable periods
  25. 25. thank you @paulbromford