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  1. 1. PAMELA R. THOMPSON SKILLS Marketing I Sales I Promotion • Grossed $60 million in sales in three months in Accessories. • 112% sales increase with 8% decline In traffic in 90 days. • Increased the average designers sales from 241( to 75K • Generated $90 million dollars of volume In cos...etics. • R~uced shrinkage from 15% to .3% in four ...onths. • Generated $167 ...illion dollars of Liz Claiborne Accessories. • Established a Global product develop...ent network. • Donations and Career training to Public and Private Schools. Management I Training I Organizational AbOitv • Managed and coached the daily activities of 25 designers. • Executed the close of 500K - 675K in design sales per week. • Developed client contracts through the Cha...ber of Co......erce and major alliances with Pixar Studios. • Produced training curriculum while executing seminar forums. • Trained teams of corporate perspectives. Synthesized strengths and recognized individual talents. • Established recruitment to produced high level performers. • Motivated teams to exceed expectations. • Earned an Adult Teaching Credential. • Organized operational support systems and technology to expedite delivery and lead times. eo......unications I Language I CntatiYe Projects • Created exclusive visual trend boards to scale, reflecting the clients lifestyle, colors, soft goods and accessories. • Approved all designer creative concepts prior to presentation. • Maxi...ized the creative budgets by presenting a total project. • Extensive Global sourcing, International Product Development throughout the Far East and Europe. • Established strong business alliances with Manufacturers of both Branded and Private Label. Maxi...ize key items. • Firm understanding of Global business affairs. Foreign language comprehension of Spanish, Italian and French. Currently studying Mandarin. Wol'k Experience • Niemen Marcus, the Gap, Target Corp, the Li...lted Inc, Liz Claibome, Bath &Body Works, Aveda, Sod Buds, Boston Shoes, Ethan Allen, Better Hoanes Realty Activities Toastmasters, MAC Cosnaetic training, Interior Design, staging. Education B.A.. Sacramento State University A.A. Merchandising FlDMI Adult Teaching Credential (GPA 4.0)
  2. 2. PAMELA CALHOUN - THOMPSON (510) 926 -7011 Embracing global success: A proven track record of financial business recovery. Developing a practical and creative marketing strategy; while maximizing profitability. Sustainability and Fair trade practices. Celebrating the diversity and resilience with no fear of the economic posture. The experience and leadership skills have generated profits under the most challenging conditions. A true entrepreneur sprit. The ability to revive, execute and revamp your business. Don't put yourself on hold. SECOND PLACE IS NOT AN OPTION. Global economic leadership, seeking new markets while expanding distribution. Analyze and energize the team through recognition and motivation. Invest in the skill sets of your team. Renew the strengths of each individual. Understanding the market. Identify key items. Don't buy deep, buy smart. If success is in your DNA, factor in: REINVENTION RENEW REVIVE REPOSITION REPURPOSE REFUEL REINVESTMENT RESET THE DIAL TO SUCCEED, CLICK TO THE GENERATOR, THAT IS PAMELA CALHOUN - THOMPSON. Resumes and letters are brief by their very nature and cannot tell the entire story. I will be happy to meet with you to show my commitment in solving the problems and exceeding your goals and expectations. After all isn't that the bottom line!
  3. 3. PAMELA R. THOMPSON EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Hands on Senior Level Executive with proven creative and analytical abilities for proactive leadership. Developing and utilizing global and corporate resources to drive provocative brands. Deliver rmancial and business growth. Expert in both Domestic and International affiliates. Detailed industry leader. A potent business manager and impact agent demonstrating broad based competencies in: Merchandising Project Management International Sourcing Agent Design Director Color and Trend Forecasting District and Regional Manager Staff Management Marketing I Product Development GMMI Buyer • Develop long and short- term strategic business and financial plans. • Merchandise profitable aspirational brands and product services. • Proficient in identifying and maximizing missed business opportunities • Recruitment and team development. • Acknowledged for superior Global Sourcing and Marketing execution. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE C.E.T. Fashion and Interior Design, Project Management, July 2007 - Current Project Management (Bank of America Interiors and Better Homes Realty) Generated 30.9 million in sales volume with complete staging and design volume. Develop full scale design presentations. Manage Build it Green production timelines. ETHAN ALLEN, Northern California Region, August 2004 - July 2007 Senior Project Manager - Interior Design Division Direct and Manage the creative and financial P&L ofeach ofthe assigned Ethan Allen Interior Design Centers. Manage and develop a professional team ofup to 24 design and operational managers. Maintain a high level ofclient services and projects that maximized the aspiration ofthe brand image. Achieve written budgeted sales goals. Recruit, hire, train and coach top performing design consultants in a fast pace operationally challenged environment. Impact project sales by presenting formalized design presentations, training and daily coaching. Identifying client motivators. Forecast, strategize individual sales goals and manage the accountability for achieving the company written and delivered goals. Track thousands of vertically integrated sales orders to ensure timely delivery and client follow up. Evaluate the performance of 24 on site profes~ionals and establish standards in accordance with company policy_ Personally negotiated major projects to achieve a 95% close ratio. Accomplishments: • 112% sales increase with 8% traffic reduction within' 90 days • Recruitment of high level performers • Increased morale and reduced turn over by 900/0 • Established and executed design and business training programs • Reorganized operational support systems • Increased average designer monthly written business from 24K to 70K Paradigm shift from furniture store mentality into Interior Design Centers
  4. 4. ACADEMY OF ART UNIVERSITY, San Francisco, California, Jan.2001 - Aug. 2003 Senior Merchandising Instructor, History of Cosmetics, Curriculum Development Director, Business Management Instructor, Marketing, Senior Thesis, Accessory Product Development. Developed and Implemented core academic curriculum. Executed Merchandising, Marketing, Design and Project Management practical application within actual corporate structures. Developed internships and directed the Senior Thesis programs. Produced a profit margin to reflect a 40% increases. Achieved the written and delivered sales budget. Reduced excessive customer service returns and complaints. Implemented a comprehensive series of Stephen Covey training, resulting in increased morale, motivation and revenue. Improved operational business conditions. Accomplishments: • Proactive project management • Strategic business planning with 90% Senior Placement • Developed Senior Thesis projects for actual corporate programs • Reduced returns from 15% to 1.3% within four months • Implemented operational training and Product Knowledge of "Clean Selling" • Appointed department heads and implemented accountability formats BESTON INTERNATIONAL, Los Angeles, California, February 2002 - August 2004 Product Development Director, (Luxury Women's Shoes and Accessories) Globally research trends, analyze and synthesize the sales performance of all products. International sourcing and market research throughout Europe, Spain and Asia. Develop Merchandising strategies to maximize known successes and introduce new concepts. Evaluate market trends and develop a strong pre season testing program. Managed factory time lines. Developed and identified trends within each category. Inspect and approve all proto type samples prior to production. Coordinate and attend all major trade shows. Communicate all merchandising information to over seas factory liaison for immediate implementation. Initiated and implemented seasonal programs coordinated with Regional and International sales representatives. Accomplishments: • Increased wholesale revenues by 80% from 2002 to 2004 • Designed three lines to diversify the singularly focused target market into three segmented trends, resulting in increased market share. • Increased the brand penetration from specialty stores to mass volume private label. • Expanded the product categories to hand bags and kids private label shoes AVEDA Cosmetics, Northern California Territory, February 2001 - February 2002 Senior Account Representative, Creative Beauty Educator, Personal Care Accomplishments: • Management and Creative Beauty Instructor, Sales and Fashion Leadership • Client development, Increased sales by 30% within 2 months • Developed Sales and Educational Seminars for all accounts
  5. 5. SUD BUDS INC. Sacramento, California, November 1997 - February 2001 President, Product Development, (Personal Skin Care Products & Accessories) Designed and executed private label manufacturing programs for specialty store clients: Gymboree, Target, Disney, Pottery Barn Kids, Limited Too, Claires, Mervyn's, Body Shop and Costco. Accomplishments: Sourced, converted plush manufacturers throughout Asia, successfully negotiated terry cloth production programs for Gymboree private label. • Imported and Landed all deliveries through financial letter of credit • Expanded the core terry product line into trend cosmetics • Launched gift sets for Target Stores • Company revenues increased 177% within 2 years LIMTED INC.! BATH & BODY WORKS Columbus, Ohio, March 1987 - Nov.1997 Divisional Merchandise Manager, (Accessories) Senior Buyer, (Jewelry) Group Product Development Director, (Personal Skin Care & Accessories) Responsible for the strategy and leadership in the development of highly profitable categories· and extensive product lines. Global sourcing and manufacturing, determining product specifications, developing brand strategy and International marketing. Direct profit and Loss responsibility and accountability for the bottom line. 90 million dollar volume. LIZ CLAIBORNE INC. New York, New York, February 1992 - March 1996 Product Development Director, (Accessories! Personal Care) Developed and directed the design team concepts by working and traveling to Europe and Asia. Researched trends and coordinated as the liaison to Ready - to - Wear. Executed the sample process within the factory environment. Achieved and established merchandising goals through design and product development. Vendor Management. Accomplishments: • Managed and directed the entire Liz Claiborne design team • Established the trends and globally executed all product lines at a 70% wholesale margin. • Delivered and launched 20 lines per year during New York Market weeks. • Responsible for $167 million dollars in volume • Coordinated Department merchandising proto types • Developed retail forum feed back meetings with field representatives MERVYN'S. Hayward, Dallas June 1980 - April 1986 Analyst! Distributor! Inventory Control Manager!Senior Buyer, (Home Fashions) THE GAP. San Bruno, CA. June 1979 - June 1980 (Women's Denim Unit Control) FENDIIGUCCII JOSEPH MAGNIN, Sales and Distribution June 1977 - June 1979 EDUCATION B.A. Adult Education! Business Administration - Sacramento State University Adult Teaching Credential - Sacramento State University A.A. Design and Merchandising F.I.D.M. San Francisco! Los Angeles! Paris