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Jan/Feb 2013 Devil's Corner Newsletter

  1. 1. the DEVIL’S CORNER JAN/FEB 2013 EDITION Julie Fiedler, 1ST INF. DIV. POST A “Big Red One” shines brightly throughout the holidays at homes 10A and B on Forsyth Street on Main Post.
  2. 2. JAN/FEB 2013 the Devil’s Corner 2 1/1 ABCT Commander 1/1 ABCT Command Col. Michael Pappal Sergeant Major CSM Mark A. Kiefer The ‘Devil’ Brigade 7232 NO R MANDY DR I VE FO R T R I LE Y KS 66442Public Affairs Officer Public Affairs NCOIC/JournalistMaj. Tony B. Crumbey Sgt. Kerry Lawson 1/1 ABCT FRSA Noel Waterman Read the Post paper online! http://www.1divpost.com/ KEEP INFORMED AND UPDATED WITH 1ST BRIGADE BY FOLLOWING US ON THESE WEBSITES: 1st Infantry Division and Fort Riley: www.riley.army.mil. Click on Units, 1ID Brigades, 1ABCT or just click on this link: http://www.riley.army.mil/UnitPage.aspx?unit=1bct Facebook: www.facebook.com/1HBCTDEVILBRIGADE?v=wall&ref-sgm vFRG website: Family Members and Approved Personal can also go onto the vFRG and log into their Soldier’s BN’s vFRG site, where more information can be found. www.armyfrg.org ‘Devil’ PAO Email: 1stid.devil.pao@gmail.com
  3. 3. JAN/FEB 2013 the Devil’s Corner 3 D6To all of the Devil Soldiers, Family in the field or out of it. Give yourself is what good people and units do, andMembers, and Friends: extra time to clear your windows on I appreciate it. Keep up the great work cold frosty mornings and more time to this year and train hard. We have a Welcome to 2013! Hopefully every- drive when the roads are slippery. I ex- good plan with a lot to do!one enjoyed their Christmas holidays pect each of you to make an individualwith family and friends. I hope every- risk assessment of the roads where youone took a little break from our normal live. Make sure to call your leader andpace, whether you went on leave or let them know of your conditions soworked through the half day period. you can mitigate an unnecessary acci-This is going to be a great year in the dent. I trust each of you to do this, andDevil Brigade. The fielding of the please do not abuse that trust. I don’tBradley Fighting Vehicle has started want to lose anyone! In order to stayback up and right behind that will be Army Strong; I need each of you onthe M1A2SEP fielding. These vehicles the team. We spent a lot of hard workare the bread and butter of an Armored over the past year building this team.Brigade and it will finally be nice to A year ago, we were just developing aactually have trained lethal crews to team in the Devil Brigade by bringingoperate this state-of-the-art equipment. all the individual battalions back fromFor those that may not have noticed; all the different places they were sentthe Kansas weather has gotten cold, so to fulfill mission requirements. Weif you are training in the fields dur- were a team on paper only. Now, whening the next few months ensure that I look across the formation today; I seeyou wear the appropriate cold weather a true team who looks out, helps, andgear so you do not become a cold supports each other like family. Thatweather casualty. Also, give yourselfmore time to do things so you do not no mission too difficult. no sacrifice too great.get hurt in an accident on the roads duty first.during inclement weather. This applies devil 6
  4. 4. JAN/FEB 2013 the Devil’s Corner 4 D7 I would like to start by saying ing the honors for the Quarter are SGT more and more difficult as we lookHappy New Year to everyone and Williams from the Iron Rangers and at ways of trimming expenses. I canwelcome back to Fort Riley for those PFC Duncan from The Pale Rider predict that schools will only go tothat left for the holidays. My hope is Squadron who were recognized as the those “Best Qualified”. I ask everyonethat 2013 is very prosperous to the BCT NCO and Soldier of the Quarter. that gets a slot in any school, to putDevil Brigade as we continue New They will represent the Brigade at the forth the maximum effort. The newEquipment Fielding and Training. It end of March in the Division NCO and policy for PME is a one time opportu-won’t be long before this BCT is the Soldier of the Quarter competition. I nity. As funding gets more restrictive,most modern Armored Brigade in am looking for another fine showing schools from NCOES to localizedthe Army’s inventory. Since the last and hope we can take both categories Troop Schooling will require moreletter, we have reelected the Com- again. supervision as well as more stringentmander In Chief, and enjoyed some My talking point this installment to reduce the chance of failures andmuch needed time with families at is Army schools and money. Anyone maximize the use of available funds.Thanksgiving and Christmas. I want to watching the news lately has heard I can speak for the senior NCO Corpscall some special recognition to SFC of the financial difficulties facing the in the Brigade and say that we alreadyFelton and the entire Devil’s Den staff country. As the Army copes with a select those who are the absolute best.for the massive effort to provide such decreasing budget to accomplish its Keep these things in mind as you es-an outstanding Thanksgiving meal to mission, some would wonder how tablish your goals for the future. I wishover 4,000 Soldiers and families. The it affects them. I would tell you that each and every one of you a great Newtheme and attention to detail were very training Soldiers takes a lot of money Year in 2013. Keep up the great workevident, but the quality of the food and who we send to school in the that each of you do for the Brigade. Iwas commented by many as the best future will be scrutinized by those who am proud of you and look forward tothey ever had. Well done! spend the money. The opportunity to seeing you all throughout the year. As we closed out the 1st Quar- go to school in some cases may getter of FY13, we recognized the IronRanger Battalion as the best in the no mission too difficult. no sacrifice too great.Brigade for earning top honors in the duty first.Devil’s Stakes competition. Complet- devil 7
  5. 5. JAN/FEB 2013 the Devil’s Corner 5Chaplain’s Corner A few years ago psychologist Ruth W. Berenda and her associates carried out an interesting experimentwith teenagers designed to show how a person handled group peer pressure. They brought groups of ten teen-agers into a room for a test. Subsequently each group of ten was instructed to raise their hands when the teacherpointed to the longest line on three separate charts. What one person in the group did not know was that theother nine had been secretly instructed ahead of time to vote for the second longest line, rather than the correctlongest line. Regardless of the group instructions given to all ten teens at test time, nine of the teens were go-ing to vote for the wrong answer. The desire of the psychologists was to determine how one person reacted when completely surroundedby a large number of people who obviously stood against what was true. The experiment began with the nine teen-agers voting for the wrong line. The lone teen who didn’tknow the deception plan would typically glance around, frown in confusion, and slip his hand up to vote withthe group, even though the teen was voting for the wrong answer. Time and time again during the test, the self-conscious teen-ager would sit there saying a short line is longer than the long line, simply because they lackedthe moral courage to challenge the group. 75% of the groups of ten teen-agers had unanimous answers in thetest, meaning the wrong answer. How do we keep our moral compass pointed toward truth even in the face of overwhelming pressure tocompromise? What helps us to break from the pack and to pull away from the crowd? One suggestion comesfrom an ancient writer, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in allyour ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.” (Proverbs 3:5-6.) One of the marks of a re-silient Soldier is their spiritual fitness. As we start this New Year, muster up your courage to exercise spirituallyand build up your spiritual muscles. You will find that your spiritual health will impact the other areas of yourlife. Chaplains stand ready to provide and perform ministry to help you build your spiritual resilience. Peace,Chaplain (MAJ) Don CarrothersOffice: (785) 239-2513Cell: (785)307-0514 Unit Chaplains Contact Information BDE CH (MAJ) Carrothers: 785-239-2513 BSTB CH (CPT) Ball: 785-279-6836 BSB CH (CPT) Adriatico: 785-239-9530 1-16 CH (CPT) Ball: 785-240-3111 2-34 CH (CPT) Parks: 785-240-2444 1-5 CH (CPT) Jung ---- No Number 4-4 CH (CPT) Remy ---- No Number 1 EN CH (1LT) Sanders: 785-240-5972
  6. 6. JAN/FEB 2013 the Devil’s Corner 6 Need to contact your Family Readiness Support Assistant? (FRSA) 1ABCT Noel Waterman 785-239-2242 noel.waterman1@us.army.mil 1-1 BSTB and HHC, 1ABCT 1-5 FA Helen Day Barb Stanley 785-240-4337 785-239-9288 helen.day@us.army.mil babs.stanley@us.army.mil 101st BSB 2-34 AR Hope Stanley 785-239-1772 785-240-6728 hope.stanley@us.army.mil 1-16 IN 4-4 CAV Liz Tripp 785-239-6687 785-240-4644 Elizabeth.tripp1@us.army.mil 1-1st ENG Barb Stanley 785-239-9288 babs.stanley@us.army.mil
  7. 7. JAN/FEB 2013 the Devil’s Corner 7 WHAT MAKES YOU STRONG? MAJ Josef Hatch HHC, 1st ABCT My wife and kids.1LT Christopher Macleish SPC Lakeesha Archer4-4 CAV HHC, 1st ABCTMy troops.Watching how hard my Making my daddy proud.Troopers work, seeing how strongthey are and knowing that, for theirsake, I must work harder and bestrong so that they will never worrythat their leadership will fail them. SSG William Ho’omana HHC, 1-1 BSTB My family as a whole makes me strong. From my grandparents to my children.
  8. 8. JAN/FEB 2013 the Devil’s Corner 8 Firearms policy changes coming Fort Riley is preparing to imple- authorized locations, including ing to Fort Riley Regulation 190-1.ment changes to its firearms policy hunting areas, firearm ranges, quar- Additional signage will be postedin 2013. The changes were made as ters, Army and Air Force Exchange at gates during the implementa-part of an Armywide policy change Service locations, Directorate of tion. More information about thethat went into effect last year and Family and Morale, Welfare and upcoming policy changes and thewill be implemented in phases Recreation facilities, Environmen- implementation plan will be avail-over the course of the coming year, tal Division, Directorate of Public able in the coming months.according to Ray Coffey, chief, Works’ facilities or unit and organi-Physical Security, Directorate of zational parking lots. All weapons, ChristmasEmergencies Services. including firearms, must be proper- Members of the Fort Riley ly secured in the vehicle and must Abroadcommunity will want to take note not be taken into public or private SGT Roland Hale, RC-Eof upcoming changes to the Fort establishments. Firearms andRiley firearms policy. Some of the privately-owned weapons shouldchanges include: only be removed from unit vehicles • All persons must declare pos- for use at authorized recreationalsession of firearms before entering areas and for secure storage, likeFort Riley. arms rooms and quarters, according • All persons must present valid to the regulation.registration of firearms at the gate. • Secure placement in vehiclesGate guards will assist with unreg- is for temporary use only and isistered not permitted for permanent stor-firearms declared at the gate. age. Additionally, Soldiers, Family Top: Maj. Gen. William Mayville, commanding general, 1st Infantry • Registration information must members, employees, visitors and Division and Regional Command – East,be entered in the Centralized Op- recreationists should be aware of sits down for a Christmas Day meal Dec.erations Police Suite, or COPS, and certain key points of the existing 25 with Fort Riley Soldiers serving at COP Zerok, Afghanistan.the policy that will continue to remain registration form must be properly in effect:stamped by DES for it to be con- • All firearms are prohibited atsidered valid. Fort Riley unless they are properly • Registration will include a registered.back ground check with the Na- • Concealed carry is not autho-tional Crime Information Center, or rized at Fort Riley. Bottom: A Soldier deployed toNCIC. The registration form will • Firearms being transported at Afghanistan with the 4th Infantry Brigade Combat Team, 1st Inf. Div.be updated with additional ques- Fort Riley must remain unloaded serves up slices of a holiday mealtions to facilitate the NCIC check. and out of reach of all passengers Christmas Day at COP Zerok. Two Fort • Soldiers who choose to have in the vehicle. Riley-based 1st Inf. Div. units are cur-firearms on post and live in on- • All privately-owned firearms rently deployed to Afghanistan in sup- port of Operation Enduring Freedom.post quarters are required to store transported or secured in vehiclesfirearms in their unit arms rooms. at Fort Riley must be locked in theHowever, unit commanders can trunk, or, if aauthorize a Soldier to store firearms vehicle has no trunk, in a stor-in his or her on-post residence, age area of the vehicle beyond theexcluding barracks. reach of the vehicle’s occupants. • Privately-owned firearms will If this is not possible, the firearmonly be transported in vehicles must be transported in a closedat Fort Riley while traveling by case, with a trigger lock in placethe most direct route to and from or similar device utilized, accord-
  9. 9. JAN/FEB 2013 the Devil’s Corner 9 ACS to host spouse’s seminar at Riley’s Family members have an op- ed, rather than the adults going toportunity to get ready for reintegra- the different sessions,” said Marvintion with their Soldier following a Springer, outreach coordinator,redeployment. ACS. “They have the opportunity Army Community Service is also to learn some skills as wellhosting a Beyond the Beans and during this training.”Bullets seminar from 10 a.m. to 5 Children’s activities will be cen-p.m. Jan. 12 at Riley’s Conference tered on reintegrating with return-Center. ing parent(s). The seminar will include discus- Additionally, information tablession among military spouses about will be set up to help with thethe best ways to handle reintegra- reintegration process. Spouses andtion, said Families can browse through theCheryl Erickson, director, ACS. tables during the event. Some of “It’s much easier to discuss it the organizations that will be in at-with people who are in the same tendance include the “Herboat,” Erickson said. War, Her Voice” support group and The event was conducted in the the Leisure Travel Center.same manner last year and was a “We’ll know when the unit’ssuccess, she said. block leave is, so (LTC) can put out “The feedback has been phe- all the travel deals for that time, sonomenal because they learn more (Families) can look at that duringfrom each other,” Erickson said. breaks,” Erickson said. Three sessions will be conducted Even if people think they maythroughout the seminar, including not need the tools, everyone is stilltips and tools for managing rede- encouraged to come out for theployment, camaraderie, Erickson said.staying relaxed and budgeting for “It’s good for the kids, it’s aredeployment. nice break, and there will be door During each session, table prizes,” Erickson said.discussions will be facilitated with Drawings for three digital tabletsdifferent questions posed. The will be conducted.table groups will be mixed with The seminar is free to partici-seasoned and newer spouses to talk pants. Walk-ins will be accepted,through issues. but adult participants are encour- “Every redeployment is differ- aged to register inent, and every person is in a dif- advance.ferent place in their life,” Erickson Child care is provided. Par-said. “We can always get some new ticipants needing child care aretips or tools to help us manage the required to pre-register.challenges.” A “no-host” lunch pasta and Youth, ages 6 to 17, also can par- salad bar will be available for $7.50ticipate in the concurrent children’s at the conference center.redeployment workshops as well. To register for the seminar or forThe children’s workshops will be more information, call ACS at 785-split according to age groups. 239-9435. “It will be more activity-orient-
  10. 10. JAN/FEB 2013 the Devil’s Corner 10 ‘Devil’ Soldier finds ASAP’s shoe The Army Substance Abuse Pro- clues were posted weekly. gram’s Hunt for the Holiday Shoe The clues led to different loca- has officially come to an end. tions, including the Custer Hill The horseshoe was discovered Bowling Center, Leisure Travel by Staff Sgt. Paul Wright, Special Center and Army Community Troops Battalion, 1st Armored Bri- Service. gade Combat “The event was well received by Team, 1st Infantry Division, under the Soldiers and the Family mem- a Christmas tree at the ACS build- bers from Fort Riley,” Bowman ing. said. “We had many Family mem- The scavenger hunt was de- bers involved in the hunt who said signed to guide Soldiers to different they enjoyed going place to place agencies throughout post to help looking for the next clue.” them become aware of the avail- Wright said he was skeptical at able resources, said Chris Bowman, first about participating, but was prevention coordinator, ASAP. pleased when he found the mystery Christine Hurt, ASAP The event also was a way to shoe.Staff Sgt. Paul Wright, STB, 1st ABCT, create awareness about December “I was pretty excited about win-poses for a picture after discovering a being National Drunk and Drugged ning,” Wright said. “It gave mehorseshoe under the Christmas tree at Driving Prevention Month. the option to point my Soldiers inACS. ASAP created the scavenger hunt The hunt began with the first the right direction – I’ll be sharingduring December to create awarenessabout National Drunk and Drugged clue posted on the Directorate of some of the items with them – theDriving Prevention Month. Family and Morale, Welfare and services.” Recreation’s Facebook page. New Fort Riley, Big Red 1 Soldiers celebrate holidays while deployed to Afghanistan BAGRAM, AIRFIELD, accompanied by a jazz trio fromAfghanistan -- Two Fort Riley- the 1st Inf. Div. Band, which per-based 1st Infantry Division units, formed for Soldiers at each stop.the 4th Infantry Brigade Combat Both units are scheduled toTeam and Division Headquar- return to Fort Riley in the spring,ters and Headquarters Battalion, so in addition to Christmas, theyspent Christmas Day this year at celebrated the day as the last ma-combat outposts across eastern jor holiday they will spend apartAfghanistan. from their loved ones. While the mission did not stopfor the Soldiers, they did theirbest to celebrate the holiday SGT Roland Hale, RC-Eseason. A 1st Inf. Div. Soldier serving in Afghanistan Maj. Gen. William May- with the 4th IBCT enjoys a Christmas meal Dec.villed and Command Sgt. Maj. 25 at COP Zerok, a small U.S. base in easternCharles Sasser Jr., command Afghanistan’s mountainous Paktika Province, Afghanistan.team, 1st Inf. Div. and RegionalCommand-East, did their part to “Big Red One” troops at severalspread Christmas cheer by visiting outposts. Mayville and Sasser were
  11. 11. JAN/FEB 2013 the Devil’s Corner 11 USO makes changes to No Dough Dinners, locations Some changes are being made to ity or off sight somewhere,” Black- dinners,” Blackmon said.the USO No Dough dinners for the mon said. “We’ve never done it in The USO dinners would not beupcoming year. the USO possible without the help of volun- The USO will be trying a “No center before, so it’ll be an interest- teers, she said.Dough Dinner Light” for the first ing experiment for us to see how “As long as we have volunteersdinner in January and also the first well it works,” Blackmon said. and donations, the dinners will godinner The first No Dough Dinner Light on, so we hope to never run out ofin February. Dates for regular No is scheduled for 5 to 6:30 p.m. Jan. volunteers,”Dough dinners will be changing as 12 at the center. Blackmon said.well. Normally, the dinners are dur- To volunteer, visit http://usovol- The dinners, one of the many ing weekdays, but this dinner will unteer.org/custom/500/index.phpways USO Fort Riley seeks to lift be during a Saturday to see how it or call 785-240-5328. Schedules,the spirit of the troops and their works out, Blackmon said. menus andFamilies, were The USO also is changing the other information can be found atstarted to give Families a night off official scheduled dates for regular the USO Fort Riley Facebook pagefrom cooking and originally sched- No Dough Dinners. at www.facebook.com/USOFtRi-uled right before pay day, accord- The regular dinners were ini- ley.ing to April tially scheduled the day beforeBlackmon, director, USO Fort pay day to give Families a helpingRiley. hand, Blackmon said. The No Dough Dinner Light “Well, we learned that manywill still be serving full meals, but folks get paid the day before paylighter in terms of the amount of day, so, with that in mind, we’vethe number of now decided to bump it to twopeople being served, Blackmon business days before pay day,”said. Blackmon said. “It’s an experiment we’re go- The last day before getting paiding to try based off of our previous can be a little tough for people, sheyear’s attendance records for the said.first dinners in “We target an audience of 300 onJanuary and February. We were normal No Dough Dinners – that’sseeing maybe 100 (attendees) at troops and Families, and we will bemost,” Blackmon said. doing The meal will still have all the some off-site locations this yeartrimmings people have enjoyed they can look forward to,” Black-in the past, including a main dish, mon said.fresh veggies and other sides, All USO dinners are volunteer-Blackmon said. operated events. The light dinner will have a ca- “We have folks who volunteerpacity for about 100 to 150 attend- for just one dinner, (and) we haveees, instead of the usual 300. folks who volunteer every dinner,” The No Dough Dinner Lights Blackmon said. “It’s a Family-also will be hosted at a different lo- friendly volunteer opportunity,cation – the USO Fort Riley center. so parents can have some of their “It’s normally at our dining facil- older children helping out with the
  12. 12. JAN/FEB 2013 the Devil’s Corner 12 Chaplain shares ‘the parable of the gift’ Gifts, gifts, gifts. This time of Christmas to get their first smartyear, we are all consumed by gifts. phone, bike or even a car. I beganWe buy gifts, we give gifts and using my first electronic organizerthe greatest part of all, we receive more than a decade ago. Eventu-gifts. On Christmas morning, many ally, after several generations ofhomes are strewn with wrapping upgrades, it has morphed into anpaper torn to shreds, with gift parts expensive smart phone. I couldall over the house, as children dive not imagine life today without thisinto the newest and greatest toy useful tool; it goes with me every-they have ever had. As the day where I go.draws to a close, and full stomachs Christmas is a Christian holi-turn into heavy eyes, gifts are unof- day to celebrate the birth of Jesusficially distributed into a few differ- Christ our Lord. An angel appearedent categories. before his birth and told Joseph, Some gifts remain unopened, his father, to name the baby Jesus,waiting for a relative to arrive, “because he will save his peopleor perhaps some of us didn’t feel from their sins” – Matthew 1:21.in the spirit and simply left gifts This is a gift which many have leftunopened. unopened year after year. Some Other gifts were opened and have considered it and quicklyquickly rejected – set aside as discarded the gift as useless. Someuseless – like the ugly sweater have toyed with the notion of faith,that Aunt Samantha knitted. Some but have allowed the worries ofgifts also were rejected because everyday life to steal away thewe didn’t understand them. I recall hope and joy that comes from a lifeone Christmas in the late 1970s of faith in Christ. Others, like me,when my sister received a cassette and I hope like you as well, havetape player and cried all afternoon received this gift and have allowedbecause she wanted an 8-track tape the “gift of God” – Eph 2:8 – toplayer instead. become central in our lives. I can Yet another category of gifts falls no longer imagine life without it.into the easily broken or quickly “Because of his great love for us,boring gifts. A cheap kids’ meal toy God, who is rich in mercy, made usfrom a fast food restaurant is like alive in Christ.” – Ephesians 2:4-5.this. The toy is fascinating at first,but in just a few minutes, it will getthrown aside for something better,or it will simply break. We all getpresents like this that will fascinateus for a short time on Christmasday and maybe a bit longer, butsoon will be in the trash or stuck inthe back of a drawer and forgotten. The best gifts of all, and thehardest to find, are the kind of giftsthat become part of our lives. Somemight have been lucky enough this
  13. 13. JAN/FEB 2013 the Devil’s Corner 13 Parent to Parent offers workshops for FamiliesWhat does a gummy bear do when math nerd. Benz, on the other hand, fabulous,” Hatch said.it’s put in water? That’s just the is more artistic. “Our workshops cover anywheretype of question the Parent to Par- “As a parent, the logic and the from birth to the college years,”ent cadre math are the things that I’m not the Dixon said. “Each (workshop is)of Fort Riley said they love to ex- most comfortable with, so I need research-based, so the informationplore with fellow military parents those things is important; it’s pertinent.”and their children. because I need to make it accessi- “(The workshops are) disguised Blair Benz, Jennifer Dixon and ble for (my daughter),” Benz said. as something really fun. The kidsSandra Hatch make up the three- “If I have an aversion to it or it’s an have a great time. The parents areperson team of Fort Riley’s Parent unknown totally involved (and come) awayto Parent program of the Military to me, it doesn’t mean she feeling like they’re empowered,”Child Education Coalition. Togeth- shouldn’t have it.” Benz said.er, they provide interactive work- The workshops are interactive The team’s enthusiasm seems toshops for Soldiers and Families and cover general education topics be contagious.with the goal of making learning like music, science and reading, as “We feel so passionately aboutcome alive and enabling parents to well as more the information. It’s wonderfulbecome “their children’s best advo- focused topics, like preparing for information. It’s robust. It’s re-cates,” Hatch said. college, learning styles and parent- searched. But it’s also useful and “And it’s free,” Benz added. teacher conferences. accessible,” Benz said. Benz started bringing her daugh- Several workshops are geared Parent to Parent provides freeter, Raina, 2, to workshops when specifically to military Families, workshops to any military-basedthey first moved to Fort Riley in like staying connected during de- group. Family members can re-2010. ployment, building resiliency and quest a workshop from a menu ofTwo years later, Benz options. From informal playfound herself leading groups to organized Fam-them. ily readiness groups, with “To be on this team, coffee groups, mom groupsyou have to be a military and teen groups thrown in,spouse,” Dixon said. the team said it welcomes Benz, Dixon and the opportunity to reach asHatch know the military many Families as possible.way of life because they “You provide the peoplelive it every day. They and the place, and we’ll pro-have navigated the vide the resources and thewaters of switching workshop,” Hatch said.schools, multiple moves, Recently, the groupdeployments and rede- started a collaborativeployments. “Change is partnership with the Mari-inevitable, especially in Julie Fiedler, 1ST INF. DIV. POST anna Kistler Beach Museumthis lifestyle,” Benz said. Jennifer Dixon, Parent to Parent cadre, right, helps brothers of Art in Manhattan. The “The whole point is to Zander Purcell, 3, left, and Jonas, 1, center, with a craft activity first event, which was in(be able to) relate to our during a recent early literacy workshop for the CYSS play pals the fall, was free and open group Dec. 3 at the Normandy CDC.audience, no matter what to military Families. Thethe topic is,” Dixon said. event featured a special Each member brings her own easing transitions. tour of the museum, followed bystrengths to the program. The team “We also have a redeployment a science workshop, led by the laughed as Hatch confessed she’s a reintegration workshop, and (it’s) Parent See PARENTS, page 15
  14. 14. JAN/FEB 2013 the Devil’s Corner 14PARENTS Continued from page 14 more successful,” Benz said. “It saves a lot of frustration, not justto Parent team that tied into the for the children, but also the Fami-exhibit. lies.” “It all connected,” Dixon said. Dixon picked up a tip in a “So many Families have never workshop she uses in her ownbeen to the (Marianna Kistler household. The simple routine ofBeach Museum of Art), and it’s implementing a homework box hasa wonderful, small little gem of helped her Family stay more orga-a museum. It’s a neat opportu- nized and has helped ease stress.nity for new experiences, but also “This is information that everygreat information for the parents parent would benefit from,” Benzon incorporating science into their said. “This is not for somebodychildren’s lives on a daily basis,” else. This is forBenz added. you.” The next workshop at the muse- The team conducts workshops atum will focus on math and tie into Fort Riley, Manhattan, Ogden andthe exhibit. The Parent to Parent Junction City.team can tailor their standard work- As for the gummy bear? It willshop offerings to better fit a group’s expand, not dissolve, when put inspecific needs. water. “We tend to focus everything Upcoming workshops includearound the military child and how Early Literacy, featuring a storyto make their education the best and activity at 10 a.m. Jan. 7 andthat we can,” Hatch said. Jan. 28 at Building 6620; Learning “There isn’t a workshop where Styles at 5:30 p.m. Jan. 10 and 6we don’t have someone walk away p.m. Jan. 15 at the Middle Schooland say, ‘Wow, I didn’t know that.’ Teen Center; School Transitions atThat’s so 6 p.m. Jan. 29 at the MSTC; andgratifying,” Benz said. a math workshop at 10 a.m. Jan. The group cited several success 24 at the Marianna Kistler Beachstories from participants, as well Museum of Art.as in their own lives. One mother For more information or tohadn’t anticipated the variety of request a workshop, email ptop.curricula across different school riley@militarychild.org.systems, Benz said. What is called‘algebra’ in one school mightbe called ‘eighth-grade math’ inanother. The mother came awaywith the idea to photocopy herchildren’s textbook covers to avoiddisruptions to her children’s learn-ing plans. “If you have a copy of whatexactly they did at that previousschool, it can help them betterplace the child beforethey lose time in learning a newsubject,” Hatch said. “The crux behind the program(is to) prepare parents (so that) theycan help make those transitions
  15. 15. JAN/FEB 2013 the Devil’s Corner 15 Fort Riley Tax Center offers free services to Soldiers, Family members With the end of the holiday commercial tax services are noth- claiming a child exemption.season, a new season looms – tax ing more than loans The Tax Center will be openseason. Many people dread with incredibly high interest rates. through April 15, but why wait?this time of year, but Soldiers, their If you prepare your taxes on Gather your forms and make yourdependents and retirees have the your own, bring them into the tax appointment today. Remember, ap-Fort Riley Tax Center center. One of the certified pointments can be made by callingto make filing state and federal tax preparers will check over your 785-239-1040.returns a quick, easy and free task. state and federal returns to make The Fort Riley Tax Center will sure you’ve got it correct. If thecelebrate its grand opening at 3 IRS questions your taxes, the taxp.m. Jan. 22 at Building center can provide help.7034. Once open, the tax center’s The tax center is just one morehours of operation will be from 9 service provided at Fort Riley toa.m. to 6 p.m., Monday help ease the burden on Soldiersto Friday, and from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and Family members. The staff atSaturdays. Walk-ins are welcome, the tax center provides excellentbut appointments, customer service and will make fil-which are available Monday to ing taxes a positive experience.Friday, are encouraged. Along with all of your W-2 Trained tax preparers will pre- forms, be sure to bring the follow-pare 2010, 2011 and 2012 federal ing items – if applicable – with youtax returns, in addition when you head to the tax center:to state returns. State returns, • Social Security card – requiredhowever, will only be prepared in for everyone, including childrenconjunction with federal • Power of attorneyreturns. • All 1099-R Forms – Pension Last year, 7,627 federal and and Retirement5,790 state returns were prepared, • All 1099-INT Forms – Interestsaving Soldiers and Income StatementFamilies about $1.5 million in • All 1099-DIV Forms – Divi-preparation fees. More than $15 dend Income Statementmillion in tax refunds also • Form 1098 – Mortgage Interestwere secured. Statement If you are thinking of forgoing • Form 1098-E – Student Loanthe tax center in favor of quick Interest Statementcash from a refund-anticipation • HUD-1 Forms for those wholoan, don’t. have purchased or sold a home in The tax center can electronically 2009file your refund. Electronic filing • Bank routing and accountand direct deposits numbersdrastically reduce the time it takes • Receipts for deductible ex-to get your refund. On average, pensesfilers see their refunds in less than • 2011 Tax returna week. • Form 8332 signed by custodial Instant rebates offered by most parent if a non-custodial parent is
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  17. 17. JAN/FEB 2013 the Devil’s Corner 17 courts-martial in 1st abct Unit: HHC, 1-16 INF REGT. Charges: Article 86 - Failure to Report; Article 134 - Previ- ous Overindulgence in Liquor Punishment: To forfeit $1331 pay per month for 1 month; to be restricted to place of duty, gym, place of worship, dining facility, PX or shoppette for 30 days.
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