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The Offical Fort Riley Officer & Civilian Spouses' Club Newsletter

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Victory Voice

  1. 1. February 2012 Vol. 1, Issue 7 Fort Riley, KS   Inside This Issue   2 Board Directory About Us Victory Voice Policies   3 Reservations Policy Calendar of Events   4-5 Membership Discounts Oma Grayshuz K-State Event January Luncehon Recap February Luncheon Preview Luncheon Lineup   6-7 Flocking Childcare Policy Member Birthdays Penny Wars Casino Royale 8-9 Board Openings Volunteer of the Month Disbursements Email Contact 10 Events 11-15 Advertising Support   Thank you to all our advertisers and community partners for your continued support. Will you consider joining the OCSC board? It’s that time of year when our nominating commit- tee begins the search for next year’s OCSC executive board and committee chairs. Don’t make their job hard, raise your hand high and join the leadership team for this amazing organization. You won’t regret the time invest- ment, because the work and friendships are so rewarding. Are you a stay at home mom? No problem. We have many positions that can mostly be performed at home at hours that are convenient to you. Are you an empty nester? We definitely have jobs that will fill your plate and keep you active and involved so you don’t miss the chicks that flew the nest. Have you always worked at a 9-5 job and need some inspiration in your new found free time? Put your skills to use with opportunities for speaking, writing, design, crafts, event planning, fund development andcommunityrelationskills. One of the required com- mitments is being able to attend monthly board meetings on post on the second Thursday of each month. The good news is that little babies are wel- come, food is provided and laughter is always in supply. Another requirement for many positions is that you commit to attending all the luncheon events. Well, now, that’s a REWARD! Our luncheons are so fun---who wouldn’t want to attend every month? We’ve had many new fac- es join our club in the last two months. Don’t wait to join in the fun. Being on a committee or serving on the board is a great way to get plugged into the new community you now call home. Fort Riley is full of active volunteers and the OCSC mission is relevant and necessary to con- tinue the improved qual- ity of life for our soldiers, families and community. Our goal is to present an executive slate for approval in March and vote at the April luncheon. You don’t have to answer the question the moment you read this newsletter, but please con- sider the gift of your time and talents to serve your friends, neighbors and mil- itary family on the OCSC board. It has been a life changing experience that I will never forget and I high- ly recommend this group to the next crew of leaders. All the best, Bevin The Official Fort Riley Officer & Civilian Spouses’ Club Newsletter The President’s Pen By Bevin Landrum Upcoming Events February 12 K-State Women’s Basketball Outing February 13 Lunch Bunch 11:30am at Olive Garden February 16 GO RED Luncheon 11am at Riley’s Conference Center February 20 BUNKO 6:30pm at Hi-Tech Interior’s Learning Center March 2 Casino Royale 6pm at Riley’s Conference Center
  2. 2. OCSC Executive Board Honorary President Shand Mayville 727-742-0490 Advisor Beth Funk 254-702-5198 President Bevin Landrum 785-341-4540 1st Vice President Amanda Bartholome 951-206-0483 2nd Vice President Jenna Bell 770-296-9442 Secretary Christine Benne 785-341-0862 Treasurer Jessica Blackford 952-334-6309 Parliamentarian Kristen Farrand 913-680-7902   OCSC Standing Committees Childcare Coordinator Lori Rozhon 580-919-0542 Community Assistance Sara Nauman 785-477-9460 Community Liaison Leslie Alford 785-410-7598 Decorations Sarah Young 910-922-3286 Hospitality Heather Drake 913-775-0827 Membership Megan Byer 785-579-4393 Op Santa Kerry Manneck 513-543-3213 Property Manager Whitney Lukenbill 913-226-9326 Publicity Savina Ford 503-891-5269 Reservations Sabrina Waters 636-352-6823 Retiree Representative LaQuita Steggeman 785-762-4037 Special Activities Brenda Wise 785-922-7027 Special Projects Kate Wasson 321-506-1100 Webmaster Theresa Giesey 717-634-7592   Victory Voice Staff Editor Julie Fiedler 785-209-5509 Advertising Manager Allison Lilley 910-603-4255 Printing/Distribution Sara Swanzy 409-313-4646 Proofreaders Bevin Landrum 785-341-4540 Amanda Bartholome 951-206-0483 Kate Wasson 321-506-1100  The Victory Voice is an authorized publication for members of the Fort Riley Officer and Civilian Spouses’ Club. Contents of the Victory Voice are not necessarily official views of, or endorsed by, the U.S. Government, Department of Defense, Department of the Army or Fort Riley. The Victory Voice is published monthly by the OCSC. Everything advertised in the publication shall be made available for purchase, use or patronage without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, marital status, physical handicap, political affiliation or any other non-merit factor of the purchase, use or patron. A confirmed violation of this policy of equal opportunity by an advertiser will result in the refusal to print advertising from that resource. All contents of the Victory Voice are prepared, edited and approved by the OCSC newsletter committee. The Victory Voice is printed by a private firm in no way connected with the Department of the Army at no expense to the U.S. Government or the Department of the Army. The Fort Riley OCSC is a private, non- profit organization approved for operation on Fort Riley under Army Regulation 210- 22. The mission of the Fort Riley Officer and Civilian Spouses’ Club is to serve the military community by raising money to support local military programs while offering quality educational and social opportunities for our members. Our goal is to be the premier social, philanthropic and mentoring organization in the area. We partner with all local military support organizations to maximize our efforts and welcome feedback from any member of the Central Flints Hills Region. All About Us Deadlines for submissions to the Victory Voice are as follows: Advertising submission: 15th of the month for new ads and changes; Article and copy submission: 15th of each month; Monthly Luncheon write-up submission: Friday after each luncheon; Final proof to printer: 25th of each month   All dates are subject to the way the days of the week fall in a particular calendar month and how to best accommodate timely coverage of special OCSC events.   If you have an idea for a special article or recurring feature, please feel free to send the Victory Voice editor an email at Photo and recipe submissions are also welcome.   If you are a member and have a home-based business, you are eligible to submit a one line ad in our member business directory. Also, if you know someone who would like to advertise with us, please let us know. Our rates are quite reasonable and we distrib- ute a hard copy to over 200 officers’ homes each month and several thousand email inboxes.   Limited advertising space remains for the year. Please email or call before submitting an ad contract.   Rates: 1/8 pg. $18/month 1/4 pg. $35/month 1/2 pg. $60/month 1/2 pg. cover $75/month Full pg. $100/month Printing sponsor $200/month   Discounts: Anyone prepaying an annual contract: 10% off Business offering a members only discount: 5% off Newsletter Policies & Procedures Disclaimer
  3. 3. This year’s luncheons will all be held at Riley’s Conference Center unless otherwise noted. The cost is $15 per person. 1. DEADLINE: Reservations are accepted until noon on the Friday prior to the luncheon. (Next Reservation Deadline is February 10th at noon! ) If you miss the deadline, always call the reservations chair to see if we have had any cancellations. 2. CANCELLATIONS: If cancellations are made after the reservations deadline, the member will still be responsible for paying for their meal or finding a member substitute to take their place. Invoices will be sent out by the Reservations chair each month to late cancellations and no shows. 3. GUEST RESERVATIONS: When a member makes a reservation for a guest and the guest is a no-show or cancels after the deadline, that member is responsible for the payment of the guest’s meal. Guests who are qualified for membership can come to a function one time with one member before being required to join Ft. Riley OCSC. Non-qualifying guests are welcome to attend an unlimited number of functions when in the company of a current member in good standing 4. INCLEMENT WEATHER: Notification of a luncheon cancellation will be posted on the website and on Facebook the morning of the luncheon. Emails will also be sent when possible. 5. RESERVATION METHODS: Call Savina Ford, 503-891- 5269 (*Please state your name clearly and give a meal choice, if required, when leaving information on the answering machine.) Go on-line: and click the link. Email: Send an email to E-vite: Respond to the evite invitation and invite guests through this forum. Facebook group event: show your attendance on the Facebook event page and invite others. 6. CHILDCARE: Childcare reservations are handled separately. Please see the Victory Voice for the full OCSC childcare policy. Reservation Policy Find Us Online On Facebook: Make sure that you are a fan of Fort Riley OCSC on Facebook to ensure you receive the most up-to- date announcements regarding our monthly luncheons as well as other OCSC events. Online: Visit us at for informa- tion, downloads and more! Calendar of Events
  4. 4. OCSC is having a membership sale! For those joining us halfway through the membership year, we offer a discounted price of $15 through May 2012. Membership includes perks, discounts and fun! If you have a neighbor who just arrived or a friend who hasn’t taken the plunge yet, bring them on board in 2012 for this special price. And you won’t just save on membership... As a member of OCSC, you can enjoy discounts at: Ask Oma Grayshuz Welllllllll, HOWDY girls and HAPPY NEW YEAR to ya!!! I’ve just returned from a whirlwind of an unexpected, extended holiday!! But I’ve just been chomping at the bit to get back to ya’ and chat about THANK YOU NOTES!!! That’s right. Let’s all say it together-- THANK YOU NOTES. Now, I could just tell ya’, “Simplest thing about it is JUST DO IT.” But I’ve tried that and I got better response saying I was gonna’ burn down our ole’ barn out back! So listen up, I’ve got to unpack still and I just got to get this off my chest! WRITE THE NOTE! It’s never wrong to send a thank you note. NEVER. A hand written note with the words THANK YOU for ( heck, you can even just fill in the blank right here) and you are G TO G. ( Good to Go for y’all not paying attention!) People, from your Great Aunt Corabeth to the your kid’s Sunday School teacher folks ALWAYS appreciate getting a “THANKS” in return for whatever gift, token, act or you just name it! Now I can hear your belly achin’ right now... “ but Oma, I said thanks as I left” or “I’ll send her an email or leave a message on her phone”. Well, WHOOP PA DEE DOO! Nothing is nicer and kinder that sitting down for a minute and scribbling out a formal note of appreciation. Nothing says, “I appreciate your time and effort in doing this for me,” like a handwritten note. There aren’t many rules about when you should send a note of gratitude, like when you receive a gift, or flowers, or you just had a really nice time at that fancy party you got all dolled up for way back before Christmas. So that means if you haven’t done so just yet, ya’ might want to sit down and get busy, honey. Always send the note as soon as possible after the event or gift is received. My cousin Priscilla, that girl just beats all, I tell ya’. She gets out her fancy writing paper and $7 ink penandsetsdowntowritethatlittlenoteBEFOREtheeventevenhappens (andshegetsinvited toALOTof stuff).Anyway,shewritesoutafewlinesthenfillsintherest,likeapersonalreferenceto something fabulous, and then signs, seals, stamps and sends it out the very next day! I KNOW she’s an overachiever,butSOONisbestandkeepsyoufromforgettin’andthehostessorgiverfromrealizingyou havesuchbadmannersnottosayanythinginreturn!(Justkiddin’butyouknowwhatImean...right?!!!) Soif you’vealreadyslackedonyourNewYear’sResolutions,getfixin’totakethison!It’sEASYandasurefire waytobringbackthenearlyextinctpracticeof handwritinganiceTHANKYOU.You’llbegratefulyoudid! Until next time...whenever that might be! Yours forever OMA GRAYSHUZ! (say it OUT LOUD!) Join OCSC and Save! 4 Olives Wine Bar Big Poppi Bicycles The Columbian Theatre Shear Dynamics Hackerott’s Leadership Academy The Mane Thing Old Glory Shop Screen Machine Ann-A-Lee’s McAlister’s K-State Basketball & Willie’s Birthday Join OCSC at the K-State/KU Woman’s Basketball game on February 12th at 12:00pm (gates open at 11am). Tickets are $8 and include hot dog, drink and chips. Purchase tickets by going to: and entering promo code W13OCSC. Pick up your ticket and food voucher at the Southwest doors of Bramlage. There will also be fun activities for the kids! Contact Brenda Wise @ or (785)922-7027.
  5. 5. Luncheon Lineups March: Sunflower Trivia Does your family refuse to watch Jeopardy with you because you know all the answers? Are you the first to fill your pie when playing Trivial Pursuit? Grab a friend and join us for an exciting game of trivia! February Luncheon: Go RED for Heart Health By Amanda Bartholome We invite you to dress in RED to show your support of heart health awareness. Use your imagination to show your support for healthy hearts and unique style of RED. The person wearing the best GO RED outfit will receive a special prize: a certificate for a one hour massage from Shear Dynamics Salon & Day Spa in Manhattan. More women die of heart disease than all forms of cancer combined. But this killer isn’t easy to see. Heart disease is often hidden, silent and misunderstood. Our program this monthwillincludeDrNadig,anAmericanBoardof Internal Medicine certified Cardiologist at Mercy Regional Hospital. He will discuss the importance of cardiovascular health and how to live a heart healthy lifestyle. A special section of the ballroom will be reserved for vendors who offer related services: MAXFitness, King Field House, Team in Training, FortRileyNutritionCareDivisionandFortRileyDENTAC. Plan to arrive at 1100 to take advantage of the one-time BOGO Casino Royale Basket Auction offer and browse the vendor tables. From 1100-1130, Casino Royale tickets will be BOGO half off - two for $22.50! Vendors will include “At Home America”, Premiere Jewelry and Pampered Chef. Don’t forget to wear your membership pin for a chance to win two tickets to Macbeth courtesy of the McCain theater. By popular demand, we will once again be dining on a delicious Mexican Buffet! Lunch will include a salad, tacos, chips, beans, rice and brownies. Luncheon in Review By Amanda Bartholome “BINGO” was the word of the day at the January luncheon. Our six rounds of BINGO yielded 15 lucky winners; 12 of them went home with a new Vera Bradley bag, and three of the “coverall” winners each won a pair of tickets to Casino Royale in March. Each game was especially special because Big Tex (aka OCSC member Jim Hood) was our fearless caller. The ladies didn’t cut him any slack as they demanded “Go slower. Go faster. No, not THAT number. Wait, what was that number again?” It was a rowdy good time as players waited with baited breath for their lucky number and the chance to yell BINGO. Our generous attendees donated $200 to the Fort Riley USO through the passing of the Community Assistance cups. In addition to money, OCSC members and guests volunteered to donate their time as they serve lunch at the USO on Valentine’s Day. If you are interested in volunteering contact Claiming that the Vera Bradley BINGO luncheon was “fun” is an understatement! When the line is out the door to join the party you know it is going to be great. And, the laughter and smiles that filled the room proved it was another luncheon success. April: ALOHA Travel Expo Lunch Join us as we learn money saving travel tips and staycation ideas. It’s a perfect way to plan your leave or next 4 day weekend! The Hawaiian theme will set the tone for warmer weather, so dig out your flip flops! May: Home is Where the Army Sends Us We never realize how much we accumulate until the packers arrive, which is magnified when our next home is even smaller! Come be inspired to decorate without adding to the boxes in the attic or basement.
  6. 6. Childcare Policy ATTENTION ALL KID ON-SITE MOMMIES! We have a NEW EMAIL address for all future reservation requests: Infants 6 weeks of age or younger may attend luncheons. In addition, we extend a courtesy to mothers of nursing infants six months or younger to the luncheon. In all circumstance, we simply ask you to step out of the event if your child is crying. Please do not bring children older than this as they may be a distraction to other members. Infants 6 weeks to 12 years are welcome to have reservations in the STACC on-site daycare. STACC care is provided at our monthly luncheons at a reasonable cost with advance reservations. The price is $5.00 per hour per child. Care is available from 11am to 1pm. It is the parent’s responsibility to feed their children before the luncheon (if there is a lunch served, parents will be notified in advance). The deadline for reservations is 2 weeks prior to the luncheon. Cancellations are accepted up to 48 hours before the luncheon. Please remember to bring shot records for each child and appropriate items your child will need during the two hour time frame (pull-ups, extra outfit, bottles, wipes, etc). Bottles must be pre-made and kept cold. Baby food must be brought in un-opened jars. Please remember closed toe shoes for the safety of your child. Please make reservations or email questions to: Reservation requests should be answered within 3 days of request.  However, we are all volun- teers and occasionally it may stretch beyond that.  If you have not heard back in three days, feel free to contact Lori again.  A reminder email will be send to all confirmed parents two days prior to each luncheon. DON’T FORGET TO UPDATE YOUR ADDRESS BOOK! Again, the NEW EMAIL address for all future childcare com- munication and requests is: Cheers to our members celebrating birthdays! Jamie Dahlen - Feb 1st Shand Mayville - Feb 1st Doreen Morgan - Feb 3rd Heather Drake - Feb 8th Traci Calvert - Feb 9th Sara Swanzy - Feb 12th Megan Ainsworth - Feb 17th Maria Keel - Feb 18th Denise Turner - Feb 20th Karen Lanceta - Feb 21st Jocelyn Williams - Feb 27th Alisha Lofgren - Feb 28th And a belated Happy Birthday to: Allison Madyda - Jan 25th Flocking Flamingoes The OCSC flamingoes will be flocking to Fort Riley in March and April! Flocking is one of our more colorful fundraisers. For a small donation OCSC will flock members’ yards on Fort Riley with stunning pink flamingoes. Beware the darkness of night... YOU could awake to a bountiful pink surprise! Here’s how it works: - Flock a friend: $10 (Flamingoes will be on their yard 24 hours, no removal fee necessary) - Flock insurance: $10 (This ensures you will not be flocked) If you have any questions or want to flock someone, please contact Christine Hughes at Reservation forms will be available at the February and March luncheons. And the winner is... There is only one month left to decide which unit will win the OCSC Penny Wars competition. Bring your change to the February luncheon to toss in the jars for one last chance to affect the final outcome. Remember, pennies are positive points and silver coins earn negative points. All is fair in the Penny Wars, so donate generously to support your unit or ding the competition! We will announce the winning unit on Mar 2 at the CASINO ROYALE BASKET AUCTION. The Brigade level unit with the MOST points AND a Commander who ATTENDS the event will WIN a donation equal to ALL the donated Penny Wars change for the year. OCSC will earmark the money towards a project that benefits the soldiers and families of the winning brigade after consulting the command leadership for the winning unit to coordinate the desired project. This could range from helping to defray costs for a unit ball, play equipment for a designated family area or any project deemed mutually beneficial by OCSC and the Brigade. So far there have been several lead changes. The competition is stiff! 1st BDE, 2nd BDE, 4th BDE, CAB, Sustainment, MEDDAC/DENTAC and DHHB are all participating, so pick your favorite unit and save your coins for a final showdown in the Penny Wars! Contact with any questions.
  7. 7. For Your Eyes Only: Casino Royale The Fort Riley OCSC is hosting its annual gala: Ca- sino Royale! Whether your favorite 007 is Daniel Craig, Sean Connery, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton or Pierce Brosnan, this annual event is the place for you! Spend the evening trying your hand at poker, craps and BINGO. To make sure you have a seat at the table, get your tickets now at an OCSC luncheon or by e-mailing Why not up the ante? Donate a basket to our auction to help raise money for the OCSC Community Assistance Fund. The basket auction is our biggest fundraiser of the year and proceeds will make a positive impact in our community. For guidelines and ideas, visit our website: Want more info? Email to for more details about the event and basket donation. A Tradition of Giving By Sara Nauman Armylifeisfullof traditionsandtheFort Riley OCSC motto says it all: “Good deeds. Good times. Good friends.” As the Community Assistance chair, I saw how good deeds are a tradition as I reviewed records from the past six years. During that time, OCSC has given nearly $90,000 through our annual funds disbursement. This money comes from fundraisers like Casino Royale and other events throughout the year. Thankstothegenerosityof ourmembersandthesurrounding communities, OCSC has helped 39 organizations since 2006, including the USO, Mother’s Outreach, the Armed Services YMCA, and several Fort Riley school programs. The application for 2012 can be found at The deadline to apply is February 24th.
  8. 8. What a fantastic year it has been for OCSC! Although we still have a few months left, now is the time to look ahead. 2012 elections are right around the corner! That’s right, it’s almost election time and we don’t mean POTUS. We are talking about your chance to serve on the OCSC board for the 2012-2013 board year. OCSC is searching for a few leaders to carry on the work that makes our organization great. If you are interested in helping us have an amazing 2012-2013 year, please contact Kristen Farrand at The executive board slate will be presented at the March luncheon and voted on in April. The elected board positions are: Join the OCSC Board and President: Presides over general membership and board meetings,• establishes policies and procedures, and ensures the Constitution and Bylaws are upheld Responsible for appointing all committee chairs on the• General Board Delegates and Supervises all OCSC events and ensures all• committee chairs are fulfilling their obligations Provides immediate oversight for the subcommittee• consisting of the Parliamentarian, Membership, Special Activities and Retiree Representative Serves as a representative of OCSC within the community• First Vice President: Responsible for coordinating monthly luncheon programs• by booking event locations, planning menus, and procuring guest speakers Provides oversight within its subcommittee, which• includes a close working relationship with Decorations, Hospitality, Reservations and Historian committee chairs Second Vice President: Proposes and organizes all fundraising programs• Serves as a liaison between the club and DMWR• Submits all fundraising requests for installation approval• Leads a subcommittee which includes the Community• Assistance and Ways and Means committee chairs Recording Secretary: Responsible for maintaining all club records, including• minutes from all board meetings as well as business conducted at other meetings within the organization Presents monthly minutes and financial statements to• DMWR, submits volunteer hours to the Installation Volunteer Coordinator and collects OCSC mail Responsible for preparing and dispatching all club• correspondence Oversees the subcommittee including the Newsletter• Editor, Newsletter Manager, Publicity, and Webmaster Treasurer: Responsible for all of the OCSC financial accounts,• including receipts, disbursements and all supporting records Presents monthly financial reports to the General• Board and reconciles all bank transactions Prepares federal tax documents and presents all• financial records to a certified accountant for review Provides oversight for a committee that includes• Childcare Coordinator and Property Manager Certain Committee Chairpersons also serve as part of the OCSC Board. These roles are appointed. We’ll share more details on them next month! Treasurer’s Report For the period: 12/5/11 - 1/8/12 Statement Beginning Balance: $12,746.76 Statement Ending Balance: $12,078.05 Checkbook Beginning Balance: $11,777.02 Checkbook Ending Balance: $12,078.05 Total Income: $2,927.49 Total Expenses: $2,626.46 Note: Checkbook balance reflects oustanding checks and may differ slightly from monthly statement due to operationg expenses and income. Help Us Stay in Touch Add these important OCSC official emails to your contact list! Don’t run the risk of any important information going to junk mail. Bevin, President Amanda, 1st Vice President Jenna, 2nd Vice President Julie, Victory Voice Theresa, Webmaster Megan, Membership Sara, Community Assistance Brenda, Special Activities Jessica, Treasurer Sabrina, Reservations Lori, Childcare Coordinator Cat, Historian Tiffany, Bunko coordinator Christine, Flocking fortrileyflamingoes@aolcom
  9. 9. Volunteers of the Month Board members and OCSC members alike have a huge impact on our membership and the community beyond. Thanks to the following volunteers for making a difference! Board Member Volunteer of the Month (Jan 2012): Sara Swanzy Sara is the Victory Voice distribution chair which means she is the little fairy who magically puts the labels on each month and makes sure the newsletter reaches our mailbox. She does a great job, but it’s not magic. She has to print and sort 200 newsletter and prepare them for bulk mailing and we all know the USPS can have some picky rules. The good news is that she is able to juggle this volunteer position, graduate school and substitute teaching. Sara always helps out at our luncheons whether she is checking in baskets at Make It, Bake It, Fake It or helpingprocessnewmemberregistrations. Thankyou,Sara! Board Member Volunteer of the Month (Jan 2012): Lori Rozhon Lori is the Childcare Coordinator and is the liaison with the CDC for all childcare services provided at our luncheons. She has been responsible for reviving this option for our membership and we regularly have 15-20 kids in the on-site care so their moms can attend all the OCSC fun. Lori makes it easy to secure a reservation and is always available for questions. Her friendly attitude makes her a great asset to the community and our board. General Member Volunteer of the Month (Jan 2012): Haley Cowan Haley has helped OCSC by manning the Penny Wars table, helping with special projects and even lugging the heavy penny jars. She attends our luncheons. She is a co-leader for her FRG and likes to sew and make stuffed animals for infants. She has two little ones (3 and 1), plus a 3rd child: an 85 lb Goldendoodle. Soon Haley will be teaching soccer to toddlers. We appreciate her time and effort to volunteer for OCSC. Make a Difference Meet the Board Christine Benne, OCSC Secretary, is a Kansas girl through and through! Although born in MO, she moved to Olathe when she was 3 months old. She graduated from Olathe North High in 1984. While working at the Olathe Public Library, she met her sweetheart Paul. She continued to work while attending JCCC in Overland Park and graduated from the Dental Hygiene Program in 1987. Paul and Christine married in 1987 while Paul was finishing his pharmacy degree from the University of Kansas. After graduating he direct commissioned into the Army. While on theirfirstassignmentinFrankfurt,Christineworkedasadental hygienist and volunteered with the Red Cross and hospital. In 1991 they returned stateside and Paul attended the University of Missouri Medical School in Columbia. 1992 and1995sawthearrivalof babyboysoneandtwo.Christine continuedtoworkasadentalhygienistandvolunteeredwith theirchurch.Paulgraduatedin1996andthefamilymovedto Hawaiiforayear.TheyreturnedtoKansas-Ft.Leavenworth. Baby boy #3 arrived in 1997 and Christine worked part time, volunteered and enjoyed being close to family. In 2000, their 4th child, a girl, was born and Paul was accepted into the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, bringing a move to the Baltimore area. Then they were off to Ft. Lewis. In 2002, they moved to Ft. Knox and in 2004 to Ft. Carson. While raising their children, Christine worked part time teaching and tutoring, volunteered for school and church and was active in the hospital OSC. Finally in 2008, the Benne family came ‘home’ to Kansas and Ft. Riley. They are very happy to call the Flint Hills region home. Christine works for Hayden Orthodontics as a Public Relations Coordinator and provides school dental screenings through a grant from the Kansas Dept of Health and Environment. She is active in the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce, Military Relations Committee, St. Thomas More church, her children’s schools and youth groups and also serves as the OCSC Secretary. With her children older (Brayson, a college freshman, Cale, a junior in HS, Gage, a freshman in HS and Hagan in 6th grade), Christine has more time for reading, scrapbooking and watching movies. Paul and Christine enjoy traveling, working on their newly built home, spending time with family and walking the family dog Molly.
  10. 10. It’s (Almost)Tulip Time! Who’s ready for spring in the Flint Hills? Come spend a spring weekend enjoying arts, crafts, food, and....tulips! The annual Wamego Tulip Festival will be held April 14-15 in Wamego’s City Park. Thousands of tulips should be at the height of bloom, turningtheparkanditsbeautifulDutchwindmill into a picturesque vision of SPRING in Kansas. The Tulip Festival boasts over 150 vendors, including arts and crafts, food and drinks, entertainment and activities, and even a petting zoo for the kids. OCSC will be there, too, with a fund-raising booth offering fun stuff like face painting! OCSCmembersarewelcometoparticipate inWamegoChamberof Commerce events, including the monthly Business After Hours and special events like Oztoberfest. So bring your family and friends to Wamego’s Tulip Festival and join in the fun. While you’re there, explore Wamego’s restaurants, shops, wineries, the historic Columbian Theater and the Oz Museum! Oh, and...don’t forget to enjoy the tulips!! Father Daughter Dance Mark your calendars for a wonderful bonding opportunity for daddies and their daughters on Feb 19 from 2-4 pm at the Manhattan Country Club.Thedanceincludesacomplimentaryphoto by J&C Imaging plus drinks and refreshments for all who attend. The cost is only $10 for fathers and $8 for daughters ages 4-13. Dress your daughter in her finest and send her off for an afternoon of fun with daddy. To RSVP or for more information call 785-776-7787.
  11. 11. Sarah BYoung,Thirty-One Gifts, 910.922.3286,, Kymberly Dillon, Scentsy, 702-403-5782,, Janee Zimmerman,The Blue Egg Personal Chef Service, 785-289-9039,,
  12. 12. 405 Poyntz Ave. Manhattan 785-532-9000 Hint for deployed soldiers: you can purchase a gift card ahead of time and we’ll keep it here for your special someone! Don’t stay at home on Valentine’s Day . . . grab your best gal pal and live it up at della Voce!
  13. 13. “Mamma Mia!” 7:30 p.m., Monday, Feb. 6 The smash hit musical based on the songs of ABBA. McCain Student Showcase 7:30 p.m., Sunday, Feb. 12 K-State students show off their talent. “The Hills Are Alive” Brooklyn Rundfunk Orkestrata 7:30 p.m., Friday, Feb. 10 Rock out to songs from “The Sound of Music.” Henson Alternative “Stuffed and Unstrung” 7:30 p.m., Sunday, Feb. 19 Eighty Henson puppets, six comedians, 100 percent uncensored. Doc Severinsen and His Big Band 7:30 p.m., Sunday, Feb. 26 Live at McCain without the commercial breaks. “STOMP” 7:30 p.m., Tuesday, Feb. 28 and Wednesday, Feb. 29 The international sensation. 2102-1102 niaCcMSEIRESECNAMROFREP McCain box office 785-532-6428 Military discounts available. K-State students and kids 18 and under are half price. McCain Auditorium mccainksu
  14. 14. Officer&CivilianSpouses’Club POBox2482 FortRiley,KS66442 91 PRSRTSTD U.S.POSTAGE PAID MANHATTANKS PERMITNO.1017