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Production testing and disaster recovery


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More and more organizations started using Logic Apps and Integration Account for their B2B needs. It is important to ensure that solutions support enterprise grade scenarios such as fall back, disaster recovery etc.. In this session of integration Monday, I will be talking about couple of advanced concepts in Logics Apps.
Fall back and production testing in logic apps using APIM
Business continuity using disaster recovery

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Production testing and disaster recovery

  1. 1. Logic Apps Advanced Concepts in Detail Srinivasa Mahendrakar
  2. 2. Logic apps advanced concepts : Production Testing and Disaster Recovery By Srinivasa Mahendrakar
  3. 3. Who I am ? • Integration consultant(Developer/technical Lead/Architect) with more than 12 years experience in implementing integration solutions using Microsoft technologies • Living in UK • Currently working as a technical product manager at BizTalk360 • Reach me : email : linkedin : twitter : @mahendrakarsri Srinivasa Mahendrakar
  4. 4. Agenda • Logic apps Production testing using API management (25 minutes) • Disaster recovery in B2B Integration account (25 minutes) • Q & A(10 minutes)
  5. 5. Production Testing in logic apps Trading Partners Orders Invoices • Rolling out newer versions of the solution • Onboarding a new trading partner • Rolling back to known stable version.
  6. 6. Solution : Azure API Managment Trading Partners Orders Invoices V2 V1 Azure APIM • Layer of abstraction • Content based routing
  7. 7. Demo -1
  8. 8. Disaster Recovery Trading Partners Orders Invoices East US West Europe Azure APIM
  9. 9. Solution Trading Partners Orders Invoices East US West Europe Azure APIM
  10. 10. Demo-1 Logic App Integration Account Azure Operation Management Suite(OMS) Log Analytics Log Search OMS Portal
  11. 11. Question ?