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Learn how to take better photos with your digital camera. In this session, we will discuss exposure, composition, photographing people and objects, and basic photo editing. You will have a chance to practice what you’ve learned, so be sure to bring your camera/phone!

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  • Miami may have won the ACC basketball tournament, but a different kind of championship was awarded in the Hunt Library auditorium last week. Kimberly Dufresne was awarded the first place prize in the NCSU Libraries’ My #HuntLibraryInstagram photo competition after a fierce competition that lasted two months and had 1,400 entries. The quantity and quality of the photographs made the final selection difficult, but in the end, Kimberly’s photograph was the clear winner. It features the unique visualization technology in the building and symbolically illustrates how the James B. Hunt Jr. Library allows our students to reach new heights. Kimberly, a junior graphic design major, received an iPad Mini at an awards ceremony during halftime of NC State’s first-round game during the ACC tournament. - See more at: the contest is over, we are now beginning the process of ingesting the stunning photographs from the My #HuntLibrary contest into the permanent University archives. Our goal is to add all of the Instagram photos that were tagged #HuntLibrary into our digital collections so that they become a permanent part of the story of the James B. Hunt Jr. Library. The My #HuntLibrary website will also continue to live on, so don’t forget to keep tagging your beautiful shots of #HuntLibrary! - See more at:
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  • Don’t say cheese!

    1. 1. Don’t Say Cheese!Take great photos for your website, blog, andsocial media networks
    2. 2. Quiz: This image…
    3. 3. A) captures what the State Library staff lookedlike all of last week while preparing for ILEADQuiz: This image…
    4. 4. A) captures what the State Library staff lookedlike all of last week while preparing for ILEADB) is a visual representation of ILEADers’ statesof mind yesterday when they thought about theirposter sessionsQuiz: This image…
    5. 5. A) captures what the State Library staff lookedlike all of last week while preparing for ILEADB) is a visual representation of ILEADers’ statesof mind yesterday when they thought about theirposter sessionsC) is the only image that is retrieved after doinga search for “librarian” photos in Microsoft OfficeClip ArtQuiz: This image…
    6. 6. Image credits: New York Times, Washington Post
    7. 7. How libraries are usingphotos:Image credits: Auburn University Libraries, Seattle Public Library, Westerville Public Library, Denver Public Library
    8. 8. How libraries are usingphotos:Image credits: Detroit Public library, Yelm Library,
    9. 9. How libraries are usingphotos:Image credit:
    10. 10. CAMERABETTER• Manualexposure• ImageStabilizationBEST• dSLR• 17-50mm lens• External flash
    11. 11. EXPOSUREMost important variables• Aperture• Shutter speed• ISO
    12. 12. APERTURE• Often is the mostimportant variable• Significantly impactsdepth of field• Displayed in “fstops”
    13. 13. APERTURE• f/2.8• More light• Fastershutter• Less DOFSmall Large• f/16• Less light• Slowershutter• More DOF
    14. 14. SHUTTER SPEEDChoose a slow speedto emphasizemovement, or a fastone to “freeze” thescene
    15. 15. ISO• Determines thesensitivity (to light) ofthe sensor• High ISO allows for afaster shutter, butcan greatly reducequality
    16. 16. DEPTH OF FIELDDOF is the area of the image thatis in focus. It is useful foremphasizing and/or isolatingsubjects.
    17. 17. DEPTH OF FIELDUse a largeaperture for lessdepth of field, morebackground blur
    18. 18. DEPTH OF FIELDUse a smallaperture for moredepth of field, lessbackground blur
    19. 19. FOCAL LENGTH17mm50mm
    20. 20. ACCESSORIES• External flash• Tripod• Software(Photoshop/Lightroom/Elements)
    21. 21. Point & Shoot Cheat Sheet
    22. 22. Point & Shoot Cheat SheetImage size—use the biggestPortrait ModeLandscape Mode Sports ModeMacroFlash
    23. 23. Compositionrule of thirds
    24. 24. Compositionrule of thirds
    25. 25. Compositionget close to your subjectImage credit:
    26. 26. Compositionfocus on an individual vs. groupImage credits: Colorado State Library,
    27. 27. CompositionImage credit: Colorado State Library
    28. 28. Image credit: People:Light
    29. 29. Photographing People:Light
    30. 30. Photographing People:Backgrounds
    31. 31. Photographing People:Perspective
    32. 32. Photographing People:Perspective
    33. 33. Photographing People:Perspective
    34. 34. Image credit: E! OnlinePhotographing People:Perspective
    35. 35. Photographing Objects:LightImage credit:
    36. 36. Photographing Objects:Perspective
    37. 37. Photographing Objects:Perspective