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$Leep flix-labs-v6 (Solving your sleeping problems caused by financial di…


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$leep-Flix Labs Solution for sleeplessness due to financial distress.
*Created just for educational purposes as an assignment for Stanford Creativity course 2012 [The aim of the conceptual idea is to have a social solution to people's sleeplessness problems around financial-distress. checkout video clip at : too]

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$Leep flix-labs-v6 (Solving your sleeping problems caused by financial di…

  2. 2. Major problems on the financial side? 37% or 40+ million business folks are not sleeping well due to * Mental Taxes Stress Start-up Real- Failure Estate (Funding) Stock Loss Volatility of Job SOLUTION: TYPES: Objectivity, Social, Motivational, Educational, De-stressing, Relaxation * Derived from CDC research and The National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) about Sleep Disorders
  3. 3. INTRODUCING: $LEEP-FLIX LABS A social solution to sleeplessness via web apps with tips/videos/solution-recommendations & relevant coaches with an added method to allow for physical meet-ups planning. This creates a social service to reduce or fix the sleeplessness problems caused by financial distress of any shape or form. VALUE PROPOSITION: Our stress-reduction labs are virtual as well as physical channels of directing our energies for helping humanity via a 3-pronged approach to solve social, private & enterprise issues $LEEP – Sleep issues due to financial distress or pressures FLIX – An easy way to fix common problems via online media LABS - a set of locations which may be virtual or physical With close/nearby resources or remote help; A truly social community ! 3
  4. 4. $LEEP-FLIX LABS – FEATURES AND BENEFITS are many... PERSONALIZED PROFILES FOR THE A SOCIAL IDEA BANK TO SHARE - JOBLESS • Social App - TROUBLED RENTER/LEASOR • Web App - SALES ISSUES • Sleep-Flix Movies - FUNDING ISSUES • Tips - HOME FINANCES • Life Coaches - MARKET PRESSURES • Financial Advisors - CHILD’S COLLEGE FEES • Job Aids - MANY MORE • Business startups • Social Service • Small Biz Loans, etc. • Personalized • Physical MeetUps • Small groups • Forums SMART GROUPING • Labs VIA SOCIAL MEDIA LEXICAL ANALYSIS 4
  5. 5. Personalized Profile For My Needs$LEEP_TIPS | MY_TIPS ENTER RECOMMENDED FORUMS JOIN CHAT Tell me about yourself
  6. 6. Flix that make me laugh!
  7. 7. Music that makes me relax!
  8. 8. Counseling and ‘How-to’ Advice
  9. 9. Suggestions for ‘Liked’ Vacations What would you like to dream about today?
  10. 10. SCENARIO #1 - JOSE & MARISSA – THE HISPANIC COUPLE 2007 THE CASE OF A PINK SLIP Jose, is an employee at RISCO who was handed a pink-slip a year ago. He dug into his savings, his retirement funds and even personal loans. 2008 He had purchased the house at the peak of real-estate prices and now it 2009 is underwater. He is the only earning member of his family and has two kids one in Middle and other in High School. His wife Marissa, a home maker, is JOB OPENINGS worried about Jose because he was getting into a mode of depression. They need a social network as aid. 10
  11. 11. SCENARIO #1 - JOSE & MARISSA – THE CASE OF PINK SLIP Jose lost his job at RISCO one year ago. His job hunt has not worked out due to economic recession. Unemployment office has long lines, longer waits, no luck. One day he finds out about $LEEP-FLIX LABS on the Radio. He calls and schedules to attend their session in a school nearby.
  12. 12. SCENARIO #1 - JOSE & MARISSA – THE CASE OF PINK SLIP SFL Online Assessment Jose & Marissa take an online assessment with SFL counselor. You are not alone. See how Jamie did. Recommended Meet-ups. Jose gets a report with motivational ideas and list of meet-ups. Help-line 1-800-SFL-HELP Tough times don’t last, Tough People do. At a meet-up Jose and four others decide to start a business. On Jose’s insistence, Marissa attends a meet-up of homemakers. They both take Yoga sessions at India Center to de-stress.
  13. 13. SCENARIO #1 - JOSE & MARISSA – THE CASE OF PINK SLIP Jose’s Team sells Organic Vegetables from a farm in Farmer’s Market Marissa bakes Fruit Pies, sends with Jose to sell in his booth. Vegetable business has poor returns as overstocked goods perish. Fruit Pie business of Marissa picks-up and fetches good returns. To meet the demand, she invites other spouses to help her bake pies.
  14. 14. SCENARIO #1 - JOSE & MARISSA – THE CASE OF PINK SLIP Jose’s Team helps her with deliveries to shops, parties, home, etc. Marissa’s Fruit Pies The Fruit Pie business is now branded as Marissas Fruit Pies. The tag line that differentiates them is: Made Fresh, Made Now. Thanks to $FL for showing how to run a co-operative business. This business donates 25c on every pie to $FL foundation. Jose and his four friends along with their spouses are in control of their future and sleep-well….
  15. 15. SCENARIO #2 - JIM – ENTREPRENEUR WITH REAL-ESTATE WORRIES 2009 The CASE OF THE TROUBLED RENTER Jim, is an entrepreneur who runs PROBLEMATIC Co. for last 5 years. He has real-estate financial stress with a tenant who is not paying his 2010 dues on time. His Property requires frequent maintenance and property taxes are going up all the time. 2011 His current start-up is not doing well as well and financial worries at home and work keep him up all night. STARTUP ROI He wants a place to socially network and figure out ways to fix his & sleeplessness problem with expert REAL ESTATE coaches. ISSUES 15
  16. 16. SCENARIO #2 - JIM – THE CASE OF THE TROUBLED RENTER Jim has been running an unprofitable startup for last 5 years. His real estate issues have increased due to economic recession and higher taxes. No luck with getting new renters as well in this market. REAL ESTATE Market is tanking – on home-resale values One day he finds out about $LEEP-FLIX LABS on the Web. He registers on a Social App site called "$LEEP-FLIX LABS" with his personal needs profiled instantly.
  17. 17. $LEEP- $LEEP FLIX LABS SOLUTION FLIX LABS APPJim goes through an initial online assessment, and gets some initial SFLrecommendations/tips/videos to watch Jim starts off his tablet-version app with some comic relief videos on how to handlereal-estate issues; he watches every night for first 10 days; Jim socializes his problems in a virtualforum with similar (AAA-like) forums/chat-sessionsJim chooses a 10-day self-help program to initially try out friend/Social-network recommendedsolutions/tips e.g. Hot Bath, Auto-suggestions, Meditation, Music before sleep. Jim likes a few routines and incorporates it into his daily life cycle and then choose torecommend his favorite-solutions with othersOn reduction of his sleeplessness, he decides to give back to the society and offers his help to 6other people [Payback in KIND - Virtual Currency]OUTCOME: Jim becomes a $leep Flix coach (Champion) and creates his own user-generatedvideos, blogs, tips and shares with others and hence spread good news!
  18. 18. SCENARIO #3 - SHANTI - THE YOUNG, HIP, WORKAHOLIC VP OF SALES 2010 The Case Of The Volatility Shanti is a thirty years old VP of Sales at an upscale automotive company. Her salary is comprised of a huge variable component based on sales. Hard-working, driven and very skilled at 2011 her job, Shanti has been able to regularly bring home a 3-figures salary in the past. In addition to monthly debts for luxury 2012 items like her Jaguar and designer clothes, she needs to re-pay her subtantial student loans. All was going great for Shanti. However, with the economic downturn, people have shied away from NOT MEETING unecessary expenses. She is far from her SALES QUOTA sales goals and is definitely feeling the SLIDING SALARY pressure. She is now so worried about her future that she can no longer sleep at night! 18
  19. 19. SCENARIO #3 - SHANTI – VOLATILE SALARYShanti is afraid that she will loose her social status and not be able tokeep up with her extravagant lifestyle anymore now that she no longerearns 3-figure salaries. While checking her Facebook (FB) updates on her cell phone, she sees a recommendation from one of her online gaming community friends to try out $leepQuest.$leepQuest is a mobile educational game specificallydesigned for younger demographics in the same situationas Shanti. Shanti sees that she has 5 minutes left before her hairstylist appointment so decides to give it a try, encouraged by the friendly and easy-to-get-started wireframe. After signing-up (quick and easy – via FB) Shanti tries a quick demo to get an overview of the game and how it works.
  20. 20. SCENARIO #3 - SHANTI – VOLATILE SALARYShanti is hooked! The game is very simple and intuitive, and after onlyless than 5 minutes spent exploring it, she already has found 3 sleepmanagement tools she wants to try out. Over the next 2 months, Shanti plays $leepQuest on a regular basis. She has now progressed to one of the highest levels, the $andman level, and is already in charge of managing several online gaming for $leepQuest. Via one of these online gaming communities, Shanti befriends the founder of an innovative – and successfully funded! - software company. He is impressed by Shanti’s mastery at Sales and offers her to get in for an interview. Shanti accepts. She is offered the job with a fabulous compensation package which does not rely as heavily upon sales targets as her past job had. Outcome: Shanti is now in control of her future and sleep well….
  21. 21. SCENARIO #3 - SHANTI – THE CASE SOLVED BY $LEEP FLIX LABSSimilar to others, Shanti picks the relevant category of tips to solve her specific problems: $LEEP-FLIX LABS APP Growth New Beginning Opportunities Simplicity 21
  22. 22. $LEEP-FLIX LABS – FINAL VALUE PROPOSITION... IF YOU ARE FEELING KNOCKED OUT COME TO $LEEP-FLIX LABS FOR A NEW BEGINNING Feeling Worried Outcome you can expect: By Financial troubles, Lack of Results at Work, 1. Reduced Financial Worries Joblessness, 2. Increased Sleeping hours Real-Estate issues, 3. Increased Mental Relaxation No Funding, 4. Improved overall lifestyle No Money, 5. Change in the attitude towards Troubled family, living life Troubled State Of Mind, & SLEEPLESSNESS 22
  23. 23. The Be_Bread_Winners TeamTHANKS YOU FOR YOUR TIME NOW GO GET SOME $LEEP!